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Your tips on wigs please!


Re: Your tips on wigs please!

Hi So sorry you find yourself here with us & well done on your first post.  I went to Trendco in Brighton & they have a huge selection, including for non Europeans. They have several shops & are absolutely lovely.  They also have scarves & all the stuff u need to care for the wig.  A friend said get synthetic as easier to care for as real is made from Asian hair which is coarser & harder to style.  She also said don't go too long because it's really hot.  All the best xx

Re: Your tips on wigs please!

Hi Tam,


I got my nhs wig and ended up buying another on the Internet but neither was I happy with as had relatively thin natural hair to then go to crazy thick hair just wasn't me. Thankfully I came across a charity called Heather's hair which provides hair weaves worn under a hat or scarf. They were so simple, but soooooo effective and perfect for me. Hardly ever wore my wig once I got my HH weave www.heathershair.co.uk hope you find something that you are comfortable with. Later discovered loads of you tube videos about tying scarfs . Last tip if you have a pic line in and don't like the white bandage/cover the hospital puts over it...buy a pair of pretty, colourful thick tights cut the foot and top off and hey presto you have a very fashionable arm cover. All the very best.  Marie


Re: Your tips on wigs please!

Hi Tam,

You may wish to explore this site - and look for a straight style, which is close to your own - and ensure they do it in black? You should get the VAT off, being diagnosed. Artificial hair has come a long way and it very easy to wash and look after.

How long you will wear the wig will depend on how soon your air regrows after chemo - I think it is said it can take 3-4 months before it is even enought to look at stryling it for a super short cut. But at a guess it will be very individual.

Here is a link to wig construction, which may also be of help.

I wear my wig for work purposed only - otherwise have found my style with the many scarves I already had. Not so keen on hats - but to have one for when it gets very sunny, to protect my skin.


The Wig.... 

As many of of you are in the market for one of these amazing things it may be an idea to give you a 'heads up'

on this subject. If you already have one, there will be a handy tip at the end.

Not to make the post too long I am just posting the links to various information -

Types of wig construction - for us it is monofilament and or lace front, depening on the hairstyle. More expensive, but much, much more comfortanble.


You can buy wigs on line - BTW - VAT FREE!!! For us ladies...., but you would need to know your size

To measure your head for a wig, use a cloth tape measure that has not been stretched for accuracy.
  1. Forehead to Nape. Start the tape from the center of the front of your hairline, to the hairline at the nape of the neck. ...
  2. Ear to Ear. ...
  3. Circumference. ...
  4. Temple to Temple

This is a great site for wigs - it is were I found mine, but I had bought it via a wig fitter to ensure the colour was as close as possible to my own and then had my hairdresser adjust it a little bit.


So here is what a monofillament wig looks like, which has a lace front -


Wig 1.jpg


Now to the other stuff. I noticed and became concious about the bits just above my ears sort of sticking out a bit, plus some minor movement. It made me fiddle with the wig - and in front of strangers, that may just be a givaway.

So I found these, asnd cut them down to stick where the wig is lifting  little. No more fiddling - safe as houses.


Although this one is currently not available - you can search for them.

Wig 2.jpg


Sue xxx


Re: Your tips on wigs please!

Hi Tam,


Have you had your pre-chemo chat at the chemo unit yet?  That was when I received my wig information but like you I wanted to know as soon as possible so I rang to check what the procedure was.  For the me, the issue was a holiday I was about to take so I wanted to get everything lined up before I went away.  My unit gave me a voucher for a specific wig specialist who I lined up an appointment with the next day.  The whole thing was a brilliant experience and I write about it here: https://gettingabreastofthesituation.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/hair-today-gone-tomorrow/\


My wig is synthetic and I have worn it more than I thought I would.  It is hot so I don't wear it in weather we've currently had.  It was completely free - at no time was cost discussed so I have no idea how much the voucher was for.  I tried on lots of wigs, of many lengths & styles and cost never came into it - the impression I got was that I could have whichever I chose.  I'm not sure this is the case for everyone.  However, I don't think you'll have a problem getting a non European wig, especially from a good specialist.  If in doubt, when you know where you're advised to go, ask when you make your appointment.


So successful has my wig been, although I am constantly aware that it is a wig, I decided to go for a bit of fun and bought some very cheap (£5.99) wigs from Amazon in bright colours.  These are exactly as you'd expect - cheap, nylon, brash but lots of fun.  I have worn the blue one out and about, the multicoloured one is for the Olympics 🙂 and the red one is fun but not very practical.  I also have a wig fringe that I bought from Wigs4U online http://www.wigs4u.co.uk/pages/headwear/details.asp?inventory_id=1020&origUrl=/pages/headwear/index.a... This is worn under a headscarf/hat and is a good compromise when you want 'hair' but a full wig is too hot.  I have worn this out and about and it is convincing but for me, I think it's probably too much of a faff.




I tend to go bald around the house a lot and frequently go out bald too.  But I do cover up with scarves too.  I bought some from Annabandana (https://www.annabandana.co.uk) and some from TheIndiaShop (http://www.theindiashop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=64) but also have used rectangular cotton scarves from anywhere - charity shops, Matalan, anywhere cheap really.  




I have no idea how long I'll be doing all this for yet.  My hair fell out pretty quickly (day 11 first cycle of FEC) and I've currently just had my 3rd dose so I've got a long way to go yet.  I suspect I'll still be doing some sort of covering for a while yet.  I did find the whole thing was easier to handle by being as prepared as possible.


Finally, you might also find it helpful to look into the August 2016 starters thread (https://forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Chemotherapy-monthly-threads/August-2016-Starters/m-p/10333...) - repost your message there, or something similar because I'm sure everyone about to start will be having the same or similar concerns.  It can be really helpful sharing with a group of people going through this at the same stage.


Hope that helps,

B x

Re: Your tips on wigs please!

Hello Tam, welcome to the forums. Sorry you have to be here but you will get lots of support I am sure from the lovely people here.


I have to be honest and say that I didn't really get on very well with my wig. I received one free (synthetic) from my local health authority. If you are being treated on the NHS then you should ask your breast cancer nurse for details as all NHS patients are entitled to either a free one or a donation towards purchasing one yourself.


It was actually quite a nice wig but I think I made the mistake of choosing one that was too different from my normal style. My hair is naturally curly and I have always wanted straight hair so that's what I went for. When I tried it on at the hospital they made it look great but at home I could not recreate the same look. I did wear it, over winter, but mostly underneath a hat. 


I ended up wearing more hats and turbans than my wig. I've always enjoyed wearing hats anyway so it was not a big problem for me. My favourite place is a company called Suburban Turban - if you Google them you will find them easily. They are not the cheapest but a lot more economical than wigs if you have to buy your own. The quality is excellent too and they are so pretty that I am sure I will wear them in the future even when I have hair. I also purchased some excellent ones from a company called Amoena. 


I finished chemo on 29th January this year. I started to feel confident about leaving the house without any headwear by about early May. I actually really like my short hair - especially through these summer months. 


I hope this is helpful for you and that you get more good advice. Stay around these forums and let us know how you get on as your treatment progresses. 


Wishing you lots of luck.


Your tips on wigs please!

Hello everyone, 


It's my first time using this forum...!! 


I am due to start chemo in 2 weeks time, and so I have been looking in to scarves/ hats/ wigs.


I have a question especially about wigs... Could I ask please:


- - Did you purchase one or just stick to hats/scarves?


- - Did you buy a synthetic or human hair version? What do you think about them? Do you wear yours often?


- - How much was yours? From my initial research, it is super expensive...!!! I'm totally shocked...


- - Do you have any recommnedations on where to get it? I am Japanese living in London, so European hair wigs will look wierd... I've so far looked online at 'Bloomsbury of London' & 'JE hair solutions' (this one was recommended by my breastcare nurse).


- - How many months do you think I will be wearing a wig? I hear that hair grows back post-treatment, but at which point did you feel comfortable to let go of your wig? 


- - Since I'm asking so many questions, any recommendations on shops for hats/ scarves?? 🙂


I'm so sorry for all these questions...! I would really love to hear your insight on anything/ everything about your experience with purchasing wigs!


Thanks in advance,