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US results shows BIRAD 3. I am Scared. Help!


Re: US results shows BIRAD 3. I am Scared. Help!

Hi Imaworrywart,


Sorry you didn't recieve a response, if you have questions regarding your results or further scans I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:



They will be able to talk through any questions you might have.




US results shows BIRAD 3. I am Scared. Help!


Hi, I am a 19 year old girl and I have just gotten back my Ultrasound test results. This is what it says.



There are a few benign appearing breast nodules bilaterally which are probably fibroadenomas. These nodules may be followed up sonographically in 6 months time to assess for interval stability.

No definite suspicious sonogrpahic mass lesion is identified bilaterally.

May need further action

BIRADS 3- Probably benign finding. Initial short-interval follow up suggested.


From my knowledge, I do not have a family history of breast cancer. My doctor told me that Birads 3 has a 5% chance of being malignant and I have to go for further ultrasound scan. I am seriously freaking out right now. Even teared at the clinic. Although it sounds as if it is mostly going to be alright, 5% is still a large %. I am really afraid that I might have breast cancer and have my breasts removed. Just the thought of it makes me want to cry again.


Can someone ( Preferably a professional) please give me another opinion? What does the description in the results really mean? Is there really a possibility that it is breast cancer?


Thank you