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What does your doctor mean when he says that!!!????


Re: What does your doctor mean when he says that!!!????

Hi Futuretwo - I think Drs tell us what they think we can cope with, waiting for us to ask the questions. Before BC I had no idea that there were SO many different types of BC and therefore a range of different treatments. I have HER2+ Cancer, which is called an aggressive cancer. I think years ago the prognosis wasn’t great but now with the range of treatments available the outlook is much better. I find knowing details helpful so have read a lot and ask questions of my BCN and Drs when I feel ready to hear the answer. Still went wibble when they decided I should be checked for bone mets due to a pain in my rib cage - all clear thankfully. If you have questions do ask.


What does your doctor mean when he says that!!!????

Sitting here disecting every word that the various doctors have ever said to me in the last year has started me thinking. Does anyone else do this? Looking for hidden meaning in every sentence they utter? When he said 'aggressive' did he really mean you haven't a snowball's chance in hell.... or when he said you were lucky......(for what ever reason) did he really mean you are lucky that you are even alive its so bad.....It is a scab one just keeps on picking!!! The doctors must be walking on eggshells all the time.