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Trying to hold on........

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Re: Trying to hold on........

Hi AO, I feel so sorry for you. Are you in the UK? Why has the delay been so long? You must be at breaking point. I was diagnosed in January, but it was a month before I got my path results, which was nightmareish! I was operated on a week later, and started chemo yesterday. The Community Champions have offered some good solid advice. I can offer a virtual hug. Stay strong.x

Re: Trying to hold on........

Hi, I got diagnosed beginning of March, still traying each day to find my way through diagnosis, surgery, hormone drug and radiation.


We are all so differnt, unique, yet there are so many of us, maybe struggling, but also further on in the process with great hunts and tips to help us.


Do you know your diagnosis? what type of breast cancer you have?


understanding the diagnosis helps with understanding tretaments and any potential effects of delays.


I am in UK so have wonderful yet overstretched national health service treating me.


But I waited two months from initial diagnosis till surgery, it felt a life time and so scary.


Coming here helped so much.


The cancer I have is slow growing ish so was assured delay not too worrying.


Maybe you could contact the doctor who diagnosed you re concerns over delay in treatments?


Keep coming back, everyone here is so helpful 🙂




Re: Trying to hold on........

Welcome to the forum AO, where it's perfectly ok to vent or rant if you need to, we've all been where you are now.

Sorry to hear about the delay, the anxiety when in the early days is horrendous & to have to deal with that as well certainly does not help.

However, most of us have had or thought we've had other symptoms at this stage, it's the stress & anxiety sending the the mind into overdrive as well as the body reacting to it.

Honestly, things do settle down once your treatment plan is in place & treatment starts. Thankfully, treatment is very good now, with most of us coming through & getting on with our lives. 

This stage does pass.

If you haven't already, do look at the other threads which are relevant to the stage you're at, where you will be able to chat to others going through treatment at a similar stage to you. If you need to talk things through, then the helpline number is on this page.


ann x



Community Champion

Re: Trying to hold on........

Hello there AO,


Welcome to our supportive and friendly group; we do indeed understand as we are other people going through the same as you, or those who have already been through it (some many years ago). So, you were diagnosed in January (with primary bc?) and it sounds like you are navigating your health care through the private insurance route? have you been given another date yet for surgery? Do you have a routine surgeon/oncologist who diagnosed you? have you been assigned to a breast cancer nurse?

You are quite right, that is a long time to wait for your surgery and I'm really not surprised your patience and strength are being tested to breaking point. Obviously I don't know the details of what happened with the insurers...but is there anyone/an agency who could mediate on your behalf. If you give the helpline ladies a ring on the number above, I bet they would be able to point you in the right direction for someone who could push on your behalf. Its really not acceptable for you to have to wait so long! I'm sorry for asking so many questions in this reply to you.....but I just want to understand a few details so we can try and give you as much support as possible.



Trying to hold on........

At times I wish I could just go into the mountains and scream my head off, thinking maybe this thorn will go back from where it came from. I'm still in shock over being diagnosed with breast cancer, although it was back in January, the words from my doctor are still fresh like I just heard it a few minutes ago. Trying to stay positive everyday is hard, especially when you've been so patient and doing everything you were supposed to, even given a surgery date only to have it cancelled because your insurance didn't get back in time with the hospital to proceed, so the wait is even longer and your faith waivering. Now symptoms I didn't have before have appeared and I'm scared something more is going on in there. I can tell that my husband is trying his best to hold it in and remain calm and my children try not to talk about it if they don't have to. Although breast cancer runs in my family, I never once said it couldn't happen to me, but when it did my world was shooked. But as I'm writing this, knowing that I have no time to feel sorry for myself, I have to keep fighting to move forward. Yes, there's been a major delay, but my mother-in-law told me that everything happens for a reason. No, I don't like it, but what other choice do I really have, but to wait and be patient. I'm scared, nervous and feel so helpless. I have no one to talk to about what I'm feeling that will really understand where I'm coming from unless they've been here or are going through the same thing. I'm thankful to this forum because now I don't have to feel alone and can express my emotions, which can be all over the place at times. Thanks for listening! Hugs......