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Triple negative recurrence post double mastectomy and reconstruction


Re: Triple negative recurrence post double mastectomy and reconstruction

Hi Bumpkin


While you wait for fellow members to respond to your post, you might also find it helpful to talk things over with one of our Helpliners.  They are open today from 10-2 and on weekdays 9-5.  The number is 0808 800 6000


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Triple negative recurrence post double mastectomy and reconstruction

I am wondering if anyone has a similar experience to me? My breast cancer first presented two years ago. Since then I have had a number of surgeries, two chemo regimes and two radiotherapy regimes. Most recently I had a double mastectomy and lat flap recon in Mid March. By May, I had new high grade lumps in the remaining breast tissue. These were removed in June. Within a couple of weeks a further cluster of small tumours appeared under my left 'breast'. My surgeon and oncologist sent me for a pet-CT Scan which shows no organ spread, but a small, possibly cancerous nodule in supraclavicle area. An ultrasound identified the same thing but the consultant did not want to biopsy due to proximity to veins. This nodule and the tumours have been measured precisely so that they can be used to determine if my new chemo regime is working. I started gem carbo this week. So far I don't feel too bad. I know how aggressive TNBC can be and how frightening it is for us all. Is anyone else experiencing so many recurrences so quickly together, or indeed have you had this already and still managing to hold further spread at bay? I am being told to expect further chemo after this regime, which has somewhat dampened my usual positivism. Thanks