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Unsure about results.


Re: Unsure about results.

Hi Pauline,


just read read your post and I think that your consultant is being extra careful. They want to remove the lump to make sure that they're not missing anything. As you have said, your consultant is 98% sure that the lump is not cancerous, but that leaves 2% uncertainty. You will be 100% sure once the lump has been removed and analysed. If I were you, I'd be very happy that they were being so thorough. All the best, Ann X 


Unsure about results.

Hi my name is Pauline and I am aged 38. I glad my breast clinic appointment on Friday I had a scan and fine needle aspiration. I had to wait for half an hour for results went back into consultant who just said results were good 98% not cancer but wanted to remove the lump within the next 6 weeks for final analyst.

Not sure why they are removing lump as it is not painful and if it is benign why would they bother.

Very confused!!!

Wish I had asked more questions now but was just relieved to hear it was good news.


Any advice is this usual procedure?