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Waiting for results

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Re: Waiting for results



I am waiting for results of a mamogram, ultrasound and biopsy. I've been so worried by it all.  I did a whole post yeasterday but when I pressed post the whole thing dissapeared.


However, today the hospital called and gave me an appointment for next Thursday, so another whole week to wait.  If they have my results already but aren't seeing me for another week, do you think I can take that as a good sign that there is nothing sinister going on?

Re: Waiting for results

Hey you sent you an email how r u getting on

Re: Waiting for results

Phone them up tomorrow to chase them.
I agree you probably would have heard by now but you need to chase them for your own sanity!

Saying a little prayer for you xx

Re: Waiting for results

I had breast cancer last year, with a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This finished in December and I was relieved that it was all over! I have been waiting for my first mammogram since treatment, which I had two weeks ago. Just before my mammogram I noticed another lump in the same breast as I had the cancer in. I mentioned this at the mammogram appointment. It is now 15 days since my mammogram and I have heard nothing. People keep telling me that it is a good sign that it is taking so long for the results to come back, but I am concerned about the lump. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Re: Waiting for results

It does make a difference.
If you need any support between now and consultant appt, pick up the phone to the helpline on here, they are great.
Or your BCN.
Or just chat on here... don't know what I would have done without the ladies on here.

Big hug x

Re: Waiting for results

Thanks to all of you x

Lumpectomy & rads is the plan plus the anti-oestrogen meds (not really discussed this yet).

Very pleased that its grade 1 & appears no lymph node involvement. However, they will do the sentinel biopsy when they do the lumpectomy to check.

Still waiting for PR & HER2 results.

Feeling much better now I have the diagnosis and a plan

Re: Waiting for results

Hi Janie
Glad you have your results and a plan. Sorry you've had to join our club but lots of lovely ladies here to support you xxx

Re: Waiting for results

Hi, I'm going for results tomorrow (but radiographer said 'highly suspicious' so I'm resigned to the news tbh) but feel weirdly calm. I'm sure I won't tomorrow though - was in a right state at the beginning of the week, then managed to talk myself round to the idea that she might be wrong, now I just feel numb. What a difference a day could make!

Re: Waiting for results

Hi Janie
I am sorry to read your news, please call our helpliners for further support and information, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

I am posting a link to the just diagnosed area of the site which I hope will be of help to you:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Re: Waiting for results

May not feel like it but that is great news!
Hopefully you will not have chemo?
Are you having a lumpectomy then rad therapy?
(No obvious lymph involvement? Not HER2 positive? That is good news)

I know you are probably still reeling, but stage 1 is a lovely early capture!
Good news amongst a lot of bad:)

Let us know how you get on.

Re: Waiting for results

Hi ladies & thanks for your good wishes. Got results and I have a grade 1 tumour. She described it as very smalll early breast cancer. Meet surgeon on Fri & op is 2 weeks today! Everything happening so fast, but can't fault them. Not quite all path results back yet, but def oestrogen positive, so will have drugs! 10 years apparently. Also will have radiotherapy. Not really sunk in yet, so feeling better now that I know what's what & what's happening x

Re: Waiting for results

Don't forget to ask 'what does that mean?' to anything they don't explain clearly.

One of the other ladies on here was told 'her BCN would explain everything' which just led to a weekend of worry...
Take a breath, have a think, and if you have questions/worries, get him to explain on the spot.

BCNs have more time (apparently, not had a call from mine yet!) but you are entitled to ask your consultant questions too!

Re: Waiting for results

Good luck hope all went well please do let us know xxx

Re: Waiting for results

Good luck Janie xx

Re: Waiting for results

Very scared! Just getting ready to go for results x

Re: Waiting for results

Hey Janie - hopw are you today hun?

Re: Waiting for results

Thanks Lucy, that's sorted it. Much appreciated.

Re: Waiting for results

Hi Janie, if you try now you will be able to use the pm service. New users are not able to use the service until they have posted a few times after this their account changes which yours has now, hope this helps

Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Re: Waiting for results

Hi June, tried both ways to pm. Contact me link not working & can't find the message tab either. Am I being dense? 🙂

Re: Waiting for results (Oncotype DX test available to see if you actually do need chemo!)

Read this on another thread here today.

Great sounding Test available on NHS from Jan 2015 that shows if you actually would benefit from chemo. Ask your consultant/radiographer/oncologist about whether you qualify (this is on the site though) 



The Oncotype DX® Breast Cancer test is a multigene diagnostic test that determines the individual risk of cancer recurrence in early-stage invasive breast cancer and identifies patients with minimal, if any, likelihood of benefit, and patients with substantial likelihood of benefit from chemotherapy. The Oncotype DX® test reveals the underlying tumour biology to help guide treatment decisions.


The Oncotype DX® breast cancer test is a diagnostic test performed after your original breast cancer surgery. Like other laboratory tests, it must be ordered by an authorised healthcare provider (i.e. your breast cancer surgeon or oncologist). You may use the checklist below to help determine if you are a potential candidate for the Oncotype DX breast cancer test

You may be a candidate for the Oncotype DX breast cancer test if you are medically eligible for chemotherapy and:

  • You have been diagnosed with stage I or II invasive breast cancer and your breast cancer is oestrogen-receptor positive (ER+) and Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor -negative (HER2-) (rules me out 😞 ) and you do not have lymph node involvement (also known as lymph-node-negative breast cancer / N-).



  • You are a post-menopausal woman diagnosed with node positive (1-3 positive nodes),  ER+, HER2- breast cancer



Re: Waiting for results

Great website.. clear but covers pretty much what you need to know...



(Sorry, been away a few days and now I can't stop posting!)

Re: Waiting for results

I'm going to book into a spa hotel for a day/night with my best mate before chemo to spoil myself rotten! Why the heck not, ladies!

Re: Waiting for results

I know what you mean! My radiographer was a lovely lady, nice and calm, explained everything but didn't freak me out (was obvious the lumps were cancerous though... ugly scraggy things!)


Spoke to consultant afterwards and told him the radiographer has said they looked bad, and her left the room to speak to her privately cos notes had not come through to him.

He came back in and stated 'oh yes, the readiographer is really VERY concerned. It does look serious' ... CHEERS doc... did you think I was taking it all too lightly or something?


He says that and packs me off for a 2 week wait in hell!

Honestly, you'd think they'd be the kings and queens of sensitivity wouldn't you? Nope!



Re: Waiting for results

Hi ladies .. No results yet day 10 😞 I went to the docs today to get some results for routine cholesterol etc .. While I was there she asked how my mammogram app went .. When I told her I had 3 biopsys and had thickening lymph nodes she grimaced !!!! "Don't hold back doc" !!! That instilled confidence lol xx

Re: Waiting for results

PS lifeisabeach in my waiting week I definitely gave the card a hammering its what its there for and it really does help!!!

Re: Waiting for results

Hello ladies I am living in Leeds but originally from Winchester until I was 18 small world!!!

9 biopsies wow I had 7 and thought that was lots. I have to say my best advice:
They are testing these areas of concern for cancer so they think there is a chance it is cancer. I think its important to prepare for that fact, it may be it may not be. But convincing your self one way is not helpful. We don't know the answer until results day.
I have to say the waiting is the worst bit I was just talking to my partner about how awful that week was (I only had to wait 7 days) and how long it felt.
I found calling the breast care nurse and asking her to talk through it all again and to confirm the results day really helpful.

In terms of what to expect from results day,

The support there is amazing - so if it is cancer you will feel a range of emotion but the breast care nurse is there and does a de-brief after the meeting with the consultant where you can cry and ask all the questions you will think are 'silly' but are actually very important to get your head around like can I go on holiday, how long will I be coming to the hospital for, how do I tell people etc etc.

I have to say I got a cancer diagnosis and I really don't feel doom and gloom at all, the support has been amazing.... There are such good recovery rates and all the doctors know what they're doing so you're in good hands.

Just make sure you call the breast care nurses or ring and ask for their number asap!!! It was the best thing I did in my waiting week xxxxxxx lots of love to you all xxxxxxx

Re: Waiting for results

Hello Lifesabeach


You should be able to use the private message (PM) system now, to use it  you can do it two ways.   Firstly by clicking on the messages tab at the top right of this page (near the sign out button) this takes you to your private message area where you can search for the user you are looking for - using their user name. 


Alternatively, if you click on the icon of the user you want to send a private message to (within a thread)  this will take you into their profile and then there's a link from there for you to send a private message.


With best wishes

June, moderator

Re: Waiting for results

Hi Niki, can't see where I can pm message you, only just got on this site last night so still working my way around, are you able to pm me? I live about 10 miles out of Basingstoke. I know what you mean about sleeping, I'm out like a light when I got to bed but waking up about 5am every morning, ready to put the brave face on for everyone (have 2 teenagers that aren't really aware what's going on). It's my birthday today so taken the day off work and gong to get manicure and go shopping to make myself feel better.....not sure the credit card will be happy about that 😃

Re: Waiting for results

PS: I thought my main lump was 5cm but apparently it is 2cm... There is tissue surrounding them that makes them feel bigger.
(My 2nd lump feels 3cm but is only 1cm)
Hopefully you will find the same xxx

Re: Waiting for results

We sound like twins!
PM me your email and I'll send it over.
I live in Fleet, where are you? Be great to meet up.
I'm putting on a brave face for everyone but to be honest I have had NO sleep for the past 3 nights since I got the results.
Been in Holland on business in crap hotels and just want to be at home in my bed with my son, dog and cats!!!
Think I may ask gp for sleeping tabs.
Hard to be brave when you have sleep deprivation!

Niki xx

Re: Waiting for results

Hi La-La, I'm new to this site and noticed that you had a list of questions that you had for the consultant on your results day. Im going for my results on Monday (also at Basingstoke after 2 week wait) so wondered if you could give me some ideas of what to ask. I have a feeling that if I don't go prepared my head will just go to mush if the results aren't good as they have already told me they are concerned by what they have found (5cm mass/lump with enlarged nodes in the armpit). Just the weekend now to get through.....these 2 weeks have been the longest ever.

Re: Waiting for results

Tag.. just saw your post.. ignore mine.

HOW annoying is that!

Did they not give you a reason for the results delay? (Not being tested in Winchester are they? Took 2 weeks from biopsy in Basingstoke because they send them off to Winchester now!)


I didn't have bloods taken til after results.

Need a chest X Ray (to hopefully rule out spead to my lungs as I have double breast cancer I guess)

Re: Waiting for results

Also.. I produced a 'questions to ask' word doc that I took to my results appt... was really useful (compiled from a couple of the cancer websites)

Covers pretty much all angles and meant I did not leave saying 'Oh I wish I'd asked that!'


If you'd like a copy I can email it to you to print and take with you.

Let me know. PM me.


I truly hope you get the all clear, but it is good to read up a little and be prepared (not too much though, I was too stressed and got quite tired during the wait so did not have the mental energy to spend on google! Plus there is just too much info out there and you can get in a total state reading stuff that probably does not even bear relevance to you)

Re: Waiting for results

Janie... don't freak out if your lump swells or if you get pains/twinges in your breasts/armpits after the biopsies (9!! Poor you. I had 4 and my boobs looked like a tie dye T Shirt!)

This is totally normal and almost everyone experiences it (my radiographer failed to tell me that so I was totally panicked by it! Consultant reassured me on Tuesday)


Taglaloon - give them a ring tomorrow to ask if your results are back, if they are you can then make appt with consult to speed it all up hopefully.

Re: Waiting for results

Just had a call from my docs .. I panicked !! Got myself ready for the conversation .. They want me in tomorrow morning , bloods done Tuesday .. . I asked the receptionist if it was my biopsy results .. Heart beating !!
No it's your blood tests !!! Heart beating tears rolling down my face ... She then apologised for stressing me !! ... Stupid bloods !!!! 😞

Re: Waiting for results

Everything crossed for you Taglagoon - the waiting is awful! Worth discussing the HRT with the consultant I think if you have concerns. Hope you get your results very soon xx

Re: Waiting for results

Awww Janie it's very surreal isn't it !! I wish I'd had a confirmed date for my results , they just said to me about a week .. It's been 8 days and counting !! I'm on tender hooks waiting for the phone to ring .. I too have the resigned myself to the results , that way if it's not it's a massive plus !!! I'm on HRT and considering coming off , if this is just a scare I don't want to go though this again and hrt is a risk xx

Re: Waiting for results

Morning ladies. I've just entered the waiting room & it all feels like a bit of a whirlwind! First mammogram last week, recalled and went for assessment yesterday and ended up having a biopsy with 9 samples taken from right breast. Results on 29th. I left with the impression that they think the changes are malignant, so feel that I have almost resigned myself to the fact that I have breast cancer. Didn't sleep too well last night & sitting here with a bruised and aching breast! It's all been a bit of a shock as I have been totally asymptomatic. So lovely to feel that I'm not alone and that my fears and feelings are normal - thank you all for sharing your experiences, it's really helping.

Re: Waiting for results

Sending you best wishes La La and roll on new boobies !!! I'm still in the waiting room .. Hopefully not for too much longer xx

Re: Waiting for results

Good luck with all your treatment La-La glad you have got some answers. I'm living up north now but originally from Winchester so hello fellow Hampshireman x

Re: Waiting for results

OK, so after 2 weeks waiting in limbo, I got my results tonight...


Left breast has Grade 3 invasive lobular, HER2 positive, Oestrogen/Progesterone receptive

Right breast has Grade 2 invasive lobular, HER2 neg, Oes/Prog receptive


So, I am off for 5 months (6 cycles) of chemo, 12 months of Herceptin via IV, 10 YEARS of oral Tamoxifen! (10 years? Hot flushes and sweats?)


After chemo I'll have double mastectomy, and reconstruction (just in time for Christmas! Boobs of a 20 year old please 🙂

No Radiation therapy though (in my case the consultant does not advise it as I am 'young' (49) and having a bilateral mastectomy, poss risk to lungs/heart, although techniques now are far more accurate (no Proton Beam treatments at Basingstoke!;)

(NB: I found a great article on this for anyone worried about traditional Radiotherapy - it has moved on MASSIVELY, far more accurate: http://www.breastcancer.org/research-news/20131209 )


Although 'on paper' this may not look good news, I am actually OK with it, as I know the plan now, and we can get going beating this.

The waiting is definitely the worst.. surprised myself how calm I was today and still feel.

REALLY helped that I took in my Questionnaire and asked him a gazillion questions... he loved that.. no really, he did.. said it made his job easier!

(I can share it if anyone wants it.. PM me with your email addresss.)


If anyone lives near Fleet in Hampshire and fancies meeting up for coffee/chat/mutual support, let me know. My friends and family are wonderful, but it has really helped me to talk to people on here going through/who have gone through what I am experiencing.


Virtual hug x

Re: Waiting for results


my first set of biopsies were no good as dispite bending the needle the biopsy bod only picked up breast tissue. my consultant then did another biopsy and got into the mass. 

ok so you know thereis a grade 2 cancer in the right. i was diagnosed with invasive lobular grade  in the right.  i had a full masectomy and the sentinel nodes taken for further biopsy. it was ok.... honest..my next treatment plan was supposed to be radio and hormone. this was reviewed by the team and chang to chemo, radio and hormone. 

with hindsight i wish they had waited to have the complete picture.

our consultant seems sensible to wait for a plan.

Re: Waiting for results

Taglagoon, sorry to hear you are in the 'waiting room' with us. It is indeed limbo, imagination works overtime, and I am not able to get to sleep, mind goes all over the place as soon as my head hits the pillow.
I've had to wait two weeks for results as consultant went on holiday last week!

Poor Annie! Frustrating indeed after the wait to be told 3 of 4 tests were inconclusive.
You do need to ask 'what does that mean' to everything you are not sure about.
I'd phone them tomorrow and ask them to explain. Write it down first or, if you are anything like me, you'll forget.
If the answers are unclear keep asking for explanation. Why were there inconclusive? Showed no cancer or were samples not viable?
They need to know results to determine your treatment plan (may give you chemo to shrink tumours, makes lumpectomy more viable. Need to know if you are HER2 positive or negative as they have different treatment options)
Lots of good info on this site in Diagnosis section.
Also Cancer Research has the best explanation of the stages : http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/type/breast-cancer/treatment/number-stages-of-breast-ca...

Don't go google mad, but do some homework on stages, basic treatment options, mastectomy types (they can do one where they save the breast skin so the reconstruction looks a lot nicer, I googled 'before/after breast reconstruction after mastectomy)
Made me worry a lot less when I saw what they can do these days. Nipple reconstructions with aureole tattoos are amazing!
I am going to ask my consultant to show me examples of his work! (I know that should be the least of my worries. but in my head I had imagery of brutal chest scars, so it is one less thing to worry about.)

Re: Waiting for results

Hi everyone Ive had 1 of 4 results 3 were inconclusive right breast showed grade 2 cancer other 3 had to be biopsied again x2 in each armpit and x3 in my left breast I get results next week no treatment plan as consultant isnt sure what else he will find . Both armpits show abnormal lymph nodes and a mass in my left breast. I am trying to stay calm but am failing miserably my husband came with me and tbh we came out in a state of shock we are so unsure as to what it if they will find next week we cant sleep or eat just in limbo why are results inconclusive when right breast showed cancer

Re: Waiting for results

Annie, do you have a sensible calm friend you can take with you?
I have put a list together of questions to ask at the biopsy results appt so that we get all the facts.
I'm like Hannah, I feel better when I know the facts. But I know my mum was the opposite. We are all different.
Many well known sites have a list of questions to ask at the appt.(NHS/MacMillans etc)
It is worth printing one out, and understanding some of the terminology.
(This site probably has a good section on diagnosis.. have a read)
Take a pad and pen and don't be afraid to ask questions.
When in doubt always ask 'so what does that mean?'
Some consultants can be a little intimidating, but remember it is your body... the appts are your opportunity to ask questions.
(Let me know how you get on. PM me if you like)

Re: Waiting for results

Annie we are in exactly the same boat.
I am having to wait 2 weeks for results as my consultant went on his holidays this week!
Hope he had a lovely time.

My bruising was rather spectacular on the left breast, right one pretty minimal.
I have noticed that both lumps have got a lot bigger since the core biopsies, but have checked and apparently that is a normal reaction (just inflammation apparently?)
Anyone else get that? (Bearing in mind I could not even feel the mass in the right one before, it was a little worrying)
Both breasts feeling a little twingey too (9 days since biopsies).
Don't know if it is psychosomatic, but I have a little pain on the inside of both arms too, about 5" from the armpit.

Anyone else getting weird twinges?

Roll on the 21st!! Been in limbo for 9 days now.

Re: Waiting for results

Hi everyone I went for my first breast check up on Tuesday , I'm 45 and after a full hyst have been on HRT for 4 years , I was only expecting a " hands on " inspection and a few leaflets !
2 mamos an ultrasound , 3 biopsys and 4 hrs later I was shocked to discover I had an upper left quadrant lump and thickening axillary nodes 😞
I wasn't expecting that at all , the only change I can think of with my breast is my left breast (the offending one) has been itchy and I've had sharp pains in it . I'm tiny with large breasts and they've always been heavy and often sore so I didn't think anything of those symptoms. Obviously I'm thinking the worst .. They did seem quite concerned .. Should be a week for results .. Im getting on my own nerves imagining all sorts ... It feels like an eternity xx

Re: Waiting for results

I always find its best to have more info then you know what they know. Hope all goes well on Friday for you xxx

Re: Waiting for results

Hi Hannah
I spoke to the breast cancer care nurse today myself. She explained that it's an irregular shaped mass and therefore suspicious. I'm mentally preparing myself for the result on Friday. I hate not knowing!! Thanks for replying!

Re: Waiting for results

Last week I went for a mamogram ? At the local hospital after finding a lump in my right breast. Had it done only to be taken for an ultrasound where I was told that my left breast also had a mass as well and oh your lymph nodes in both armpits look abnormal so 2 biopsies in each breast followed by a needle in each armpit am terrified as doctor who did it all said I will come back in a week for the results/report and they can decide on a treatment plan ???? O dont understand what she meant why would she say a treatment plan am so scared now