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another new member here! diagnosed yesterday


Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Well film was Jupiter Rising, crazy sci fi it turned out, made by the people who did The Matrix. Not at all impressed, especially as I was sanwiched between my husband, who smelt very nice! and another bloke who didn't !! Still we had a good laugh about it, which has been a bit lacking of late. When I had my mammo and ultrasound, they said the results looked 'concerning' and I gathered from that it wasn't looking good. Biopsy showed Grade 3 fast growing DCIS. I had lumpectomy etc 10 days later and will be having rads when healed. Hoping node results will be good on 27th. Slightly mad woman with booby brain signing out x

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Oh dear what did you go to see? At least the popcorn was good :-). We're you all given a good indication that it was serious when they did the mammograms and ultrasounds? Like you delphinium she didn't say it outright but def laid the groundwork. She was 'sufficiently concerned about the appearance that if it came back as anything other than cancer shed feel like she'd undersampled'. I think that clinched the deal! So although there was a glimmer of hope I was glad I'd prepared myself as much as you can when I got my results. Still a shock! Fingers crossed yours come back with a great result franchise xx

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Film terrible but popcorn very nice! Perhaps cramming myself in to a tight seat with not much arm room wasn't the best choice with a sore boob and arm but it was nice to get out. Felt normal for a change 😆

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Welcome Karen. None of us want to be in this club but given that we are it's the best place to come for advice/support/general rants or whatever you feel. It is all weird and shocking . Good luck with your results Francine - I'll cross fingers and toes for you. Enjoy the film and the popcorn. I am currently overdosing on chocolate xxx

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Hi Karen
Having a good hair day then! I know exactly how you feel. To all intents and purposes the world is carrying on as per usual but I seem to have a this constant nag in my brain saying 'you have cancer you know' Very weird. I think it's possibly because the diagnosis comes as such a shock, as you feel perfectly OK, and your brain just can't process it. Only people like you and I can understand the weirdness of it all I think. Waiting for my results on Friday and trying to keep busy. Off to the cinema today and definitely going to treat myself to some popcorn and I don't care about the diet😃😃 Francine x

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Currently sitting in the hairdressers desperately trying to hold it together! Get a grip woman! It is a weird feeling thinking 'I have cancer' I agree. It's like the world around is carrying on as normal and just taking me with it but My mind has this constant other thought in it now. I was only given the news Thursday and even that seems ages ago now. At least in an hour I will have no grey hair! I think I grew more than usual over the last couple of weeks 🙂 xx

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday


I was diagnosed after noticing the tiniest pucker on the skin on my right breast and was referred to the breast clinic. I just couldn't believe it was happening to me and it seemed very surreal. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal 10 days ago and am waiting to see my surgeon again on 27 Feb. It seemed to hit home when I'd had the op and I had days when I felt very low, good job we had enough boxes of tissues! Feeling better now but will be glad when The wait is over for my results. Will be having 3 weeks radiotherapy in any event. Gentle hugs to everyone going thro or waiting for treatment. X

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Hi there.

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but well done for your positive approach.

I was diagnosed yesterday on the strength of a mammogram and ultrasound. Had a biopsy and results next week will determine grade of cancer. Basically even before biopsy they strongly believe the 3cm mass I have is malignant. So much so they've spoken re options. I am 53

Do you kind of feel weird thinking "I have cancer" - I do!

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Hi Karen

My new boob doesn't look too bad, still swollen and will take a while to settle 'in'.

I do not have a nipple now but am not missing that little bit. Now a lot of the swelling has gone down it doesn't look too bad compared to the original, a little smaller, but OH says it's only me that notices! I have also been offered a nip and tuck on the 'original' in the future, originally I thought yep but now am unsure, but there is plenty of time.

It was quite amusing discussing the size of the new one, how big etc Woman Very Happy


Do try to read the leaflets, I managed to in short bursts, then went back when in a better frame of mind and read them again properly.

Some ladies, I know, have the nip and tuck at the same time. Personal preference I guess and up to surgeon.

Good luck with your choices



Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

thank you Cassie, Beryl and Ros for your replies x Im already finding this forum a huge help. I was told that I could possibly have an immediate reconstruction but until I see my surgeon I wont know for sure. Does it look ok Beryl? I have very large boobs and Im hoping they can reduce the other one to match at the same time or at a later date at least. I have a pile of leaflets about it to read that the hospital gave me yesterday but I havent quite plucked up the courage to read them yet..might do that later. Forewarned is forearmed as they say xx

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Hi Karen,

Come join our merry band.

I to have invasive lobular. Confirmed the day after my 50th! So very similar to you.

I am having a single masectomy on 4th March - unfortunately the invader is too big to save the breast. Also as we don't know whether rad or chemo needed I'm waiting til later for recon.

This site is wonderful and the ladies here have kept me sane.

Hope your journey with us has none of the snakes just the ladders



Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Didn't point out my implant was at same time as mastectomy and the Anastrozole is Hormone therapy

Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday


and welcome

 I was diagnosed with lobulat C beginning of December. They then found another patch so I had a mastectomy from which I am currently recovering.

I have been told now no chemo and no rads - yippee - and as a result was suitable to have an implant which I had. It was great coming round from op and not being 'flat'.

Since then I have had a few healing problems but then compaed to other treatments I consider myself very lucky. Don't let my problems put you off either - I am still very pleased I had the implant

I am now on Anastrozole for 5 years.


You will find you have days  and nights of tears and despair but remember we here on this forum Know what you are going through and there is always someone to listen, make you laugh, offer advice from personal experience and generally chat


All the best


Re: another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

It's not really appropriate for me to say 'welcome to the club' so I'll just say that I'm so glad you have decided to join this forum. You'll get lots of support and advice from the friendly members not to mention the professional support also on tap.


Six weeks seems to be a long time to wait for the op so, hopefully, it will be sooner as most of us feel that the waiting is the worse bit about the treatment programme.

another new member here! diagnosed yesterday

Hi all, after the longest week of my life waiting for results, finally got the news yesterday that I have invasive lobular cancer in my right breast. Went into meltdown mode yesterday but my prognosis is good. I'm looking at either a partial removal of the area (although as it is in 3 separate ares they seem to be veering towards a full mastectomy) and the more I think about it the more I think thats probably my best bet. Feel quite calm this morning. I realise the news could have been much worse, and with a full removal then hopefully Ive been told I will most likely NOT need chemo or radio and it will be annual screening afterwards. It was only picked up at a routine screening as Id turned 50 last year so I just thank god I went as I had no lump to feel or any other symptoms. I'll have the op within 6 weeks then its onwards and upwards. Im sure I'll have lots of wobbly moments in between but in the grand scheme of things, I realise from reading other posts that I am probably very lucky. love to everyone going through this. Its **bleep** being a woman sometimes xx