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Triple negative treatment

Sue H-S
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Re: Triple negative treatment

Hi Nell 1


just noticed your post on this thread - if you look at the date - the last post was in 2011.


Although the name of the thread sound a bit challenging - you will find other ladies like you - if you follow this link




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Re: Triple negative treatment

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in April, had masectomy and lymph node clearance in May. Cancer in 2 out of 25 nodes, tumour was 5 cms. Chemo starts tomorrow - 4 cycles of TC and then radiotherapy. At first I thought it was overkill but reading about TNBC I would rather they threw everything at it to make sure it will not come back.  I am healing well although I do not yet have full arm movement but am doing my exercises.  Physio gave me other ones to do which are helping.  Breast care nurse has been great and very helpful. So far I have been pleasantly surprised with the care I have had.  Week after diagnosis and third week after op were hard but everything gets better.

I took HRT for 10 years from when I was 50 to 60 and felt guilty that I had caused my cancer.  However Oncologist said it would have had no effect on TNBC.  But am putting up with ongoing flushes and sweats. GP gave me oestrogen cream which helped dryness.  

Hope this helps.



Re: Triple negative treatment

My oncologist explained my invasive ca was negative to Herceptin and hormone related treatments(triple neg) therefore these treatments would have no effect on my breast cancer no matter how much they threw at it. It wasn't that I didn't need it but it would have no effect which was why , despite clear margins , she strongly recomended both chemo and radiotherapy. 3 fec and 3 Docetaxyl,
Nd I'm doing great!!!! 1st mammo post trearment beginning of January,


Re: Triple negative treatment

I replied to your other post yesterday so wont repet myself but some oncs say yes can have hrt some say no.... Will depend on our onc really.

After mastectomy rads are not routine treatment unless large tumour, loads of nodes postive or itsnear the chest wall or unlear mrgins. Chemo is the normal treatment for tnbc.



Triple negative treatment

Background = hysterectomy in 1995 had to go on HRT, no ovaries.
Diagnosed with invasive ductal carconoma .9cm. Biopsy showed spread to lymph nodes. Told to come off HRT. Decided to have full mastectomy as there were signs of cluster of smaller lumps. Had breast and lymph nodes removed 9 days ago. Cancer is triple negative and there was only one lymph node positive from the 12 tested. Have been told no need for radiotherapy and chemo regime to be discussed Monday. Having real trouble with Hot flushes and sore vagina. Is it wrong to think that going back on HRT would be OK?

Does this course of treatment seem usual when triple negative cancer is involved?