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Zoladex injections


Re: Zoladex injections



Thank you for the info. 3 monthly would work better for me. I will discuss this with my GP. 



Re: Zoladex injections

Hi I don't know if this is of any use, but have 3monthly zolodex,I am able to have this at my gp's so it is a lot less fuss all round. Good luck M

Zoladex injections

Ive had to stop taking Tamoxifen after 18 months as I developed DVT. I'm now on blood thinners and have started Letrozole. However blood tests showed I'm not fully post menopausal so now need monthly Zoladex injections as well.


My concern is that my next one is due right in the middle of a foreign holiday and will be 11 days late if I wait until we get back. Has anyone else had this problem and what was recommended? I phoned my GP but they're still waiting for the update from the hospital.


Really thought that 2 years on from dx I'd be just on annual mammograms! 


Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.