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Waiting for results


Re: Waiting for results

Hi Lilly, don't ever apologise for posting. It'll be about a week for them to be able to give you any results. I found people telling me "it's probably nothing" really hard when all I wanted to do was talk about "what if it's something" I think people try and stifle you because they want to feel like they are reassuring you and they are doing it with your best interests at heart. Believe me when I say they are just as worried as you are. My best advise is keep yourself busy. Go to work the time will pass much quicker than staying at home. The waiting really is hard.

I too have pcos and we tried for our second for 3 1/2 years eventually receiving a little bit of a nudge so I also understand what a blow that would be to.

Fingers firmly crossed for you both x x

Re: Waiting for results

Hi LillyP

I can't really offer a lot of advice but just wanted to let u know I'm in the same boat. I was referred by my GP as I have a very hard area in my left breast. They did a mammo and ultrasound and biopsy and now I'm waiting for the results and finding it tough. I have an appt on 20th Nov to get the results.

My plan is to keep busy and try to take my mind off it. I'm going to write down a list of questions for when I go for my appt and then do my best to forget about it. There are so many what ifs and we really can't plan for anything until we have those results.

Sending you a huge hug and hoping for good news with your results.

Waiting for results

I had my urgent referral appointment this morning and had an ultrasound, mammogram, and a core biopsy and now have a week to wait until my results.

I am 28 and noticed an indentation on my left breast a couple of months ago. It only showed when I leant forward but it has gradually become more noticeable and there is (to use the words of my GP) a thickening of tissue in that area.

The consultant and the radiographer refused to say anything beyond "we have to wait and see" and were so chirpy when they sent me packing I feel very nervous. It seems odd they did a mammogram when I am so long and the ultrasound took forever, with a lot of attention being paid to my armpit (she considered taking another biopsy from there but didn't in the end). I just don't know what to think.

My mum had DCIS in 2008 and had a bilateral mastectomy and when I told her today I had had a biopsy she broke down in tears which was so hard to see. On top of all this my husband and I were just about to start fertility treatment as we have been trying to have a baby for 18 months and I was diagnosed with PCOS in June. I was told today not to try to conceive until they had got my results back so that's another real knock.

I have been reading a lot of other threads and found them very helpful but tonight I am losing my ability to put on a brave face and just want to have a bit of a wobble. Being told "it might be nothing" really isn't helping anymore. The thought of going to work tomorrow makes me want to run away and hide.

If anyone can share their experiences of getting their test results, especially if they had similar symptoms/tests, I would be very grateful to hear them.

Sorry for the long post.