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Treatment start time and date


Re: Treatment start time and date

Hi snowy. I thought I’d reply as no one has seen your message.

I remember it feeling like a long wait after diagnosis (I just wanted to get on with it before it spread further) but I don’t think new year sounds unusual.

I was diagnosed with BC on 8 August. Then had to have an MRI and wait for receptor results which was 23 August when we had all the results and could discuss a treatment plan. Then I had a sentinel node biopsy on 4 sept and started chemo on 20 sept. So it was about 6 weeks after diagnosis. Hope that helps


Treatment start time and date

Hi all

I wondered if there is a set time frame in which somebody should receive treatment (surgery or chemotherapy) for triple negative grade three breast cancer?

My mom still has no dates but has been told she will be having chemotherapy before surgery. Her oncologist has said to her that it’s most likely looking to be in the new year. She was diagnosed on 7th December but had to wait another week to confirm HER2 results. It feels like it’s a long wait for treatment to start but understandably because of it being Christmas they are not able to start treatment earlier.