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Unexplained Bruise


Re: Unexplained Bruise

Hi Alanna,


Sorry to hear you're scared to death, many on here have felt the same. I feel sure someone will be along soon to offer support.


In the meantime you may like to talk to someone on our free Helpline on 0808 800 6000.


All the best,



Digital Assistant 

Unexplained Bruise

I woke up early in the morning feeling a discomfort but half asleep not sure where it was coming from, I ended up getting out of bed to take a shower and found a huge bruise on my right breast. Didn't injure it that I can recall, being large breast woman who usually sleeps in her bra didn't that night. Went to my OB who didn't feel a lump or mass. Awaiting my appointment for mammo scared to death. Wondering if my reasons for buying a new bra thinking my old one was stretched out was due to this. I'm reading all of these posts and none are similar to mine. Can anyone relate?