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anyone starting chemo in August?

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Goodnight amazing Maisie's, big hugs to each & every one of you xxxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hello Maisies - another late evening post. I'm absolutely exhausted -  this is my 'good' week, so I've had a lovely but really hectic few days, and I 've realised that although my SEs are minimal at the moment,  I'd really underestimated my energy levels.  Forgive me for not mentioning most Maisies by name, but you know I'm thinking of you all, especially Annie and the rest of you who are being dunked this week. Pendragon, know exactly what you're going through re smoking OH.  Will pm you tomorrow, not tonight bcause I'm falling asleep!


Very goonight to you all zzzz xxxx


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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Evening Maisies , well had a lovely day meeting christy although it was like we had known each other for years and have so much in comon , we chatted to breast nurse about how valuable this forum is to us and how all of you wonderful Maisies keep us all going 🙂 , so after a very hectic few days I'm in bed for an early night bloods and doctors tomorrow ready for chemo all being well Thursday , glad to hear everyone seems abit brighter and positive today , hope those who have been dunked are all ok , chez gets to come home asap to her little family . And good luck to all those at the bar tomorrow especially my friend tasha101 , let me know your ok Hun tomorrow if u can zxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Evening Maisie's, everyone's sounding a bit brighter. Rollercoaster you sound like a new woman xx keep going Hun it does get better.
Christymay may and dee glad you enjoyed I agree I think we will make some friends for life.
I had a txt of chezz about 6.30 she's going home yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, probably just going to chill out tonight and watch all soaps her OH has recorded. Welcome home chezz we've missed you. Enjoy your boys to you must have missed them so much.
Spent a fortune on nothing today got the what the hell attitude in shops at the mo.
Hope everyone has a good night , peaceful dreams Maisie's xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi christymay, Just read your post. Glad you and Dee had a good meet up and are such good friends, everybody needs good friends but especially when going through these experiences. Its good to have a one to one with someone who knows how you feel . Positive is good, I've got there myself today. I think next cycle will be better with the anti sick meds I have and no jabs, met a lady today who had chemo on Thursday and she was feeling good, up and out at the drop in session. Obviously still not looking forward to it exactly but feeling more positive about it now.
My appetite has picked up really today which is 3rd day post jabs so don't give up christy, just keep eating what you can, little and often and things will improve. Try and think of things you fancy and eat anything to get started. OH is just cooking pasta bol for dinner and I'm actually looking forward to it, hang in there. Its the jabs that kill your appetite which to me is totally counter productive.
Also gave Chezzap a call, shes still in hospital but hoping she may get out this evening if her temp stays down . Poor girl, she's really missing her boys, hope she gets home as she wants to watch a footy match too. Lots of love and hugs for you Chezz, xxx

Pendragon, sorry but your OH sounds like he's burying his head in the sand apart from anything else! Sorry to hear he's being such a pain in the proverbials, you can certainly do without that anytime, but especially now. Is there anything you know that really gets to him that you can do if you know what I mean. Fight fire with fire kind of thing. Hope things get better soon, hugs and thoughts xxx

Well my dears, its feeding time at the zoo so will go now wishing all well. Hugs and best wishes to all my maisies, with you all in spirit, xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi Maisie's, I met a new friend today who I know will be in my life for a long time...Dee. We met today for coffee at our local hospice & felt like we had known each other for years!

So nice to have somebody to relate to & feel so comfortable with talking about our ' life' & knowing they understand the way you feel!

I am feeling more positive today thank the lord, there is light at the end of this very long dark tunnel.

Just wish my appetite would pick up cuz I've lost so much weight it's scary

Sounds like lots of us are suffering with smells so know I'm not the only 1.

Any news on Chezza? xxx
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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

hi maisies, thanks for all the ideas re OH and his smoking, nothing is working I even went up to bed this afternoon and said very loudly now you can smoke in peach!! he says its his house and he's always smoked so tough he'll smoke in here, told him i'll talk to my oncologist he said you do that and if he says anything i'll tell him the same, so i think id best give up.  

Still very tired though had a better night sleep thank goodness, I hate these two days each week waiting to see if i can have chemo, daft really no one really wants it but none of us want to miss one out!

dont know whether people remember but my chemo nurse said bout referring me to counselling cos of this and other things that have happened over past few years well got appt this morning, go next tuesday before my onco appt, its just a meet up one to see if they can help but its with a specialist Mac/millan physcotherapist  i'll let you know how things go hopefully it'll be a worth while experience.

chezz hope you are coming home huni, i know i would hate being in hospital again, hugs and best wishes winging there way xx

all those up over next few days hope things are not too bad and se's minimal if at all possible. think i need the rec for vodka too, would be ready just in time for me lol.

taste buds bit better today, though tingley tongue atm, actually tasted salmon at lunch mmm, 

well good luck ladies tc xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Roller, I am glad I am not the only one with nose and smell problems. I have this nausea feeling at the top and back of my nose all the time, it is really weird. I hate loads of smells now, its really odd. Maybe it is the lack of hair that is causing it.

I have ballsed out the hair thing with everyone and walk around baldy. Once peeps get used to it, it kind of makes you accept it yourself somehow. Its the way people look at you the first time they see you bald. They dont know where to look. i am talking friends and family who are used to seeing you with hair. Its for them to deal with, not me, but it does feel horrible.

My hair is really curly anyway so I am hoping mine grows back straight this time, would be nice to have a change...lol


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 2 Day 9

Hi all, I am human and I am hungry! Just eating whatever I fancy right now, probably getting into all bad habits but its priorities. Thats my excuse anyway.

Gilly, thanks for your input on Ranitidine/omeprazole, will ask for that next time, it sounds a better pill. Is there such a thing as a better pill really? I'm only on FEC aswell, I just think my onc over reacted coz my neuts were low on the first blood test, but he wouldnt wait for the results of the second one, he just said I would have to postpone. It was the nurse who came back smiling and said i coukd go ahead as the neuts were fine . I'm really getting to dislike him.
I know what you mean about the hair thing, there is no reason at all to feel embarrassed so why do we? I think your hair is part of your identity and losing it makes you feel somehow not you and as much as the family assure you that its all ok and makes no difference and it will grow back soon, it makes you feel self conscious. Even if people are taking no notice of it you still feel as if they are, its our perception and thats hard to change. In a way its easier being colder coz we have a legitimatecreason for wearing hats etc and the wig is not too hot.

On a positive note, when I went for reflexology this morning, which was delicious btw, i met a lady who is 6 months down the line from finishing chemo and she has a full head of hair, its like a short cut but lovely hair, a good even covering and curly which she wasnt before, but hey I could live with that as long as i have hair personally.

As regards the sense of smell, I assume that having no nasal hair makes that worse since smells seem to hit the top of my nose in record time now. Daughter peeled a clementine for me the other day to try and tempt me but before she had got half the peel off the smell nauseated me, ususally I love them, its very odd. Makes us seem very unpredictable and hard to cater for I'm sure.

Lols, I feel the same re OH seeing me bald. Unfortunately we have a mirror wardrobe door right at the end of the bed so the first thing I see in the morning is my head in a sleep cap, great. I think I m adjusting to it slowly but its hard going. One thing that does get me is he keeps picking up my hats and even the wiggy and putting it on his head and posing, it just makes it feel worse somehow, maybe stupid but thats how I feel. Apart from that he's been brill so shouldn't complain really.

Really feeling sorry for Chezzap, just when you think this is as bad as things can get it gets worse. Can't begin to imagine how she feels not seeing the boys all this time. Really hope she can break out soon, enough is enough. Sure she needs big hugs and lots of tlc, hope she gets it soon. Meanwhile cyber hugs x a million.

Enjoying eating again, 3 pounds lost will soon return at this rate!

Hope all are having a good day and all ses are making a hasty retreat. Talk later maisies, hugs to all xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Blackberry voda sounds divine-  Ju you are right I will be Pming coco. x


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's, gilly your sounding a bit better. To be honest my OH doesn't get to see me bald crazy I know seeing as he shaved it off!! But just can't do it, only I see me bald!! Still shocked me. My little sleep hats are getting to big is my bloody head shrinking now? So I'm sliding down bed due to smooth skin and my hats down to my chin I must look like a lollipop!!!
Heard of chezz last night still in NHS hotel, hadn't realised she hant seen her boys since being admitted, bless her that must be hard. Anyway she might have more news today if she can start taking oral abs and temp ok you never know might be good news, hope so
Personally girls don't think you can beat omeprazole we give it iv in work for gastric bleeds actually stops body producing the acid instead of just neutralising it as some meds do.
I'm appt free today , Annie I'm off to send your stuff soonxx. Going to Swansea this lunchtime I'm dreading meeting people I know as now obvious I'm in treatment with hat on can't do that damn wig it feels strange. Can feel a spend coming on as going to cottage for a week on Saturday and of course I need new clothes , yeaaaaah!!!
Cardiff tomorrow for evening meal with my 2 sons. Think wig will have to go on ys looks worried with hat situation can only think it brings it all home to him but he doesn't say!!!!
Went to lymphodema clinic yesterday, actually got some good news, currently no lymphodema got scar management advice which was brill as scar very tight, already feels a bit better and also manual lymph drainage advice, Maisie's if you havnt had that try and get some especially full ANC girls as its for life and really makes sense.
One question , I asked any particular oil good for scar massage ( no oils for lymph massage drainage ever!!), they said baby oil or bio oil but don't go out and buy bio oil especially, any one tried this has it any particular benefits?
Well I'm not sure if any Maisie's propping up the bar today cos that list of penny's doesn't work here, where's pen havnt seen her posts for ages? But if anyone is good luck. Hope all Maisie's se 's are reducing, mine are! Such a relief.
Christymay may and breezy enjoy your meet up I'd love to meet some of you at some time before butlins.
I've had a lovely recipie of meg ( coco) for blackberry vodka so I'm making that this week but it has to be left for 6 weeks before touching, meg your a bad influence on me!!!! Bet Sam pm's you for recipie , sorry Sam but I know you from the early days , haha !!!!
I'm off to Swansea at lunch time so that means bumping into people I know arrrrgh I hate it they look at me differently don't want sympathy and il have a hat on to so can't hide away!!!
Right off out with dog now at least in this weather having head covered looks normal.
Good day Maisie's, by the angie open the door, point and say out please, men!!! Good luck Hun xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Good morning ladies, it seems everyone is slowly on the up again.

Roller, so glad they are stopping the jabs, just eat the good stuff to get the bloods back up. I chose to have FEC chemo so I didnt have to have the jabs. Ask your GP or unit for Omeorazole, it is great to stop heartburn and indigestion. I used to use ranitidine until they gave me those, there is no comparison.

Sam, I understand about the embarassed feeling with OH and friends and family. Why on earth do we feel embarassed? Its a crazy emotion, we have nothing to be embarassed about. Maybe its becasue we feel naked somehow without our hair, I dont know.

Angie, kick his butt into touch and tell him to smoke outside. I hate the smell now and I used to smoke quite heavily until 5 years ago.

Hope everyone has the best day they can, lots of love and hugs to those still suffering


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's hope you are all doing ok today. Hope Chezza you are home now and feeling better, you have had such a rough ride. Glad to hear your jaw is better Gilly. Hope you all have a good and peaceful day. Take Care one and all Meg xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 2 Day 8

Hi all. Had a good day, out of bed all day! Still haven't done much and still have chronic indigestion but eating little and often so should feel even better tomorrow I hope. I had a call from chemo unit asking me how things were so told all and nurse agreed not to use the jabs anymore, hurrah! Have arranged to have my blood test on the monday morning before treatment instead of on Friday before so neuts have more time to come up, in theory anyway, we'll see how it goes. Tbh, if it means I have to wait an extra week so be it, it beats those horrible ses from the jabs. Just have to use the old ranitidine for the heartburn/indigestion for a bit. Going for complimentary therapy in the morning, should be fun.

Hope everyone else is surviving and improving daily. Glad to see most ses are subsiding,

Spikeyred, hope things went as well as can today and you're not suffering too much tonight.

Chezzap, still wishing you well and hoping maybe you've made it home. You must be a good hotel guest, they don't want you to leave. Maybe you have to start being objectionable or something. I'll send my mother to give you lessons if you like! She can turn cream sour with a glance!

Christymay, you going on blind dates and with no hair! Brave girl, enjoy yourselves.

Well lovelies, I'm going to head back to the bedroom and hope my stomach lets me sleep better tonight. Goodnight to all, hugs and love to all, thanks for being there for me, will post asap tomorrow during my hectic social life. Xxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Evening ladies,

I ahve had another busy day, cooking to stock up my freezera dn a trip to IKEA to  get bedroom furniture for my son and of course their lovely ematballs for lunch. Was cross when i got back though as  the bedside cabinet is damaged so have to go back.

Rollercoaster we have three boys 22, 21 and 19 and a girl 14. they were very responsive and I think I have alreday seen evidence of change- clenaing up after themselves. Whether it last is another thing. OH works away at the moment so they need to help- don't tell anyone but I may really lay it on if I am not to bad just to make sure they do what they should be doing anyway!!Geneve, I am going to start walking daily from tomorrow- I quiet enjoy walking but there always seems to be something else to do but I can not go back to work twice teh size I was when I left- they will think there is a new teacher.

Pendragon, counting to 10 will be your mantra for the next two weeks by the sound of it with OH. I know you have already had a battle with him regarding the smoking obviously  it hasn't sunk him with him. Hope you are soon feeling a lot better and your energy returns. Are you sure you haven't given it to that lady of yours who is 107! Amazing.

How great Christymay and Dee that you  are meeting. I met with  Pendragon and Deb a few weeks ago and it was lovely. x

Ju- I have images now of you with velcrow stuck to teh back of your head. I know you really struggled with your hair loss and at the time I told you I wasn't worried about losing mine but now my time is  coming I am dreading it. I just  don't want Oh and kids to see me bald I feel embarrased. Now I know how you were feeling. 

Spikeyred, good to hear you had  agreat weekend  at you rparents Golden Wedding, my parents celebrate theirs next year. It is such an achievement these days.

Annie glad you are feeling human again.


Sam xxx



Re: anyone starting chemo in August?


FEC2 day 14

So glad you’re feeling better, Rollercoaster, the first week or so is definitely the worst. I’m just into final week of cycle and feel pretty good – so I have a packed social life this week before shut-down next week!

Spikeyred, sounds as if you’ve had a busy but lovely weekend. I’m glad you’re feeling stronger now  and it’s good to know there’s a world outside cancer, just waiting for us all

Glad about the sleep Christy,and glad you’ve had such a good day. Make the most of it while you can! Take care.

Lols I’ve still got eyelashes and eyebrows, too, though they’re thinner – here’s hoping.  I haven’t lost all my hair either, but as with first treatment day 15, more starting to come out. I like your mantra. I was reading a mag in hospital waiting room and read Dawn French on what her mum use to say: ‘The only way out is through’ – so there’s a reason for what we’re going through (it’s giving us a future) and also as we go through it we’re  getting nearer to the way out, and a world after cancer Bring it on!

Annie, glad you’re feeling better – have a great few days and good luck with no 3; you’re bound to feel scared .Will be thinking of you  - my turn next Tues!    Spent lovely day with my friend in Plymouth but was terrified   as we walked along the seafront, wild and windy and hanging onto my wig for dear life!

Pendragon you poor thing, its’ awful feeling so ill and wiped out. Hope you have a better few days soon. My OH is a smoker too but he’s only allowed to smoke outside. Can you make him see the connection between his cancer-inducing behaviour and the fact that you have done nothing to deserve your cancer?  I found that subtle guilt trips work wonders – get support from your family and friends, sometimes you can’t fight habitual smokers on your own. I do understand what it’s like for you

GIlly, glad you’ve found something to help, thinking of you as you go through all this horrible stuff

Breezey, let’s hope all the new meds help you this time

Thinking of all Maisies.  Good night and take care xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?


Had a better day today, thank the lord, & been out, only to my sisters but wat a diff that makes than looking at the same 4 walls!
Last injection too so another celebration!

having Hickman fitted on 10th oct means chemo will be delayed by 10 days, has anybody been delayed? I am concerned?

Sounds like a few of us Maisie's have turned that corner again til nxt time!

I am so excited too about meeting Dee tomorrow, it feels like a blind date! Ha ha
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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi Lovlies hope your all doing ok, i have been to onc today aPt was at 3.30 I thought it was at 4.30 Pm chEmo brain lol luckily they saw me : have put me on antibiotics as gOt a sore throat , have upped my steroids and antisickness yet again sO hopefully my nausea will be sorted third time lucky, have been precriscribd movicol for constipation too so fingers crossed my bloods are up for Thursday , hope ur all ok out there and hugs to everyone , am looking forward to meeting christy tomorrow 🙂 x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Jaw and face seem back to normal today thank goodness, just pain in the veins in my chemo arm, but am trying to find out about some oils to massage in to help them.

Ju, I love your chant for the day, we all need them to get us through the tough days, it is a very hard journey both physically and emotionally.

Hope we all have the best day that we can


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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

morning maisies, hope things arent too bad for thos suffering the blessed se's, been up all night weeing, think ive managed bout 2 hours in all, then OH woke me up to see if i was ok lol. bone aches today god im sick of feeling bad, just want one day i can get up and be full of energy! 

hope chezz is on the mend poor thing thinking bout you huni xx

good luck to all those up today, hope things go well for you all.

/OH is off the next two weeks but is already driving me mad smoking like a chimney in front of me,  blooming men lol


one of the ladies i looked after is 107 today bless her , she went out yesterday too, xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi everyone,  feeling human again after a rough day on Saturday, but only three days until next dose!


Am seriously wondering whether I'll be able to manage yet another FEC and then the three TAX sessions, the bone ache and tiredness are so draining.


Anyway, glad to hear some of you are feeling much better and hope those who are still down recover quickly.  It really is a day to day thing, isn't it?


Lovely post Ju, just the inspiration I need!   Will PM you about the Gelclair as I need to get prepared for next time and don't think my Unit is going to be very helpful.  If it works I can try my GP.


I'm glad I didn't invest in too many hats, I wouldn't dare go out in one in this wind - think of the embarrassment if you lost it in the street....Smiley Very Happy


Annie x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's, spiky red fab a bc free weekend go girl !!!! Good luck for 2 nd chemo xx
Rollercoaster glad your feeling brighter nice to be able to get up and get on with the day , physically and mentally.
Gilly how's your jaw any improvement ?
I'm tac2 day 8 and apart from sore mouth and a bit of running to the loo feel not to bad. Just realised I've no body hair, my back is so smooth ( I wasn't a hairy Mary before)!! But we must have hair we never take notice off and I'm sliding down the bed now il have to Velcro myself to pillow it's getting annoying. On a positive note skin feels brill some people would pay a fortune for this type of epllation. Still got eyelashes and eyebrows, any small possibility il get to keep them?
Lovely day here so I'm walking dog in minute aiming for over an hour so must be better couldn't aim for 10 mins last week, that's the wierd thing with chemo it's completely knocks you off your feet and then when your well its seems to be just as fast, well that's my experience.
Got lymphodema clinic this afternoon think its all measuring and scar checking and weighing yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope all se's are improving girls and you have good days . Meg good luck at GPS and with bloods today. Sam enjoy your chemo free time Hun whilst you can .
Annie how are you??
The calendar my friend sent yesterday is called always believe in your dreams. I can now read bits without crying.
One bits called you can do it--
Little part of it says When life looks like a mountain that is impossible to climb, just remember how incredible you are.
Last verse -- you are so much bigger than you think you are. Your buoyant spirit will AlWAYS win. Whatever it takes you can do it.
Just remember that Maisie's it's my chant for the day, have a good one all of you xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 2, DAY 8,

At last roller you are feeling a bit more alive, I've been thinking about doing the same with those awful injections cuz they really knock me for 6, last 1 today so not sure wat to do???

I did get a better nights sleep last night & gona make an effort & get dressed today, even if it's just for something to do, it's strange how we have so much time these days where as before there was never enough hrs!!

hope all goes as planned for everybody at the bat & apps go as well as can b expected!
Big hugs to all my amazing supportive friends who help me through this ordeal xxxxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisies. Sorry not been around for a few days. Had my parents golden wedding anniversary at the weekend and had loads of people to stay. Pleased to say had a wonderful weekend where cancer was able to be off the agenda for a while. Have been catching up on the posts and I'm really sorry to see that lots of you are having a really tough time at the moment. Hoping that this will be a better week for you all. Chezza hope they let you home soon. Gill I'm also up for chemo today fec 2 for me. Hope yours goes ok. Hugs to all xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hey people! FEC 2 Day 8

Finally I feel nearly human! We decided last night to skip the jab and see what happened, now I know its them causing the problem. More discussion will follow! If thats what they do I'm not in a hurry to repeat them. Just need to catch up on the eating now, sounds like fun.

I feel like I've totally lost the last few days, no idea what everyone is up to only that we all seem to have had a really bad cycle but we all seem to be turning the corner at one speed or another.

Hope everyone with appts or treatments today go well. Hope all the ses are minimal for everybody. Hope those who have given kids lectures get the desired results! Hope those with nice days or days away planned get them and really enjoy them. Hope those in hospital nhs soon break free.

Thanks very much to Ju for your pm's and advice , you helped a lot and I feel soooo much better today. Hugs and lots of love to all amazing maisies, xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?


FEC2, day 13

Hello  Maisies, I continue lucky, holed in by appalling weather in Devon, but happily reading and eating cake.  I’m so sorry for all of you who are feeling so rough. You’re right Deb we’re all in it together, the support is wonderful. The way I get round trying mention people individually is to open a word document on top of the forum site, then minimise it in order to keep looking at the site. Then I copy, paste and post.  Probably there are far more sophisticated ways of doing it but I find it works really well, being a technology Luddite.....Thinking of you all and sending you lots of love.

Christy thanks for keeping in touch, it means a lot

Poor Gilly, you must have been feeling awful, hope it’s sorted soon, and enjoy your horses!

Lols, hope the improvement continues – I find jigsaw therapy great too. Lovely friends you have – and crying  is a release – you often feel better afterwards. It’s a good thing because I think we  all do a lot of it!

Rollercoaster, that’s happened to me too, before  I started using the word doc first. I was so so fed up so I sympathise

Poor Gilly, hang on in there,it will pass, but it's so tough

Samj – try walking a little bit each day, then build it up. Hope your energy can pick up by the last week of the cycle. I’m the same, not using up energy teaching and eating constantly!

You’re not a wimp at all Venice, we’re  all scared, my onc said it doesn't always get worse, although the tiredness usually builds up

Good night Maisies. Hugs to all.

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Sam you will be surprised it can bring out the best in them!!!! They find a caring supportive side makes them grow up quickly xx
Just heard of chezz I told her loads of maisies asking after her and she says thanks girls xx. She's being monitored on the ward and hopefully more news tomorrow.

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 2 Day 7

Sam, good for you and OH, it has to be done, they have to understand that things will be tough and you and OH will need their support and help. How old are they and are they boys or girls? Either way they can all do something to help and they need to know this affects the whole family. They will make you proud, mine has. Love and hugs xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Well me and the OH have just sat the kids down (all 4 of them) and explained what is going to happen when I start chemo. Went through a few SEs but said we don't know what I will be like until it happens. I have also said I will leave the info about SEs in the lounge so they can read it when they want to. Also had a chat about expectations of them ie. stop being lazy little gits and clean up after yourselves. High expectations set so if they get half way to them it shouldn't be too bad!!! 

gill sorry to hear you are feeling down. I know it's part of teh course but if you are anything like me it  suddenly hits me like train, I then want to curl up and hide and not speak to anyone. Just think  1 more  tomorrow is one less and nearer the winning post. xx

Ju your friend sounds fab, how thoughtful. How's teh jigsaw coming along, I finished mine a week or so ago and I can't bear to break it up- will nee dto though so I acn  get anotehr one on the go. Please don't cry on your jigsaw else the pieces will expand and then they  won't  fit. 😉

Christymay, sorry to hear you are having a tough time with round 2. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter day by day. xx


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

hi thanks lois ,rollercoaster ,and christymay for your replies always makes me feel better after posting on this forum .Thankyou all for your thoughts for me tomorrow and yes Lois i will be ok and strong thanks ,just a moment of weaknes .Love Gill x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Christymay just pm'd you hope it worked xx jux

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi ju, your right it def seems to take longer to recover after 2 nd dunking, it's awful isn't it! I seem to be struggling with the emotional side of this at the moment, thought I was coping ok, but how wrong was I! & I know wat you mean about the friends thing, a couple of mine have vanished off the face off the earth I think! I have tried to pm you but no joy ju, hope your getting lots of loving from the OH, sending big hugs xxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi Venice/Gill my daughter is a dispenser in a pharmacy and says that a cough when on ramipril is a common se (not caused by chemo) and that you should go back to whoever prescribed it for you and tell them and they will change you onto a different blood pressure med which won't cause it. Hope that helps. Hugs to you xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi gill patients can have a cough on ramipril but perhaps you should still get it checked out. And yeah I think chemo weakens muscles that's one of se's on my list from onc!!!! The joys x
I know what you mean about 2 nd chemo I was like that I didnt feel it was worse but trouble is you know what's going to happen after it. I'm dreading number 3 but the sooner you face it the sooner it's over Hun, it's terrible I know but your not on your own (( hugs)).
Afternoon Sam hope your having a good chemo free weekend and have a good week. I'm off to cottage next Saturday going to have to take a lot of loo roll if I continue as I am today!!!!! Soon as I eat I'm in the loo! Think of the weight loss, but unfortunately I havnt noticed any.
I'm feeling a bit brighter TAC 2 day 7 but it does take longer 2 nd time to feel yourself but if your prepared for that I suppose it's doable it's just being patient that's the trouble.
Poor chez hooe your not feeling to ill xx hurry up and get home.
I was crying this morn cos friend txtd something outside your front door went to see and it was presents from her that she left on way to work, candles, wine , pottery heart, and the nicest calendar I've ever seen, it's got some amazing quotes in that are full of hope and love il post one when I can read it without crying, you really learn who your friends are though this, that's the amazing part. On the other hand I feel some that I thought would be there I havnt seen for dust, but perhaps it scares them!!
Hope everyone's se's are improving and your all ok I'm tearful today so I'm glad of all your support.
Gill u will be ok il be thinking of you xx head up and do it your a woman after all!!!! Stronger sex I'm sure of it.
Anyway off now to try and cheer up abit , jigsaws going great btw, just need to remove OH from table!!!!! Xx ju

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

hello ladies really quite worried about next chemo tomorrow. Have been reading that number 2 can be worse re SE  but just got to get on with it. . Not having the cold cap so thats a bonus am feeling really down today.So sorry to hear chezza in hospital hope she is out soon. Has anyone had any problems with a cough on rampril  the nurse wanted to send me for a chest xray and also had a really horrendous pain in my side but did try to move a cabinet on my own do you think the chemo weakens your muscle power So sory to be such a wimp today .Wishing you all well love Gill

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Afternoon Maisies,


Gilly that sounds painful. Ju's idea of  one of those wheat cushions could possibly help.

2 hour walks- blimey- I nee dto start walking to shiftsome weight. As I haven't been at work since June so haven't been running around afte rmy little charges i have put on weight.

christymay hope those SEs soon do one!

I texted Chezza yetserday, must be so hard being stuck in hospital with having a young family.


Rollercoaster hope your energy soon returns. 


Hope all you other Maisies are ok.  xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Just to let you know Maeso/ George is fine and posting on the stars sept Facebook group xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Had text from chezza, she's still in hotel nhs, but in contact at least. What on earth is a two hour walk? I'm still struggling with a two minute talk! Well done to all those that can do it. Still laying in bed myself, feels so lazy but no choice yet ! Love to all xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's,

FEC 2, DAY 6

Had a really awful last couple of days, emotional wreck, no energy, no appetite, sore mouth.

Woke up this morning feel a bit more with it so let's hope this wk will be a better one!
Did manage a 2 hr walk with my friend up the woods which was nice yesterday.
Think it's a day in front of the tv with the OH & dog today & try again tomorrow!

Poor Gilly, there's me moaning & sounds like you really are suffering! Hope things improve for you soon, sending big hugs to you,

Any news on Chezza?

Oops I got it wrong I'm day 7 not 6, same as roller. Damn chemo brain!!

Only 2 more dreaded injections xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Ju, the gold standard down here is TAC too but they call it AC-T, same drugs but you have 4 AC then 4 T. My onc wanted me to have it every 2 weeks but I declined as the regime is too tough on the body for me personally, I think I would have not completed it so was better for me to do a lesser regime and get through it. 

Have  eaten this morning and so far so good. Still very sore and sticking to bland food today to see how it goes. Still swollen and painful though. I have also got some vein cording in upper arm so that will get some heat treatment today along with my face...grrr.

Hope you all have the best day that you can girls xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 2 Day 7

RAH! Just took me an hour to sort out my post to everybody. Finally got it done and then got a failed authentication message so it all disappeared again!

I still don't have the energy to do all that again, sorry girls, must try harder as they say at school!

Thanks for all the posts/ messages of support, they are much appreciated and are helping me to keep going. Hope everyone is beginning to feel a bit better now and managing their ses.

Gilly, you seem to get all the unusual things, what a pain. Hope that sorts itself out for you.

Has anyone heard fromMaseo/Georgina? Just concerned I haven't seen any posts from her in a while. If you're reading this Maseo, we hope you're managing ok and not suffering too much, take care xxx

Hope Chezzap is on the mend now, beginning to feel a bit better and home soon xxx

Hope the poleaxing is on the decline for all now, will try and post again later on. Hang in there girls, love and hugs to all the amazing maisies xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Thanks Taylor that's so kind, glad your nearly there and hope your ok. So far I seem to be similar to all the girls on fec none of its nice bit good to know we aren't alone. Good luck with your last one the end is in sight!!! Woo hoo must be nice feeling. I agree couldn't do this without support of Maisie's I've already wanted to give up but cos of these girls I keep going xx ju x. And thanks for pm's before I started TAC really helped get me into the chemo unit as I was dreading it xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi Lols just popping in from the June Jewels to say that I am glad that you are feeling a bit better now, have been thinking about you. I have just one more TAC to go now on 26/09, thank goodness!  You and the other Maisies will get there, take care everyone and keep supporting each other. I really don't know how I would have coped without the support of the wonderful ladies on this forum. Xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's, aw gilly painful heats a very good idea, take it easy xx
Chez hope you escape soon Hun.
Genevre I wondered about TAC to and had a bit of panic when onc said TAC as all I read about was fec/ t. He said as I'm fit and healthy ( omg not at mo), it's the gold standard but just a bit harder on heart. Basically it's like ec I think as same chemo but with the tax bit everytime so I'm not dreading when it changes to t as it doesn't. I thought he wasn't telling me something but it appears the chemo of choice in Swansea, everyone my age and under gets it prescribed even if no lymph node involvement , the chemo nurse said he goes for gold and if you don't cope he can change it. To be honest I don't think my se's are any different than the rest of us so I wouldn't dread the t bit girls it's just the same crap !!!! But he did say there's no way I won't lose my hair, he got that one right!!!!!!
I'm feeling bit brighter today and hope the rest of you are improving, my mind is already dreading dose 3 and then I think half way there just do it!!!!
Gilly have you got a wheat cushion thing you put in microwave ? I get trigeminal neuralgia ( hence didnt try cold cap) and was life saver with pain worth a try Hun and easy to walk around with you look a bit of a div but hey ho what the hell.
Dull in Swansea today crap weather forecast so walk, housework and jigsaw , have a good one Maisie's xx ju

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC #2 Day6

Well I ended up with a trip to hospital last night to find out I have suspected saliva stone/s. This is caused by the  anti sickness that reduce saliva production and the dried up saliva in the gland becomes granulosed and forms a stone. Once off anti sickness and normal production is resumed, the gland is blocked so when I try to eat I am in pain and a huge lump appears on the outside of my face at the back of my jaw/under ear. Got to try heat and massage on it today and eat only bland soft food to try and keep it calm. Worst ways they have to remove the stone or saliva gland with surgery. Ffs, why couldnt I just get ulcers and not something weird.

Apart from that I had a great sleep last night and am going to see my horses for the first time this week, so that will make me smile (if I can) lol.

Hope everyone else is doing alright today, have a good day girls


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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Evening maisies, just a quick message I am away for a few days now and internet is hit and miss. Poor Chezza being stuck in hospital I hope they get her sorted and she gets home soon.  Sorry that quite a few of the maisies are having bad se's and struggling,  I hope they pass quickly for you girls. Emotions do seem to be very raw whilst going through this and tears never seem far from spilling out over the slightest thing. The one thing for sure ladies is that we are all in this together and hopefully we can give each other a shoulder to cry on when needed. Take care everyone, sorry I have not mentioned you individually but I can't scroll back when writing a message but send my best and hugs to you all, sleep well love debs xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?



FEC 2, day 12


Hello Maisies, I’m so very lucky because today I seem to have left the worst of the SEs behind (hope it’s not famous last words!) and had a lovely afternoon out in the Devon sun walking in National Trust gardens and parkland with my daughter, then yummy tea.  First outing I’ve really enjoyed since last treatment day.  I hope some of you are having a good day, and lots of love and sympathy to all of you who are going through bad times.  I wonder if other people have found treatment 2 much worse than treatment 1?   Please don’t let it get steadily worse! But I’m very lucky because I haven’t got to have dreaded tax, so am counting my blessings.

Poor Rollercoaster and Christymay, I do hope you feel better soon.  It must be so wretched trying make yourself eat and feeling exhausted. Christy, I’m sure your friends love to see you and completely understand why you aren’t on form. So sorry about horrible nightmares, may you blessed with some good sleep soon

Gilly R, hope you’re not feeling so bad this time. Thanks for update on poor Chezza. Let her know we’re all thinking of her

Annie and Jacquie, best of luck with tax etc – this will be even more difficult for you. You’re right Annie, best to see this as one horrible year with a good end in sight

Lols, sorry to be ignorant, but what is TAC? So sorry it’s making you feel wrecked. Thanks for lovely message , really good of you to mention everyone. Why can’t I stop eating despite ulcers etc, when some people can’t face food? I’m just the same as you with food, Lols and Breezey.  With my wig and a bit of weight gain I look suspiciously healthy.

 Rollercoaster, glad you’ve had some good sleep, you deserve it

Best of luck for chemo, Samj; have a wicked weekend

Pendragon, my fingers are peeling too!

Hi Coco, how are you feeling – what stage are you at?

Love and hugs to you all. Good night, Maisies xx


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning maisies, sorry I have been AWOL but thanks for the concern. Echo was good I think. Yesterday I had a manic day, dentist for a filling, shopping, cleaning hanging pictures and then pre chemo assessment. Well I am having a picc line on the 25th then start chemo on the 27th. I could have started next Friday but there are two reasons I chose not to. First, the nurse who does the picc line isn't there next week so I would have had to have had one session via cannula then go back for a picc line at a later date. Also, remember I wanted to go to Greece for some friends wedding last week, well it is there wedding reception a week today and we also have tickets to see Madness next Sunday so I thought I would have one really good weekend before it starts. Hope SEs are minimal. I won't be on much ove rteh weekend as OH is back from working away  all week. Have a good weekend where possible. xxxx

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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Fec2 day 17, morning all we are being very lazy today and have ordered cook breakfasts to be delivered , it's a new delivery service in my town and it's fab lol. Hope chezz gets out today and everyone else is doing ok? I'm having.a chilled out morning and hopefully off for a meal in Birmingham with friends later , all i do is eat lol. Annie my gp is crap and doesn't have a clue so I phone for a phone appointment sYing I can't visit surgery due to infection tell her what I need ie gelclAir difflam and she just prescribes it without .question cxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi all, texted Chezzap this am, shes still in hospital, don't think she has much energy like the rest of us but hanging in there xxx