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Would you refuse hormone treatment?


Re: Would you refuse hormone treatment?

Hi Carole,

Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed for a second time. You say that your new breast cancer is hormone receptive negative.  My understanding is that hormone therapy is only beneficial to ladies with hormone receptive positive breast cancer.

M x


Re: Would you refuse hormone treatment?

Carol, I've been on Tamoxifen since I was diagnosed 4 years ago, apart from a few hot flushes I have no problems whatsoever. Don't believe everything you read, if we believed all of the potential side effects for any drug we would never be treated for anything, you have nothing to lose by trying it and everything to gain.


Re: Would you refuse hormone treatment?

Hi Carol,


Sorry to hear this news. As far as I know, confirmation tomorrow, my breast cancer is not hormone receptive which is a huge relief to me as Tamoxifen (I'm almost 48 yrs old) would have contra indicated with my psychiatric medication. I'm pretty sure I have other problems to face but am glad to have this decision taken out of my hands.


Why not try them, say for 6 months? If you are unlucky enough to get really bad side effects, then you could always stop them and know that at least you've given them a try? I'm not 100% sure but I "think" that any side effects are NOT long term and would be relieved by stopping the medication.


Good luck with your decision.


H. x

Carol Tonks

Would you refuse hormone treatment?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on my right hand side in March 2012 which was not hormone receptive. I had a lumpectomy but no drugs. In April 2016 I was diagnosed with a new breast cancer on my left hand side which is hormone receptor negative and which means once I’ve finished radiotherapy I will be offered one of the hormone therapy drugs. I know not everyone suffers the side effects but I’m wondering if anyone has declined these drugs and how have they got on. I don’t want to take anything as I have very little hair left, tinnitus, hiatus hernia, dry eyes all being caused by chemo. At 65 I’d like something left that works. Any comments would be good. Thanks