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What symptoms?


Re: What symptoms?

Thanks for all your advice guys, I will certainly take everything on board. Its so difficult not to panic at every little ache and pain.
It doesnt help that my sister in law has had a reoccurance (which i only found out about via Facebook, we are not close!!!!) , my other sister in law is waiting to see a BC nurse (she had cancer many years ago but found a lump), my friend who had ovarian cancer is haviing tests today for other lumps and bumps and a girl I work with is going to see a Consultant tonight about a lump. So you can see my panic.
I used to take each day as it comes and live life to the max, but part of me now is really scared.



Re: What symptoms?

I know what you mean I was given very vague advise re symptoms. Rev Cat has said it all really. I had a clear mammogram in Jan this year and found a lump in April which has turned out to be cancer in opposite breast I was originally told to go away and see what happens by GP!! So if you feel anything make sure they refer you straight away!!!

Jill xxx

Re: What symptoms?

Hi Sarah, it sounds like you are understandly pretty anxious about recurrence, or worse. Perhaps I can share the two bits of good advice I was given...
  • Keep breast aware - touch, look chack - and report anything that is unusual for you to your GP or phone your BCN. Most likely it is nothing sinister. Also, because I had lymph node involvlment I was advised to check above my collar bone and the sides of my neck and to report any lumps or bumps. So far, so good - to the extent my lovely, lovely surgeon reduced my check ups from 6monthly to annually 🙂
  • Adopt a 'two-week rule' for any symptoms such as (but not exclusively) persistent cough with no obvious cause, back pain (epsecially low down), headaches, changes in bowel habit or tummy pains. If it lasts more than two weeks get it checked out - it is most likely nothing, but it might be something. I remember my surgeon saying to me 'if you have a headache, it's probably just a headache, but we'd rather you told us than not'. He's a wise man.
The other thing is to be careful what you read online - we all know how easy it is to convince ourselves of the worst.

Hope that helps a little bit. Take care x

Re: What symptoms?

Hi Sarah
I sometimes feel a bit the same as you..
I was also DX nearly 4 years ago and apart from the lump which i found, i could not have felt better!

I guess if (and god forbid i hope it does not) a recurrance or a new primary does emerge, then we will find another lump (or something which indicates that all is not well?)
Anything more than this, i would hope some symptoms would appear, which would ring alarm bells.

Right now, we have to live with hope and take each day as it comes (that is my mantra anyway :-))

Wishing you many years of health and happiness.
Naz xxx


What symptoms?

Does anyone else remember to tell their consultant about every ache and pain they get in between appointments ? I write it down but only remember when I've finished my appointment. Also at my original diagnosis 4 years ago I didn't feel ill it was only when I found the lump that I knew something was wrong? What sort of things am I looking for? A few of my friends are having a reoccurrence of cancer and its scaring me that I've missed something then it's gonna be too late?

Any help would be greatly appreciated