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Triple negative diagnosis


Re: Triple negative diagnosis

I am another TN. Diagnosed last january have had WLE x2, chemo and radiotheraoy. I am haning bilateral mastectomy later this year (risk reducing) due to strong family history (but negative for brca1or 2). My mum also had triple negative breast cancer nearly 4 years ago now and is doing well.



Re: Triple negative diagnosis

Hi emjayaymes

I am TN diagnosed Dec . I also had BC 14 years that was negative but they did not know about HER back then but I think they assume as my new BC is TN then it is possible my other one was as well. I must just say that my 2 BC are not connected as such this is a new primary and I have been unlucky.

Remember that TN BC responds really well to chemo and there are many of them they can try.

I am having chemo first to shrink 5cm tumour and after 2 chemo onc could nt find it. Ultrasound today so will no more.

If you have any family history of BC you could make enquiries about Genetic testing (if you want to know) as TN are also more likely to carry faulty gene but that is obviously personal choice regarding that.

Do not feel alone there many of us on here. take care

Wendy x x

Re: Triple negative diagnosis

Hi emjayaymes - I'm a fellow triple neg and have a friend who's also triple neg but a year ahead of me. So, you're not on your own. I was diagnosed September 2011 and finished my treatment last May, just as you were being diagnosed. I know it can be scary at times, particularly when your treatment finishes. It was a time I felt quite afraid as it was like suddenly being on my own.

I've seen some good news posts on the Forum from other TN ladies who are years down the line. It's difficult not to worry though.

I hope you're getting over the effects of treatment okay.



Re: Triple negative diagnosis

Hi Emjayames and welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure you will be well supported by your fellow users

In addition please feel free to call our helpline for further support at any time, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000, our team can also talk to you about other forms of support BCC can provide such as 'One to one support' and Younger women's forums' and you can read more about these here:


You will find lots more triple negative threads here so do feel free to post and join any of the discussions:


Take care



Triple negative diagnosis

Hi I'm 38 an was diagnosed with triple neg last year in may . I have had chemo, double masectomy an radiotherapy .. but I have yet to meet other ladies who have had same diagnosis . THis is making me feel isolated And I am constantly in fear that it will come back . I would like to hear from anyone else in the same situation . x