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Wig and wig stand on offer


Re: Wig and wig stand on offer

As I am not allowed to post the url of the website, you can google: Wig Banbury . This will give you the address of the wig retailer where Paula resides.

Wig and wig stand on offer

When I was diagnosed, the first question my 10 year old asked was "will you lose your hair". So I knew I needed to get a wig, which I did, but never ever wore.
I preferred scarves, as I hated to see my reflection, boldy one second, with hair the next.
So I have a wig called Paula and its stand on offer:
If you want to see it search for Paula

Please wisper (send a private message) back if you are interested.
All I asked for is a pledge for a donation to Cancer Research UK.