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Weight gain


Re: Weight gain

Hi Sarosh,

I've had 2 FEC so far and have stayed the same weight.  I agree everyone is different so you can't predict.  However you can ask for advice on side effects as there is an answer for all of them.  Constipation shouldn't be a problem as there are lots of things you can take - the trick is to prevent rather than cure!!  Ditto nausea.  Don't be afraid to tell clinicians what you are experiencing and ask for help.  Best of luck!

Marie Else

Re: Weight gain

I think everyone reacts differently - I lost about four pounds after my diagnosis, then maintained my weight through most of the chemo (without difficulty as I didn't have much of an appetite) and then lost about another six pounds on the last round of taxotere, which made me feel very ill. Those six are now back on, but I'm still slimmer than I was pre-diagnosis. xx


Re: Weight gain

Hi sarosh,
How are you? Unfortunately, I've gained about a stone and am 75%through 8 rounds of chemo.
I gained it all during 4 rounds of EC as those drugs made me feel a bit sick like morning sickness and I felt like I needed plenty of carb heavy food to make it subside. So I ate bagels every day for breakfast! Combined with a lot of lying on the sofa watching tv in Jan & Feb. I also gained another 10lbs during my diagnosis period so I think I comfort ate a lot too. Also visitors tended to bring me chocolate and cake!

I guess I'm saying that it was less the chemo and more me but as a result of going through the stress and feeling queasy. We have steroids and anti-sickness pills on EC which can make you bloated and constipated which doesn't help.

Since starting Paciltaxel (weekly), I'm finding it much easier and no sickness so really trying to eat healthily and exercise. I've lost about 4lbs in 6 weeks so not amazing but heading in the right direction. Def finding it harder to lose weight than pre-treatment.

Unfortunately, myBCN told me that losing weight afterwards will be hard as they are going to "mess around with metabolism". I'm assuming she meant through the tamoxifen.

Some women do fasting or the 5:2 diet and have not gained weight but there is no way I could've done that on EC.

Good luck with your treatment xxx

Weight gain

Do we gain weight during chemotherapy?