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Vinorelbine tablets


Re: Vinorelbine tablets

Hello , great to get a reply from you i thought there was nonoe out there

This is my third type of chemo attempt for origionally breast which now seems to like my pleura,bones and now scull and Dura in the brain

The tablets are by no means an easy optiion i had a very shivery and wierd night the firstdose i took and did feel quite sick

i now take ondansatron and dexamethasone an hour before i take them and that seems more comfortable

I have had no constipation but eat one prune a day goodness knows if it is helping but i am not constipated

They have absolutly drained me , no energy at all and now have had my dose increased but bloods have stayed good and they are happy to continue. There are reports of jaw pain on these tablets but i have so much pain around ear so not sure if i have had any or if or if it is scull mets

Not sure how ill i feel on them as i have so much else going on with breathlessness from pleural mets and deafness fron scull mets invading inner ear and balance loss but still coping looking after myself on my own with good old Tesco delivering goodies weekly and a cleaner

Where abouts are you  i am in Exeter and have all my treatment at the RD and E Wonford sorry if it took a while to reply to you i have had intermittant internet but Virgin have sorted it now

Re: Vinorelbine tablets

Hello Seraphin,


I found your thread today and I am also about to start on Vinorelbine tablet chemo this week. I've been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and I previously had Tax/Fec during my primary breast cancer in 2012.  However the effect on my veins was harsh and I ended up having a picc line. Hence why I've opted for the tablet chemo this time.


Can you give me some idea what side effects you had and how you felt after taking the tablets for the following few days ?  I've been told I have to take 5 tablets on day 1, 8 and 15 then a week break. Was that the same for you ?




Vinorelbine tablets

Hi to all you special people

I have just taken my first Vin tablets and i know i have all the info leaflets but what will it really be like side effect wise

Have had Capecitabine for 3 years with no problems except it stopped working

Is this tougher than that ????