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anyone starting chemo in August?

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Gilly that is brilliant.  Am loving thr hob nobs!


Now we have the task of matching everyones real names to their user names!!!


Breezy how lovely are you.  You are one goodlooking woman it has to be said!!


I need to try and change my profile pic now to a more up to date one!!!  Mine is proper dodgy ha ha

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisies 🙂


Gill (venice25) good to her from you , hope those SE stay minimal for you. xxx


Bonski, good to hear you are doing well too, 4am!! that is an early rise, hopeyou have a nice chilled day 🙂 


GillyR, you sound in good spirits this morning 🙂 I will defo pop on FB to keep each other company......We could be rather busy with all the hot footing from 1 site to another lol


Jacquie, thanks for info re- profile ....... yes hopefully moderators will sort it, hope oncol appointment goes well.


Lovely to hear everyone in good spirits this morning , enjoy your day ladies .


Good luck to to those at the bar today.


Much love 

Jo xx



Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Sorry .... Meant FB page ....

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Gilly i will be demanding emend this time not asking nicely like i did before! The lady doctor who sent me home last night worked at Christies for 3 years and she said they should give me emend now. I think they dont like to give it first as its a more expensive drug!

I found out they didnt want to let me home as my white blood count had doubled, maybe because i had my tummy injection the day i went in lol i did tell them but it wasnt till i saw the doctor last night who asked me if i had it as she just rolled her eyes that they had kept me in for that!

I'll have to go back and look for this facebook page! ive missed you ladies and your chattyness!

Chezza hopefully it might brighten up for you its a bit sunny here near Blackpool


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC-T#1-day 14
Morning Maisie's ... Good luck to all those being dunked & those with appts & hope all se''s ease soon.

Laughed and cried my way through a DIY short crop yesterday but fear the clippers will be out later. Had a sore nose for a few days & then realised -no nasal hair! Who'd have thought I'd miss it!

Still not sleeping well but feeling so much better & looking forward to a good week before next dunking.

Has anyone else suffered from itchy skin? The backs of my hands & arms up to elbows are driving me mad....

Great idea for FBI page GillyR .....have liked! Wonder if it would be better as a private page as a random 'friend' of mine has also just liked after I made a comment! What does everyone else think?

Welcome to all new Maisie's .... Can't believe what a big group we are & what a lovely chatty lot you are ... But so pleased you're all there even if I'm not quite as chatty as I could be. Thank you. Lynn xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Yh the same here, it really annoys me!! Grrrrrr!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

I know how you feel lynsey. I was there too, you feel like you're gonna die! At best like you've been run over by a steam roller! Give it a few days and you will feel better, just rest, hospitals are not conducive to sleeping! Thinking of you xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

ah why is it when I reply that by the time it posts about 5 other posts have appeared in the meantime and then it loos like Ive ignored people!!!


I havent honestly. 

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Without a doubt the most useful thing iI have found is GINGER BISCUITS. They help with the nauseous feeling and if i wake in the night sometimes its because I'm hungry so a couple of biccies settles things down again. Its hard to prepare when you don't really know how you will be affected. The only other thing I would say is make sure your onc team give you the best anti sick pills you can have, most are saying Emend is best. All the best, the anticipation is the worst part, thinking if you pas the boss xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning maisies

well its dull here in Manchester bloody typical as am meant to be going to park for a picnic with my little crust snatchers.

Gilly I dont really do FB much but will try and open the link and have a look and a like.

Pas The Boss - I think the essentials are ginger biccies, sea bands, a decent mouthwash and lots of water.  That is if you are having EC or FEC combination. 

Bonski lots of people report hair growing back on Tax and as you are on that first will be interesting to see if just on the tax part the hair loss is as extensive as us that are on EC or FEC.  It may give us some hope if yours isnt too much!!!

Welcome back Venice.  Lynsey had passed on the message that she had seen you at the hospital and you were doing ok with the chemo.

Good luck Jacqui with your long wait!

Julie 66 dont know if you are having chemo or it depends on your bloods today so good luck either way

Sam have a great day with the strawberry tea


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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Welcome home Lynsey sounds like you went through same as me , my onc changed me on to emend so hopefully you will be too . Chrissy hope you and the dog manage to have a good day home alone , mention your lack of sleep at your next apt my onc has put me on sleeping tabs now . Well done to Gilly for creating A fantastic Facebook page clever lady 🙂 , hope julie66 and chrissie49 get through their dunkings today and anyone else with apts. I have a meeting with HR at work to see how I'm getting on now I've hAd ten weeks off , how funny lol then got my nails done so that will cheer me up 🙂 have a good day all x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Christy, I am the same. I think the answer is to sleep when you can, even during the day.

Lynsey, so glad you are back and ok. That is awful that they refused you Emend, what was their reason? I hope they realise they made the wrong decision, kick their bloody arses for next time hunni xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisies. Just want to wish those at the bar today a smooth dunking and hope everyone's se's are little ones. Love Bev xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Yippee im back! Talk about a baptism of fire! Well hopefully my onc will put me on emend next time. I did ask for it before i started but they said no lol

thank you for thinking about me Chezza was letting me know.
ive not had chance to read all the posts ive missed yet you ladies are so talkative i'll catch up soon!

Good luck to those at the bar today hope your se's are kind to you.

I laughed at maisies = nausea on chezzas phone very appropriate for what i went through! Lol


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's, sleep at 12, awake at 2, sleep at 4 then wide awake since 5 now I'm shattered cant sleep, what's the answer to that? Or any tips?

Hope everybody who is up at bar or apps today has a smooth running!

My 2nd dunking 2 weeks today so hoping I start feeling bit 'normal' again soon.

Daughter bk at uni today, well moves in her new place & Oh bk at work so it's me & the dog!!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Rollercoaster, my next dunk is on 12 September....poison is docetaxel for right now....changes to FEC at cycle 4. Smoothy worked like a champ but now feeling pretty week. Gonna get some rest, hopefully feel a bit better after on.

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Like like like Gilly! Link worked perfectly too!  Sorry #2 day 5 EC.

Feeling good dex finished for another cycle thank goodness!  Profile says saved but noone can see hope you can sort this moderators? All I could see Jo was how many posts you have made not any info?

Welcome to yet more Maisies, this is such a busy thread though I agree w Barb that being in sept w girls who are just starting too might be more helpful, or dual then you get the best of both worlds!  Glad you doing ok Gill (Venice) I had my 2nd dunking on 23rd too!  They were very sorry the cc hadn't worked for me I think it does usually do at least the 1st cycle? Seeing oncologist later who runs hours late so will take a book methinks!  Have a good day Maisies xx ps good luck all at the bar today especially first timers, you will feel so much better once this one is under your belts, I will be thinking of you all xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning meg, hope your still se free from injection other day, I know your working today so have a good one and don't work too hard, il speak to you later this evening xx
Morning Maisie's, hope all those with chemo today have a smooth journey dreading my second one!!!!
Good luck Sam with today hope it goes well and you raise loads of money for bcc.
All with appointments good luck.
Spiky red glad all results negative , penn hope picc line improving. Can't scroll back and can't remember a lot at mo!!
Gilly touch wood my ears bit better today hope yours are.
Got a lazy day no appts , just bit of housework, might bake but I often say that and then don't . Right dog needs walking so speak later, happy day to all . Xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's just want to wish those at the bar all the best for today and hope things go ok with minimal side effects for you. Take Care and have a good day all xx
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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi Maisie's, hope you are all doing ok. Just popped over from the Stars to ask a favour. Apart from a sick bucket can anyone give me any idea of what essential and helpful items would help me through the SE ofchemo and make it slightly more bearable. Any tips on what has helped you through would be very much appreciated. My first session is on the 3rd so I would like to be able to get some things together while I am still in control of things. Thanks a lot ladies. Love and hugs to you all.

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Good morning ladies.

Good to see you back Gill and not suffering too badly xx

Bonski, I think getting well is the priority for us all. That is my focus now. I work part time from home, so I am lucky and on bad days I dont work. I would hate to have the added pressure of thinking I should be at work. I havent had any bad ulcers but have bitten the inside of my cheek that has taken a few days  to heal. My mouth and tongue are tender I would say but I havent lost my taste buds thank goodness. I just need the noise in my ears to do one and I would feel fantastic!


I have set us up a facebook page for those that want to use it, we can add pictures and maybe feel a bit closer than we do on here now, as it is so complicated. I know some ladies dont have or use facebook, but it is very simple to open an account and even if you just come on our page it may make life a bit easier than here.


The link is:



I hope to see lots of likes on there ladies


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi Bonski. Glad to hear you're doing so well and got such a good support network too, its what we all need. My family are being brilliant too. Apart from being really sick the first evening and having not much energy or brain power for a week i cant say I've been too bad either. I'm wary of saying no probs in case it comes back to bite me but i do feel, hey i can do this all apart from losing my hair. I'm still not ready for that part. I don't think i will be until i get there and then i have to do it but right now I'm not thinking about it.
Although technically I work its self employment and OH is doing that, its very spasmodic though so I don't need to worry about that, just need to do the tax returns soon! That could be fun, ugh! I agree with you, today is a positive day. BTW, when is your next dunking due and what is your poison? Mine is 9th Sept - its FEC. It looks like a nice day in the making here in the east midlands so lets see what it brings, have a good day all. Hugs and kisses to all xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

An early good morning to everyone!  Woke up at 4am (joints arching) and decided to give hubby more time to sleep 😄  I'll get a nap in later on.  


Do any of you work?  I am so fortunate that we just moved here and I haven't had a chance to look for a job....feel a bit guilty but hubby says that getting me well is now my full time job.  


My community has been awesome; a few of the ladies accompanied me to get my hair cut short (it was shoulder length) and the stylist didn't even charge me.  She will let the kids (19, 17, 14) shave my head once my hair starts falling off (I decided not to go with a wig, but bought some cute hats and scarves).


Dinner has been delivered every other day which has been wonderful...I'm trying to cook, but keep screwing up since I can't think straight...LOL


I bit my lip last night and it's still a bit swollen...guess it takes longer for things to heal.


Sorry, I kind of feel I'm bragging, but just wanted to be more positive today.  Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?


had my treatment 23rd and am ok not doing too badly was sick twice and nausea for 2 days but manable. I am scared that i may be hit with a truck in next few days main problem is enerergy level very low feel very heavy .Just read Lynsey home from hospital didnt know what had happened unable to get to grips with new site . thanks for thinking about me, hope everyone else is coping, good luck to all those up tomorrow much love Gill x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Goodnight Maisies, hope you all sleep well.

Good luck to all those at the bar tomorrow and all those with appointments, my thoughts are with you


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Goodnight all you wonderful girls who keep me going, love & big hugs to all xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

ah gold63 missed your post!!!


Yes its me my dear will text you tomorrow as its getting late now

thanks Pen was only through reading your last post I realised had missed new maisie

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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hello Maisies,

A good day and now I’m shattered.


Gilly – short tempered?  Me too – just ask OH and children.  It is because we have so much going on with these systemic poisons we are taking.  At least it shows these chemo drugs are working as they are affecting our systems.  Also, short term symptoms – it will pass.  Just give family tin hats and tell them to duck!


Genevre – “Tax” is short for Taxotere, the commercial name for Docetaxel.  It’s one of the chemotherapy “Big Guns” and has more significant side effects than the FEC combination.  You will find that some members of the group have the same chemo regimes and others are quite different.  Each regime is fitted to the individual.


Julie -  I hope that your infection will improve and that you will be able to start chemo tomorrow.  However, a delay is better than risking neutropenia, even if it is frustrating.  Fingers crossed for you.


Gold63 Welcome – you are the 68th member of the August Maisies.  It sounds as if you have been having a tough time, but at last you have a date for chemo and everyone will tell you the same:  chemo is horrible BUT doable.  The first session is always the most nerve-wracking because you don’t know what to expect, but actually I found the oncology department full of lovely, considerate staff that made the whole thing easy and straight forward.  Cleaning kitchen floor is a very good displacement activity!


Emn – good to hear from you again.  The waiting is the worst.  If you are having a PICC line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) that can be done on the same day as chemo starts.  The fitting and x-ray takes about an hour.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for Thursday.


Chezzap – Good news that Lynsey is home.


Lucy – hold your bald head high.  You've earned it the hard way!


Right, in the absence of tables, this is the new list for this week.  (The tabulations are rubbish I’m afraid - still hoping for techies to come up with the goods).


Subject to positive blood results there are 16 of us up at the Bar this week

Tues 27th Julie66 (Chemo #1); Chrissie49 (Chemo#2)

Wed 28th JunieB (Chemo#1); Three Amigos #2(Tasha, Whiterose and me)

Thu 29th Pendragon (Weekly), Emn (Chemo#1), Three Degrees +2 #2(Annie, Bumpkin, Deb12, Breezy and Sakura1971)

Fri 30th Jo43 & Gold63 (Chemo#1), Bakeswhen stressed (Concurrent chemos)


Any omissions, errors or amendments to me please.

Up at 0600 hrs tomorrow as I have appointment first things with oncologist, so early night.


Good night Maisies – sleep well.


Penn x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

ha ha lol  anyway Barb you are still an honorary August gal.  I will certainly be popping into the stars to see how you are all getting on.  From what Ive read off other threads I think theres points when as a group you feel quite down and deflated especially at the half way stage or when you change to tax etc.  Think knowing what to expect is half the battle.  I follow June jewels posts too in fact am meeting 2 jewels tomorrow for tea in the pub.  Its such a support to meet people little bit further on when you see how well they are doing it gives you hope.


Anyways my nighttime hot choccy and book are calling

peaceful sleep to all

catch you tomorrow xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Anyway I'm not poaching......I'm sharing!!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

You're just boasting now Sam hehe as for the "what else can you sit on with one leg each side.......bucking bull??
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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Good look to the maisies up tomorrow julie66 and chrissie49 sending big hugs girls.


Have a lovely time tomorrow sam. Chezza I wish I had lost a stone in two days lol! Me thinks it is still lurking in there somewhere oh the joys.


Glad you are ok now penn and they got you sorted and welcome back lyndsey get plenty of rest hun debs x x x 

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

ha must be just my silly phone.  It gives me `nausea` everytime I put maisies

Lucy pardon the pun but hats off to you for doing that.  I hate the looks i get with a scarf on let alone what reaction would get if I dared to bare.  Was so uncomfortably hot today though even with just a sunhat.  You would think people would be less rude but sadly no.  TBH dont even know if its rudeness or just curiosity.  Think I would just prefer someone to ask me maybe  I dont know

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

I get missiles!!!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hello Maisies


Welcome to the new ladies.  Good luck to those being dunked tomorrow.  Hope all goes smoothly and minimal side effects.


Well I sat here waiting for the district nurse (picc line flush) until 3.45 pm, then decided to phone up.  Good job I did, because they had forgotten to put me on the visit list for today!  Hope I do not have this problem every Monday, and they get their act together.  


I was very brave earlier, and walked up to my brother's house for tea without any headwear.  Got a few strange stares, but I stared back at them.  This evening on my way back home, I had a girl aged about 18, give me a really weird look Smiley Surprised..........so as I was walking past her,  I said to her, yes I have very little hair, have you never seen a bald headed person before......and I carried on walking.  She really annoyed me, because she looked at me as though I was an alien from outer space.   No one gives a bald headed man a second glance....should be the same for women.  Guess eventually I will get used to all the weird looks Smiley Frustrated


Hope you all manage to get a good nights sleep x



Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

aw no way i get NAUSEA every time ha ha

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Chezza I got daisies xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

A horse!! The best thing to get your leg over and ride...lol xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Sam I think if I answered that I might get kicked off the forum!!!!


something just amused me as I was texting Lynsey letting her know the maisies are thinking of her.


Type maisies into predictive text and what word do you get??????    Try it  very appropriate for chemo me thinks



Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Barbs you make me laugh with your paoching- maybe Julie is sitting on the fence with one foot either side. What else could she sit on with her feet one on each side? Answers on a postcard girls!!!xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Of course it does Cheza- I'm up for two x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

ha ha Barbs stop poaching our maisies!!!

But you are right I find it great having dual membership to July and August although July really quiet thread


If anyone has joint membership does that mean we get to go to 2 reunions ha ha

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Julie66 you know you want to crossover to the stars!! Foot in each maybe??? Barbs xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hope all goes brilliantly Sam tomorrowx
Good luck all with chemo tomorrow or appts xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

hurrah Lynsey has just got home and stopped being sick

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

yes same here Sam have a great day tomorrow chick xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Sorry forgot to say Sam hope tomorrow goes well and you all have a lovely time xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi Maisies

Hope all is well with you. Penn glad you got picc sorted and those scones sound very very good!!

I have had a lovely day with the horses no nausea YEY! and haven't taken any tablets today! Then went to pub for tea so completely shattered now and off to bed!!! Back in work tomorrow for a week YUK!

Welcome to all the new ladies you will find great support here.

Julie hope you get your temp sorted I am sure you just want to get started now it is not nice when it gets put off and you have to build yourself up to it again I'm sure!!!

Emn may be worth a call to your onc's secretary tomorrow to chase up ???

Spikey glad you are home hope you feeling ok?

Jill xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Wow 4 pages to catch up with!!!


Hi to emn, bonski and Genevre so sorry we missed your post.  Wish there was a first unread option it was so much easier that way.


Pen glad to hear you have got the picc csorted

Bit of a panic with Spikey but thank goodness she is ok.

Not heard from Lynsey today yet and Ive been out all day will text her to see if she has been let out yet

Deb good to hear you in less pain.  Now thats a good diet lose a stone in two days!!! lol

Good luck to ladies at the bar tomorrow - sorry I cant remember from top of my head who it is?

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Emn – are you very new to Maisies like me?  I’m not sure that if by central line you mean Picc line.  If you do, I had mine inserted immediately before treatment 1 – it was no problem at all. Whatever happens I hope you do start when planned – it’s horrible waiting. Sorry you’re going through so many horrible things – you’ll get the support you need.  I’ve just had 2 replies and they’ve made me feel so much better already xx