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Waiting for biopsy results - scared!


Re: Waiting for biopsy results - scared!

Hi, i am also waiting for biopsy results. I get my results Mon, 12 days after biopsy. I am 40 with 2 children at primary school.  This is the second time for me as I had bc 6 years ago and just finished hormone treatment last year. Routine mammo this year showed calcium, hence biopsy. The waiting game is def the hardest, but young kids do keep u busy and take ur mind off things a bit. Let us know when u get results. good luck x


Re: Waiting for biopsy results - scared!

I had to wait 7 days and didn't go into work at all. Took a couple of days off then worked at home which luckily I could do. I told my boss I was waiting on biopsy results and he was very understanding. Once I had the results I went back to work and have worked mostly so far through my chemo (pre surgery). It's not god knowing you have cancer, but it does feel better when you have a plan rather than that limbo phase.

Re: Waiting for biopsy results - scared!


I personally found this the most difficult time in all of this, waiting for those initial results. i am now 2 weeks post lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy and even having found out yesterday I need chemo and radiotherapy this wasn't as bad as those initial few days waiting to find out what type of cancer I had. I did try to work in between but didnt cope very well, but then was able to work after I got diagnosis and before op, though I diidn't tell everyone so everyone was normal with me.

However, Abi, I think 10 days is way too long  for anyone to wait !! I would have gone completely mad, i had the biopsy on the Tuesday and the results on the Friday. I did know from the ultrasound it was cancer though as was solid and irregular edge and I wanted them to be honest with me. They biopsied a lymph node too so my main worry was what type of cancer and whether it had spread to lymph .

Do you

 have a breast care nurse you could ring to see if they can advise you. A friend of mine who is quite friendly with her GP couldn't stand the waiting and in the end asked her GP to get the result sent over so she could find out. I do feel for you as it was awful just waiting , we have all been there . I really hope your result is good but either way I can assure you you will feel better knowing, even if it isn't what you wanted to hear,  xxx


Waiting for biopsy results - scared!

hey all,


Another scared newbie here - had an ultrasound and a core needle biopsy yesterday.  I found a pea sized hard lump around 6-8 weeks ago.  The doctor who did the biopsy said its definitely a solid mass but didn't comment too much else. She said the outer edges are quite clearly defined which is good news and is only around 1cm.


They said it will take up to 10 days to get the results back.  I am 37 and mum to two children


I can't stop thinking about it, crying and generally feel completely weirded out - work has been tough today, as you can see I am extremely distracted!!  How did everyone get throught his time?  I have this ice cold fear inside me and can't help but think the worst even though I am normally a pragmatic kind of person.


Did anyone here take time off between their biopsy and getting the results?  I feel terrible and its not a good distraction but I'm worried work will just think I am being a drama queen.  All I want to do is curl up in bed with  my cat and a book to distract me.


Plus my boob feels like someone has punched me in it today!!  A huge bruise is forming beautifully as we speak...


Abi xxx