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Using cold caps


Re: Using cold caps


The advice you list is great. I also bought dry shampoo and a wide toothed comb so I could stay vaguely presentable. I wash my hair once a week.

I've had two round of FEC and have lost about 30% of my hair, so got it cut in to a pixie style as it was becoming a hassle and upsetting.

I wear a beanie in bed beacuse as the hair falls out it's really scrtachy on the pillow. 

Also, take layers and scarves to wrap up during chemo, and a flask of a hot drink so you can keep your body temperature up. I got very cold last time and felt quite ill!


Re: Using cold caps


I'm due to start chemo in a couple of weeks and am thinking about using the cold cap. I have read quite a few posts about them which mainly seem to be positive but was after the top guidance for when you are having the chemo and how best to look after your hair?


So far I have 

 Take paracetamol an hour or so before

Wear a stretch headband over forehead and ears

Have something good to entertain over first 10 mins


Use organic shampoo

Wash hair as little as poss (couple of times a week)

No blow drying, straightening etc 

No dying 


Any other advice would be Great!


Thanks xx


Re: Using cold caps

This is me after chemo and using the cold cap:



I had TCH chemo which is not as bad to your hair as FEC.


Take a strech headband with you to protect your forehead and ears. Also take a wide tooth comb and conditioner.


The first 5 minutes are spiteful so take a nurofen or something before you get there.


Anything else just ask.

Re: Using cold caps

Hi, I used the cold cap and was so convinced that I would keep my hair but unfortunately, on about day 16 after my first EC it started coming out in handfuls. Although I still did the cold cap for the second EC (much more difficult as hair was so thin) the hair continued to come out until there was no point continuing. I had thought, as my hair was so thick, that even if it did come out I would have enough left as I had been told it generally thins but my came out in huge clumps. 


There was another lady who was having a different chemo regime which was more or less weekly. She had very good results from the cold cap and kept most of her hair.


in terms of actually having the cold cap on, I found it wasn't too bad at all. You get used to the cold very quickly. The main thing is that it prolongs the process as you have to have it on before and after the chemo but it would definitely be worth it if you're one of the lucky ones!

Re: Using cold caps


As mentioned take pain relief an hour before you start treatment and something to keep you occupied like a difficult sudoku puzzle or similar during the first 10-15 minutes of the cap being on - after that you become used to it.

Also remember that it is not guaranteed that you won't shed hair - you will - but not anything like the total hair loss that many ladies are affected by. Use a sleep cap at night. Your hair will be thinner and need careful handling and it will be worth it.

I have had 5 of 6 FEC-T treatments and although my hair feels very thin to me - other people are impressed by how much I still have. Also if you are prescribed a free wig - take it anyway -as you may still need or want it just in case.

Good luck

Re: Using cold caps

Focus on getting through the first ten minutes as it gets a lot more bearable after that. Its too early to say whether it has worked or not for me so can't comment on that. Take some paracetamol beforehand too. Good luck!

Using cold caps

Hi.Has anyone used cold caps?if so could I have some feed back please ? Xxx