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What did your lumps/symptoms feel like ?


Re: What did your lumps/symptoms feel like ?



Hello and welcome to the forum.


Well it is really good that you are getting it checked.  This is the worst time waiting to find out what it is and imagining the worst, the anxiety monster takes over and puts all rational thoughts out the window.  Try not to prod as you will only make it sore.  There are a lot of benign conditions and it does not necessarily mean that it is bc


Come on here whenever you want to there will always be someone on here to help and support you



Sending you hugs


Helena xx

Re: What did your lumps/symptoms feel like ?

I've just been referred for a 2 week appointment as I have a mass on my right boob. I can't stop touching it either! I keep thinking I'm imagining it and the nurse got it wrong as well. I can feel it bt not when I put my arm up. It's the not knowing. Now know what 'worried sick' feels like!!

Re: What did your lumps/symptoms feel like ?

Hi Michelle

I'm hoping you've now had you're breast examined.

I'm somewhat late in answering your post, but unlike Ann, I had a very definite lump, approx 1cm, hard and mobile. Thankfully my lady GP was hot on, because it was a very typical BC tumour. I was booked in two days later for mammo, and had biopsies that same day. It was so hard, it kept jumping out of the way for a core biopsy. And biopsies revealed a very "typical" tumour!! Not all are, present themselves as such. I was lucky in that respect. I'm ever grateful to that GP, because I had nooo flippin idea. Had it not been for my shower sponge having fallen to bits, leaving me to soap myself by hand, I would not have found it as soon as I did.

So, what was your result?

 I'm soooo hoping it wasn't anything worrying? Or was it?

Let me know if you can/feel up to

Lots of love, Delly xxxxxx

Re: What did your lumps/symptoms feel like ?

Thank you... I’m a little on edge and trying to second guess myself I’m sure it’s just lumpy breasts as I’m convinced I’ve felt another lump 😕 but we shall see

Re: What did your lumps/symptoms feel like ?

Hi Michelle,
I think we all obsessively check when waiting, I remember I did, but there really is no common experience on this, any breast change can be anything or nothing.
I had no lump to feel & it turned out I had an early bc, others had large area of bc, but no lump, often a lump turns out to be something else & of course for some - although a minority - it does turn out to be bc.
It really isn’t possible to know by how it feels, so it always comes down to the breast clinic sorting it out.
Even if on the off chance it is bc, then thankfully it can then be dealt with. The vast majority of us get through it & get on with our lives.
As ever, it’s the wait & the uncertainty which is the pits to deal with.
Wishing you all the very best for Tuesday.
ann x

What did your lumps/symptoms feel like ?

Hi all, I’ve posted a couple of times this week I’ve been to the gp twice and my clinic appointment is Tuesday so not long to wait thank god the waiting is torture. I keep touching my lump and try and second guess what it could be so I’m asking what other lumps felt like and what your diagnosis was ?
Thanks and I hope I’m not being to intrusive
Michelle x