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Wigs question


Re: Wigs question

Hi Helm,


I'm in NI so we seem to do things as differently / awkwardly as possible.  However, on my first day of chemo I had someone come to the hospital with a suitcase of wigs for me to choose from.  They were from Macmillan, so it might be worth contacting them?  They told me they had a retail of £400 to £500!!!


Hope you get something sorted - can't wait to be shot of mine!!



Re: Wigs question

Hi there Helm I just wanted to reply to your post and tell you of my experience.I first went to a shop in London for a wig and paid a lot of money which like you I could not afford but thought if I have got to wear it all the time I will have a decent one (how wrong was I ) i hated it so I took myself off to a little wig shop in Sandhurst not to far from me and. Ought 2 wigs in the sale for £20 each and loved them .I have got the expensive one on a stand in my bedroom to remind me that expensive is not always best.my hair has grown back now but I still look at it and think how easily I was talked into it good luck in what ever you decide

Love Macie x x

Re: Wigs question

Thanks Lucy, I had totally forgotten about that publication, it does have some useful guidance regarding wigs. I'll phone my bc nurses next week and see if I can get something organised.

Re: Wigs question

Hi helm

Whilst you await replies here's the link to the BCC 'hair loss' publication where you will find information which you may find useful:


Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Wigs question

I've been thinkning about maybe getting wig - I finished chemo last November and my hair hasn't grown that much. It's not too bad at the front and sides, but on top and the back it's very thin and I look like I'm balding! I'm on Tamoxifen so that probably is not helping. I was happy wearing scarves whilst on chemo and after, but now I'm getting a bit fed up with them. I don't really want a wig either, but the way my hair is growing I think it might be best. Can anyone tell me roughly how much to expect to pay, and if there is any help available for chemo patients in buying them (I'm on ESA so am not flushed with cash)? Is there any advice also generally in buying a wig?