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What happens at ur oncology check ups?


Re: What happens at ur oncology check ups?

Hi Truffle, I'm not surprised you are feeling let down. How horrible. A good thing you were strong enough to push for a scan as at least you will be having the treament you need. 


I am scheduled for regular checkups with some scans a couple of times a year or so. I only see the onc but never know which one it will be - mine or another one.


Appointments usually run very late but they do give time rather than feeling it's an in/out.


It is usually a talk plus results of any scans. Dont usually get a physical. Last time I did have a physical exam probably because I was talking about a pain. 


No talk of tumour markers.


The scans seem to vary - CT, bone or MRI.

Re: What happens at ur oncology check ups?



Well I have been pondering on this question,  I had BC 1in 2009, with reconn and chemo, at the surgeons follow up i had hands on examinations and mammos, for the last 5 years also had 6 monthly follow up with onc, who just used to say ,  all ok , fine  see you in 6 months.  It was my last follow up with onc a few months ago , and as i was not happy with arm pain, i demanded an mri from onc,  well came back as mets  ,  lots of mets,  just cant help thinking, would this have been found if she had done blood markers with the occasional ct scan ??????


 I do now feel let down,  like i was just being put through the protocol, thin onc chooses  ,  dont feel as if I was treated as an individual.


good luck  take care x

Re: What happens at ur oncology check ups?

My oncologist and breast surgeon appointments are a real contrast. I rarely see the same oncologist twice and sometimes they don't seem to have read my notes. At one appointment the oncologist thought I had finished my treatment and was going to discharge me only for me to remind him as he was going out the door that I was supposed to be starting herceptin! They always seem in a hurry to get rid of you and my appointments rarely last more than 5minutes. They usually run between an hour and two hours late. You always get the impression that really would rather you didn't ask any questions and you feel like a real nuisance if you do. I keep all my queries for my surgeon therefore who always examines me and makes any referrals necessary e.g.genetics, lymphoedema, physio etc that I have needed. They have been utterly brilliant. I don't think it's that oncology are understaffed -I think there is just a different attitude.


Amero x

Re: What happens at ur oncology check ups?

i think the best thing is to ak the oncologist or your breast care nurse directly. It is fine to say you are surprised that appointments this time round are different From before. Another way of approaching it is ringing his/her secretary and asking if she would pass on an email. When I'm not being an oncology patient, I'm a doctor (psychiatry) and much prefer it if patients raise questions and concerns rather than worrying on their own. It's your body- ask!!

Re: What happens at ur oncology check ups?

I've had 2rounds of chemo, before the second My oncologist checked the wound to make sure no infection do chemo could go ahead ax I'd had an infection which delayed treatment. He's then asked to see md a week or 2 after the treatment so he can assess side effects as he adjusted drugs last time. I see my surgeon weekly because the wound still hadn't healed and my assumption is I will confine to sex onc between treatments.

Going forward they have said they will see me regularly when chemo and radio had finished.

Hope that helps?

Re: What happens at ur oncology check ups?

Hi I've never been physically examined by onc we only talk about treatment, only the surgeon has done a physical examination. Not sure what the norm is xx

What happens at ur oncology check ups?

Hi, after being diagnosed this year for a second time, I went to my first appt with a new oncologist yesterday. All we did was discuss any side effects I have on Letrozole, and c him again in 6 months (as see surgeon in 3 months).


When I was dx 6 years ago, the onc then used to check my lymph nodes and collar bone, press liver and listen to lungs. I had none of that yesterday.


Interested what others oncs do at your check ups please.