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Worried about bone pain


Re: Worried about bone pain

I'm no expert, but from what you describe, it sounds like you might have developed some kind of artrhitis. Ask your doctor if you can be referred to a rheumatologist. If you feel you really need an MRI, then follow that up, but a simple X-ray might be all it needs to tell either your GP or a rheumatologist if you have arthritis or not. The reason I suggest this is because if you have osteoarthritis, gentle exercise does ease the pain. 


You might find information on the Arthritis Research UK website informative:




Worried about bone pain

I am 6yrs post mastectomy & reconstruction.  I have kept myself fit and until a few months ago, had no problems. However I developed swelling under my arm and discomfort in my shoulder blade and ribs on the side of my reconstruction. 

I was referred to the breast clinic and had an ultra sound scan, which was negative. I then had a bone scan and waited for 8 anxious days to be told it was negative. No other advice or follow up!

obviously I was pleased with the outcome , but confused as I still have the pain. Also since then I have been waking with acute  pain in my hip and knee on the same side. I also feel this when inactive. 

Oddly enough exercise helps, but I am now wondering if I should ask for an MRI or follow up. 

Any advice would be very welcome.