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Uplift to 'good' side


Re: Uplift to 'good' side

Hi Friends,
This is my first time using the forum and l need your sincere advice from those that has gone through breast uplift and tatoo nipple on their reconstruction breast .
Why this question is that am due for my good breast uplift and nipple tatoo on my reconstructed breast. l had my delayed LD flap plus Becker 25 reconstruction Jan. 2011.

Re: Uplift to 'good' side

Has anyone had uplift surgery to the good boob AFTER some radiotherapy on both sides? Due to a small WLE on that side,and no oestrogen, I am very droopy compared with the other side - larger WLE. Before surgery/radio I was assured that corrective surgery would be OK, but now I feel I'm being told that it will not be possible. Should I have asked for corrective surgery prior to radio? I didn't need chemo so there wasn't a big time lapse planned between surgery and radio.

Re: Uplift to 'good' side

Hi Libby 2010

Sounds like you've been through a similar experience to mine. I ended up having more removed than was originally thought to be necessary, this was done as a therapeutic mammoplasty, i.e. lumpectomy combined with breast lift and reduction, and I consider myself lucky not to have had a mastectomy. The end result looked OK but very asymmetrical with my other breast which left me unhappy and lacking the confidence to return to work, so I had the healthy side reduced to match 3 months later.

I was initially content with this, it looked OK in the mirror and I could face the world again. But in the long term I became increasingly unhappy with my breasts because they were too small for my overall proportions (large) and found it very difficult to get clothes or bras to fit.

So really I'm just flagging up a warning - do you think perhaps one day in the future you might want your BC breast increasing in size to match the healthy one, rather than reducing the healthy one?

I'm now planning on having lipofill to both breasts to make them more in proportion with my body shape, and sometimes wonder if I might have been wiser to leave the healthy breast alone.

Sarah x

Re: Uplift to 'good' side

Mythos have sent you PM J xx

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Re: Uplift to 'good' side

Hi Libby,

I'm currently sitting at home, 3 days post breast reduction to my good side and I spotted your thread!

I didn't have a huge difference between the good & bad sides - about 2 cup sizes and about 2 inches between my nipple position but I felt it was right for me to have something done. My surgeon agreed that she could improve the look considerably so we went ahead.

Obviously 3 days post op is early days yet, I still have a drain in situ which is hopefully coming out tomorrow and then I just have up be good, rest and recover!

If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to talk about it and to Hlet you know how I get on!!

Mythos x

Re: Uplift to 'good' side

Ladies thank you for your responses. Shelley great info and will try the shower scrunchie trick, that might just do it.
Tina I had read the fat transfer and lipo threads late last year will go back to them. Best wishes to you both. J xx

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Re: Uplift to 'good' side

There are a couple of threads here on the subject of lipofill, "lipofill in York" & "reconstruction with my own fat", if you put "lipofill" into the search field they all come up. I had a reduction and uplift on the good side and 3xlipofill on the mx & recon side. There is still a notable size difference but under clothes with a padded bra or even a swimsuit it's ok, no "fillets" needed.

Re: Uplift to 'good' side

Hello there Libby,

I have a naturally small right breast and wear a prosthesis on my left side. At my first annual check up last year, I said I was starting to get a bit droopy on my remaining breast, and would they consider an operation at some point. In my case, they said that a well-fitting post surgery bra would have just as good an effect for me cos I'm so small. (I should explain that I'd been concerned that as I become more droopy on my remaining breast as I get older, I was worried that it wouldn't look the same as the prosthesis side, which wouldnt droop). Like I've said they didnt think an operation was necessary in my case.

I know though, that the operation I think you're talking about is called a mastopexy (uplift). I found some really good information last year about it online, and it described at what point they might decide to do this op, and it showed diagrams of a breast to illustrate it. I've had a look again now, but I just can't find it for you.

However, if you look on this website link, which seems to be reputable I think, then there's what seems to me to be a decent explanation of the op. I bet BCC have some info on it as well actually. Anyway the link to that other website is:-

I was really reassured that they didnt think I'd need an op, but my breast is only small, and I look ok with the prosthesis inside my bra. It's really important to us all to look and feel right with our bodies post-op, and if I was you, then yes, I'd definitely ask whether they'd consider doing the op for you. I really hope they can help you, and please let us know how you go on.

About your swimming - I really feel for you as I too love swimming. It's quite a while since I put a post on another thread about swimwear, and I apologise if you were on that thread yourself and already know what I'm about to put. But, you mention you use a chicken fillet with your bra - would you be able to put a small size shower scrunchie (you know, those net pom pom thingies, for washing with) inside your swimwear in place of the chicken fillet? I use one inside my swimwear in place of my prosthesis, and although with it being netted you think it will show through the swimwear, it doesnt. I buy the small size scrunchies, but you can buy the normal size ones and trim them down to the size and shape you want.

Good luck, and I hope someone with more experience of uplift ops etc comes along to help you further.

With much love,
Shelley xxx

Uplift to 'good' side

Not sure if I am in the right place with this.
Had very generous WLE according to 1st surgeon and quadranectomy according to Onc May 2010. Now Hx Dx Nov 2009 chemo 1st then 1st surgery May 2010 (tumour not reduced despite chemo.) then 2nd WLE for better margins June ( 4.1 cm lump)had ANC with 1st WLE
I had always felt that I would not want my 'good' side tampered with. Now 2 yrs from Dx and feeling physically and emotionally well there is no doubt that I am very assymetrical good boob v. low and larger than perter and much smaller affected side, and am wondering whether to ask for uplift ? With a good bra and chicken fillet looks OK ish in clothes to others but not to me, and without bra not good plus my fave pastime swimming I can hardly do as cannot get a swim suit to cover the assymetry
Has anyone any experience of this and what does it involve? Have read threads about lipo and fat transfer but what questions do I need to consider?Not sure that lipo would be good ideas Many thanks for advice J xx