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Wig purchase and my new hair


Re: Wig purchase and my new hair

Thank you so much for this information/  This is one of the things I'm dreading I have thick hair and can't imagine being without it.  I'm off to ee if this service is acailable locally


Re: Wig purchase and my new hair

Thanks for sharing Roxie.

As soon as I found out I had cancer I also started looking into wigs. After watching my mum go through cancer twice I had seen what wigs were on offer from the NHS and decided they were not for me.

My sister found this website

and we went in to see them. They were so helpful and lovely. We decided on a real hair wig which would be close to my own hair but also would be stuck on so I could wash and blow dry as normal as well as sleep in it.

Although costly (about £1,300 - but I went for long hair and loose curls - also long lasting - I have been wearing it nearly 1 year and it still looks great) I do not regret it.

After my first chemo I went into them and they shaved my head. We then attached the wig. I go back every 4 weeks to have it reglued and tidied up. I love it and so many people are shocked when I tell them it is not my natural hair.

I say if you can afford it - do it. I know that I have had my moneys worth with this wig and the confidence it has given me to go out and get back to work is just so worth it. x

Re: Wig purchase and my new hair

Hi Sheila and Marie


I hope our posts help others who are fretting over hair loss and wigs.  There are places etc out there who can make it so much easier and so much cheaper but it seems its knowing how to find them.


Mine was by chance due to where my daughter worked.  The first place I looked quoted £480 and they offered no cutting in so ladies could really be had over.


If we manage to save anyone any stress or money then its been worthwhile.


Hope all is going well for you both xx

Re: Wig purchase and my new hair

Hi Roxie,


Was very interested in reading your wig story. I ended up buying a couple off the internet on sale and had a NHS one which was rather old fashioned. I too had them styled but they still felt like too much hair for me as I had thin hair to start with. I then came accross a charity called www.heathershair.co.uk they provide weaves on a hair band. This was just perfect for me - enough hair showing so no one knew anything was wrong with me but no so much as a wig that made me feel alien.


If anyone is going through chemo or due to start drop them an email - it's all by donation as they realise what a financial burden illness can be.



Re: Wig purchase and my new hair

Hi Roxie.

I was given a leaflet about Trevor Sorbie and the charity he started. I contacted the salon in my area and made an appointment with them. I have to say I was very happy with all the help and advise I received from Fiona, the salon owner. She found the best wig for me that was nearest my colour and style which she styled further for me.  I had already had my own hair cut short so my wig is a short style. I want to be able to stop wearing my wig as soon as possible once my own hair starts to grow again and thought a shorter style would allow me to do this without people noticing too much. Anyway I am really pleased with my wig and it's so easy to care for. If I wash it at night it's dry by the morning and it keeps it style really well so no problems with styling.

I would definitely reccommend Trevor Sorbies charity to anyone looking to buy a wig as they are such caring people.

Take care


Wig purchase and my new hair

Hi everyone


I just wanted to share my new hair experience with you all in the hope it can be of help!


When I first heard I would need chemo and before I even saw the oncologist my breast care nurse had said I would lose my hair so I wanted to be prepared as I could.  I got my eyebrows tatooed and wanted a wig that was the most like my own hair.  I went to a big wig shop where the staff were very unhelpful and after trying on a couple I left feeling really down, with a quote of £480 for a real hair wig like my hair.  I had read on here about afrocarribean shops that sell good wigs but was a bit sceptical being as I had long blond hair!  My daughter went to our local afrocarribean shop to see for me and they told her that another local shop of theirs had far more choice in blond wigs.  So we both went along to see.  I walked in and right infront of me was my hair on a fake head.  It was £118 and real hair so I bought it.  I also used my prescription charge wig to buy a synthetic wig from the place the hospital recommended as was told two wigs so one can be drying etc.  The synthetic experience was exceptional and they will cut the wig in for me so it looks natural to me now I have lost my hair, the only problem with this is its not local and so I am having to wait until a time I feel both well enough and have someone to take me so have to wear the wigs as they are for now.


Feeling really conscious going out in my new wigs that to me dont lay like my hair so must be obvious to everyone they are wigs.  Obviously more in my head but its my thoughts that count in how I feel with my wig.

My daighter is a beauty therapist and works where they also cut hair.  It turns out they are part of the my new hair charity that Trevor Sorbie started.  The owner my daughters boss and one of the male stylists are trained wig cutters and as I found out last night are also trained in dealing with the emotions etc that come with being a cancer patient and losing ones hair.


Her boss offered to cut my wig for me and she said online on the my new hair site are all the salons that offer the service.  She said the most any of the salons connected to the charity will charge is the cost of a hair cut.

She done mine after the salon was closed but she said they would take you upstairs if done during opening times so you felt more relaxed and they will go over anything you need.  She said even before you buy a wig they will advise you on what type to go for such as the lining that is best and what to look for on how its weaved etc all that I found enlightening.  I was there for 1 1/2 hours.  I told her I had bought a much cheaper wig and wasnt sure she would be able to make it look like me for that reason thinking cheaper so not as good.


She said I had chosen really well as the wig was weaved that the front comes forward which avoids showing any weave when the wind blows and also means I can put the wig in a pony or up when hot providing I leave it loose at the nape and showed me ways of doing so.  She explained that a wig needs to be cut rough to take away the unnatural shine and said that never try to wear it really neat as hair isnt and it will look much more natural with roughed up bits.  She had asked me to take recent photos of how I normally had my hair and she cut my wig into the exact style.  She also gave me tips on wearing it, caring for it and when my hair grows back what to expect and why having it cut if its now growing even is so important.  She also talked me through how if you have really thick hair if you dont have it thinned before trying the cold cap why it wont work and you will still lose your hair.


The whole experience was really relaxed and I came out full of information about cutting and colouring once my hair has grown back.  I actually feel when I look in the mirror that I have gone back to before chemo started and my hair is still my own it looks so much like it.  I hope this helps someone else approach one of these salons as she said they wont advertise in the salon as they don't want to upset people.  They want you to be able to go in to the salon and for everyone else just to think you are just another client and for you to feel you are too!


Good luck to anyone in the process of bying a wig or hairloss.  This service is available to each and everyone of us and although I was given the booklet by my breast care nurse like so many of us never bothered to look at it.  This service along with the wig from the hospitals wig specialist have been invaluable to me and I hope will be to you too.


Roxie xx