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Uncomfortable and tightness around mastecomy


Re: Uncomfortable and tightness around mastecomy

Hi i have seen my consultant today who gave me an examination and told me he wasn't worried about the feeling I was having. He told me that he didn't need to do a scan as he was sure there was nothing to worry about. Just wondered if any one could comment on my post.

Uncomfortable and tightness around mastecomy

Hi i have spoken to the BC Nurses on this site and they directed me to this forum. It's 7 years since I had my mastectomy for DCIS and recently I have been a bit achy around my mastectomy scar and around my back I think this is the best way yo describe it . It's not a pain it sometimes feel tight and prickly. I do know that DCIS doesnt spread to others parts of the body am i worrying unnecessarily? I have been to my doctor who didnt seem concerned. I know as time moves on it should get easier but for me i always worry about any recurrence. I would like to hear from anyone who worries like me.
Suzie x