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Vinorelbine and hair loss


Re: Vinorelbine and hair loss

Hi Mrs Blue. 

I have just stopped taking vinorelbine. The onc took me off it on Tues as he said I needed to take a break from chemo for a little while. My blood counts have started dropping and I have some neuropathy in my feet. However, the vinorelbine has got my cancer under control which is great and I can probably go back on this chemo if necessary in the future.

I had taxotere from Jan until end of April and my hair had started growing back from this chemo but although I didn't lose any more when I started vinorelbine in September it did stop growing. So I have some hair but I still wear my wig if I go out.

The chemo is doable though and I am pleased with the result. Now on Faslodex

to see how this does.

Good luck with this treatment. Love Sheila. Xx



Vinorelbine and hair loss

My oncs have suggested vinorelbine as a possible future treatment.  In 2013 I had eribulin chemo, and, unusually, lost all my hair.  I don't mind so much about that, but I would rather know beforehand, if people do lose their hair when on vinorelbine so I can make arrangements for a(nother) wig... I was caught unaware when on eribulin, I was using old badly stretched wigs.