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Which reconstructive surgery to choose?


Re: Which reconstructive surgery to choose?

Hi Jokey
Everyone is in different position on what and why they would chose reconstruction or not.
I have decided to go ahead with masectomy only for now as I have a very invasive cancer and it would take another few weeks to arrange reconstruction and longer to heal before chemo could be started. The stress of waiting longer is too much for me.
After my treatment is over I will possibly look at my reconstruction options then.
If I was not given the diagnosis I have and felt not so rushed, I think I would have went for the implant with a view to DIEP in the future if I felt I needed it.

Love x

Re: Which reconstructive surgery to choose?

Hiya Jokely

And welcome to this place that no one wants to be...  ( you can cut to the last para if this looks too long winded!)

I have had 2 WLEs and not got clear margins so am lined up for my op on 22 June.

I'm not going to give you any advise , just a bit about how I made this decision.

Im 63 and large breasted, when MX was first mentioned I was devastated and certain I would only have a MX ( only wanted the minimum surgery, didn't want long recovery, it was shallow and vain to want recon, the NHS has better things to spend its money on).

I did a lot of research into different types of prostheses... NHS, expensive custom made, DIY knitted ones and fancy silk bean bags and went thorough my clothes thinking how I could alter favourite tops.


I also had second opinion to see if anything other than a MX could be possible... he confirmed original advice. 

So, because my diagnosis is DCIS I have had time to think and not had to rush, also I know that neither chemo nor rads are on the cards,  which means I'm 'lucky' I know on the scale of things.

When I went back to my original hospital, the breast surgeon  and nurse did put the pinch on me to at least see the plastic surgeon to see what he could do... there were two, and explained very thoroughly what they could do and over the weeks following I have come round to deciding to have the MX and immediate DIEP.

I realise that I DO care how I look, I DO want to keep a natural shape, I DO deserve having the treatment that all the medics are saying would be best for me.

I realised I didn't understand about the details of the outcome of each of the recons, just stuck in my fingers in my ears.

All of them are saying that the investment of  going through the DIEP will be worth it.  I'm very stubborn and a know it all, but I'm glad I've listened to not only the medics, but also a BCC match me buddy who has talked this through over and over.

So this has taken since 2 March to get here, you  may not have that time, but all I can say is talk to the medics, talk to the BCC helpliners and maybe ask for a match me.


This is a long rambling answer which is simply saying take time to find out, get all the info you need TALK IT THROUGH with impartial people so you make the best decision for you. Every one will say this, you must DO it! Ask to meet the surgeon who will do any recon, be active and don't wimble about in the corner not wanting to bother these busy important people, which I did a bit.

Good luck, maybe come back and say how you go, with love, Caroline


Which reconstructive surgery to choose?

Hello everyone.


This is my 1st post and I'd like to say how pleased I am to meet you and how sorry I am at the same time for the circumstances that have brought us together.


I found out on Friday that I have cancer and will have to have a mascetomy. I am going back on Weds to find out if my receptors(?) are possitive or negative to determine whether I will have chemo before or after surgery and I need to give them some indication of what procedure I want to opt for.


The choices are 1. just a masectomy. 2. implant. 3. a DIEP where they'll use my own tissue to make me a new breast.


I feel I would like to go with reconstruction. I've been told the implant can be done locally and in one day and the other one - though it should look more natural and be less likey to need to be re done in the future, will have to be done in another county, will be an 8 hour op and I'll need to stay in hospital for 7 days. Is it worth it?


Any recommendations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I think fear is affecting my ability to make a judgement and also think my partner will suggest I go for the easier root of the implant. The photos the hospital showed me didn't make me think either would have particulary pretty outcome. I have quite large breasts and they have a natural droop. 


Thank you.