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Trying to lose weight. help!


Re: Trying to lose weight. help!

I put on quite a bit when I was on chemo but it's important to eat properly to help your body recover. It's a bit disheartening but there was no way I could have dieted during chemo. But.....

8 weeks ago I saw a dietician at the Haven (my CT scan showed I had a fat liver (cheek) and bloods showed I had slightly high cholesterol), was put on a sugar free diet eating more than I normally would and I've lost just over a stone!! Plus my cholesterol is down.

I don't know if you are near a Haven but it's worth a visit as they are amazing and you get lots of help and advice!

Andrea xx

Re: Trying to lose weight. help!

I always put on weight the more I try to loose it. Try to relax about it and focus on being well and content and dealing with the treatment.
We all panic with weight but forget that health is the priority through all the cancer stuff they chuck at us !!

Trying to lose weight. help!

Hello there folks,


ive heard that the 5-2 diet is the bes thing to help us through chemo as well as helping steroid weight gain.

I'm struggling with keeping weight off let alone losing he tummy that I gained through the steroids.  I'm finding anything like fasting a real struggle with energy levels.


can everyone else manage on 500 calories? Or even a carbo free day. I seriously struggle without porridge and pasta.