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anyone on Navelbine for lung and liver mets


Re: anyone on Navelbine for lung and liver mets

Hi ,I have just started vineorelbane/navelbine after being om xeolda for 9 months for secondarys in lung was told stable in November but over christmas went down hill a bit breathing got worse they then found a very large blood clot and after a further scan found the xeolda wasnt working was gutted .I take one dose tablets one week then another dose the following week then have a week break ,I started second course this Thursday gone ,I find I had to take the sickness tablets as when I take the dose I feel sick all day and basically just want to sleep like this for a couple of days then started to feel better little bit conspitated as just glad on tablets so I dont have to sit in chemo ward only downside is all the hospital visits                                 mandy x


Re: anyone on Navelbine for lung and liver mets

Dear nellienix,


I'm sorry you haven't had any replies yet.  You might find more people will see your question if you post in the Secondary Breast Cancer section of the forum.  I have found one thread on there which might be helpful:




Very best wishes



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anyone on Navelbine for lung and liver mets

Hi everyone. I have just started Navelbine chemo after being on Capecitabine for 9months. It has worked well for me but now its stopped working and my latest scan shows regrowth in the liver. My lung and bone mets have been stable for 18months. Just wanted feedback on results and side effects of Navelbine.

 I posted on another site and they recommended I try this site. Looking forward to replies.

X helen