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Urgent referral


Re: Urgent referral



I cant help you with the changes you describe as my cancer was found as a result of a routine mammogram, perhaps there might be one of the other lovely ladies on here who may have experienced the same as you, but I did want to acknowledge your post and to let you know you have come on to a forum full of lovely ladies who will be able to support you through this. 


Well I have to say I dont think the nurse making that gesture was particularly helpful for you and probably has nto helped.  Unfortunately this is the worst time when you are waiting for your appointment and then the results, but keep coming on here and we will get you through this.  One thing I will say is that the 2 week rule is the standard for the time between a referral being made to the breast clinic and being seen by them.



Sending you a hug


Helena xxx



Re: Urgent referral

Hi kayleigh
Ive had a change in my breast indent and dimple nipple gone flatter and pain, went to referral 3 weeks ago they scanned 2 small parts which were clear, breast cancer in family, a week later in shower found a couple of lumps in different areas which were scanned so another appointment on the 10th. Not all changes are breast cancer so myself remaining positive , i had papilomas 2 years ago in same breast my mum was diagnosed the same time with breast cancer, its hard not to let your mind run away with you, but majority are innocent changes , thinking of you
Jules xx

Urgent referral

Hi all, I'm 29 years old and looking for advice.


Two years ago during an appointment for back ache, my doctor examined my breasts. I was sent to the "non emergency" department within the hospital for a scan. They found a lump but because it was so small, they told me not to worry. 2 years have passed and I've never even thought about it - until a month ago; when my breast had two large dents in it (same one as the lump), and the shape began to change. I ignored it.


A few days ago, I noticed a lot more pain and now my breast has dropped (even the nipple) and has changed to a square shape with even bigger dents. Went to the doctor and the usually chatty nurse asked me how long had I known about these obvious changes, I told her a month and she put her fingers to my head like a gun and shook her head whilst saying my name. The room went uncomfortably silent. I looked for an explanation as to why it was different - one I wanted to hear. Doctor says "unfortunately, your breast is significantly different to the other and looks like someone has taken an iron to it!"


The doctor has referred me to see a specialist urgently within 2 weeks -hate this waiting. Has anyone had a change in shape with dents (no physical lumps) and been referred to find it's NOT the big C? Worried that I've been walking around for TWO YEARS with a lump that now looks to be cancer. 


I have cancer in the family with mum only recently having a double mastectomy (aged 58).


Thanks for reading. X