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Weight loss required before reconstruction


Re: Weight loss required before reconstruction

Rosie,I wasn't going going to mention slimming world,as thought it was a kind of advertising.However,I use it.I needed to loose about a stone,half stone lost in 2 months ,slow but sure.I love it,as you really eat sensibly.

It was the admssions nurse who gave me my BMI,and you can work it out by googling it.it is just an indicator .

Well done on your weight loss.Believe you me,loosing a few pound is hard work!!!

Working at getting fit and trying to loose muffin top before my DIEP surgery.

Re: Weight loss required before reconstruction

This BMI problem is something I know nothing about I think mine is 26! Last year I lost 3 and half stone using Slimming World I was quite overwight! If any of you need to loose stones rather than a few pounds I would recommend joining a SW group and using the Easy Plan you can eat what you want. You have daily Syns so if you want chocolate or cake or wine you can.
My surgeon has not mentioned the BMI, I will be asking him!!!!

Re: Weight loss required before reconstruction

Oh,your are in a horrible position.......bless you.I can just give you love and gentle hugs.I am flat chested,have nice bras with prostheses.....looks OK!!!!from the outside.However,am going for further recon,but,not as bad as you think if you decided to go down that route.

Re: Weight loss required before reconstruction

I don't know where they are going to take flaps from as yet - my surgeon said we would discuss it next year. I'm not having silicon though.


My tummy was the first area he mentioned, but he said only if I hadn't had any other abdominal operations - well, I've had 2 caesarians and been sterilised, so that's three ops all in through the same scar. I don't think he'll do it there.


However, there is obviously more than enough of me to take it from elsewhere. I feel very upset to find out through the internet that I've got to lose so much weight. He obviously knew I was obese when he discussed it with me after the mastectomy, so why didn't he advise me to lose weight now, rather than saving that piece of information until next year?


I'm only starting radiotherapy next week, so I know I have a full year to do this in, but still it has really upset me. I have never been able to lose much weight, and dieting always sends me into depression. Obviously I'm struggling to put on a brave face as it is with all this crap going on, so having that added to it, hasn't helped. I am feeling really down.


I cannot face the thought of failing with this. The thought of going through life with one breast horrifies me. Either I will succeed in getting my weight down to the required BMI or I will just have the other breast removed and go through life flat chested. 


When did life become a war, in which we face one battle after another? All I want is peace.

Re: Weight loss required before reconstruction

Forgot to mention I am having a DIEP,hence the comment on having a lovely tummy

Re: Weight loss required before reconstruction

I have just had a diep a few weeks back and my bmi was 26. I was told it had to be below 30 for a diep. Not sure what weight guidelines are for other reconstructions. X

Re: Weight loss required before reconstruction

My BMI is 26.5,which is classed overweight.However,saw the surgeon in January,told me I have a lovely tummy.Due to have reconstruction anytime after July.I will say though,you could be at risk because you will be undergoing major surgery.Not that you are having recon.What do they propose to do???yes,21/2 stone is a large amount,but you have 26weeks at least ,and if you go on an eating plan,you could lose 26lb,almost 2 stone.....think about it,and maybe go to your GP for advice as well.As I mentioned before,it us the fact you will be having surgery.....

Weight loss required before reconstruction

Is it true that your BMI needs to be below 30 before they will proceed with your request for reconstruction?


I just had a single mastectomy last month. My surgeon agreed to proceed with removal of the healthy breast and reconstruction of both next year, but I won't be seeing him again until after Christmas to discuss it further.


I have been told by other ladies who have gone through this before that your BMI must be below 30 (not obese) before they will consider doing it. That would mean I'd have to lose at least two and a half stone, which is a mammoth amount. I have never been that light since I had my children (now aged 17 and 15).


If there are any exceptions to this rule, or if you know you were over that and still had it done, please let me know. I feel thoroughly depressed right now.