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Vitamin E suppositries


Re: Vitamin E suppositries

I think we are all delighted to try anything! 😜

Re: Vitamin E suppositries

Before I joined the BCC forum I regularly looked at the Inspire forum which is mainly American for info. It was that forum that I got the information about the Vitamin E suppositries which I have tried. I must admit that I'm not sure whether they have worked for me so I am continuing with the Yes products prescribed by my GP. 

However I thought that it is another avenue to explore for us ladies with vaginal dryness. Ann xxx

Re: Vitamin E suppositries

Hi there ,


Not one I have heard of? Will also await other comments😃. Kate x

Re: Vitamin E suppositries

Hi Anneemay, 


I am sorry that no one has got back to you yet but I am sure users will be around to offer their support and advice soon. 


In the meantime you can always call our helpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about this and offer a friendly ear. The opening hours are below.


Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Monday and Wednesday 5pm-7pm,
Saturday, 9am-1pm


Best wishes, 



Vitamin E suppositries

Hi has anyone used Vitamin E suppositries for vaginal dryness? They can apparently be inserted via the vagina or rectum to have the necessary effect. I have not tried them yet and am currently using Yes water base product regularly every 1-2 nights with good effect but wondered whether the suppositries would help to reduce the frequency being oil based, coconut and palm oil. Ann xx