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Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T


Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

Hi delphinium it wasn't for you sorry lol it was for butterfly underneath xx

Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

Thanks Jax2000

That is reassuring.

Wishing you well



Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

Hi Jinny

No tamoxifen!! My tumour is not responsive to Oestrogen, Progesterone or HER 2 so I'm diagnosed with triple negative and chemo then surgery is only treatment. That's why I joined these threads.  My chemo preceded surgery as it is systemic and mops up stray cells in the rest of my body.

Barbara x

Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

Hello Gilly

Thank you so very much for your post/response.  I think the chemo has affected my self esteem but getting there.  I am so pleased to hear that you are 3 years on with NED - well done for what you have been through. What you said about chemo going through the body makes absolute sense.

I think the 100% bit is an ideal - but pre-surgery only this applies too, cos I think surgery will mop up the rest of the tumour.

I'm really happy for you Smiley Happy

Thanks so much again for your encouragement

Barbara xx

Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

But you got tamoxifen to keep it at bay this is triple negative we only have chemo so getting a response is very much important to us hence the trip neg site!

Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

Dear Delphinium


Not pathetic at all.  You are currently going through treatment and it is tough and everybody is so different.   Not sure who's said 100% reduction is needed for a better outcome.......  I too had FECT before surgery.


My initial scans showed 6.5cm 'area of concern' (i love the terminology).  On feeling the Consultant said between 4 and 5cm.......  Didn't look like it was in nodes but she was cautious about that as the tumour was looking large.


So it was 3 FEC and very little change in the tumour (had MRI), she looked really dissapointed.  I continued with the plan and had the Taxol.  I then had surgery which showed a 4.2cm tumour with micromet in 1 node only out of 23.  But Pathology report still says minimal response to Chemotherapy.


When i was originally diagnosed it took a little while to sink in then when it did after a week or so i was really clear that my main goal was staying alive.....  I've had radiotherapy, reconstruction and a lot of living since then.  i am almost three years from inital diagnosis now and remain NED (no evidence of disease). 


I reckon 75% reduction is fabulous,  just the T to go then surgery.   Even though for me it didn't reduce the tumour much it had the opportunity to curse through my veins and mop up any little escaped cells which is really important.  I've had 2 years Tamoxifen and moving on to Letrazole soon.


Delphinium,  non of us are brave (despite what other people say to us).  We are all scared and unsure but you're doing great.  Just rest up and let the Chemo do it's job.


Good Luck with the rest of your treatment.   Take Care   Gilly x


Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

Thanks. I'm a terrible worried and not very brave. The slightest hint of doubt from my Doctor and I crumble - pathetic I know! ! X

Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

I had surgery first so would never know I'm not sure if that a good thing or bad thing but I've spoke to loads of other ladies who still had pos nodes even after chemo and there still doing ok!

Re: Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

Hi, when my consultant manually examined me (after 3 x FEC, 1 x T) my tumour had reduced but was still fairly large. I was surprised at the size but his response was that I had only had 1 x T (so I had two more to go). This seem to imply that he was not surprised or worried at that stage so not sure if yours are expecting a 100% reduction even though you have not completed the treatment. I have only been examined once during chemo with no scans booked to check the progress.

Ultrasound scan - halfway through FEC-T

I hello. I am half way through my 8 cycles of chemo.
First 4 were FEC and next the T. My ultrasound showed a 75% reduction in tumour size. Sounds good but apparently the ideal for survival is 100% complete response to chemo. I wondered if anyone had any info from their treatment team on this. Mant thanks x