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WLE Friday feeling very nervous


Re: WLE Friday feeling very nervous

Hi Nikkit
Sorry you find yourself here. I think many of us use this forum to express our fears and worries while being strong for our loved ones. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve written posts through floods of tears that no one else ever sees. I’d be lost without this outlet so don’t feel stupid. There is always someone listening and able to offer support.

On a practical note, I have found writing down my thoughts and questions as they occur to me and then putting them together for appointments, has been very useful. Otherwise I would completely forget to ask and kick myself later. I’ve also found the BCN helpline at my hospital a huge help. If you are at all concerned then give the nurses a ring.

I hope Monday gets better for you.
Jacq x

WLE Friday feeling very nervous

Morning ladies.
Ive finally got my surgery date ( three months after initial diagnosis)
I had a vacuum excision of abnormal cells first which thankfully came back as LCIS.
So now waiting for Friday to get the invasive bit out.
Im just a bit confused as i've only been told i am er+ but nothing else. When do you get the other info?
My treatment so far has been great but feels a bit disjointed as out spread over two hospitals and i seem to see different teams at each one. Im wondering if thats why or do they need to remove the tumor before giving me the main results?.
Uncertainty really is the worst thing.
I've had loads of different tests (as im sure you all have) which thankfuly so far all seem relatively positive. Its just now the cloud of worry is appearing again.
So sorry to bring my woes in a Monday morning. I'm doing the whole "I'm fine nothing to worry about act "with my family and friends .
But if Im honest I'm not fine and I'm worried sick . Oh lordy writing that down has made me cry. How stupid am I.
Hope your Monday morning is going better than mine !!!
Love and hugs to you all xx