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anyone starting chemo in August?

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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

chezzap a star in the making, granada was my local tv station when i grew up, well done !!


hope people are not suffering too much today, my hair is still hanging on or am i just imagining there is more that i think there, just cannot take that last step to shave it off, wish i was as brave as the rest of you!!


just had mushrooms on toast for lunch and am having liver for tea hope my bloods are ok for tomorrow after lst weeks nearly no go !!

does anyone get swollen ankles? mine look like im pregnant, is this to do with the steroids theyre not sore just balloon up by the end of the day, dog chewed a hole in my poufee last night little white balls all over the place lol x


hope thos suffering feel better soon, hugs to all xx



Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisies

Sorry to hear the Dixie chicks are feeling like poo.  That is why I refuse to take steroids cos they make me feel dreadful. 

Christy hope you feeling better today you have had a rough few days


Thanks Gill for advice that cherry cordial sounds lush!  Might have to get some of that


Ive got some news!  My onc just called me and weants me to appear on Granada reports ( regional news after news at 6)  They want to film someone recently diagnosed going through treatment and maybe film me having chemo etc.  Dont know if anyhting will come of it but hey should be good.  If I do get on I will big up the maisies!!!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

TAC 4 day 3,
Morning Maisie's feeling like rollercoaster, Christymay , Sam , arrrgh!!! Poor sleep damn steroids!! But never slept well,before all this but that was due to work I think!!
Meg have a good day off don't rush around too much Hun x
Chezz how are you? Hope this weekly thing is less harsh se's for you as I know it's not been easy for you.
Well luv to all sorry feel bit spaced out to post loads will catch up, hang on in there Maisie's, ((((( hugs)))))).

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning girls,

I am feeling like you Roller coaster, up at 4, tired and nauseous. Sorry to hear you have been feeling rough Christymay.

The I have opened the petition to sign.


I'm not working during chemo as I am a tecaher to KS1- far too may bugs around children of that age.

Hope all you ladies feeling it are soon better.


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's.

Not been on for a few days as not been sleeping so shattered all day, gona have to take a sleeping tablet tonight. Really can't understand it cuz never had this problem for so long? Hope everybody is coping ok with side effects on this tiring journey. Going to get some fresh air today maybe that will help, well fingers crossed.

Sending big hugs to you all xxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 4 Day 3

Hi girls, just a quick pop in to let you know I'm ok ish. Very tired but not sleeping thanks to steroids. Bit nauseous but managing ok. Started the dreaded jabs last night, did it in the thigh as opposed to my belly, seems better somehow, didn't get the distended belly feeling, bit of bone ache last night but doable, we'll see how it goes. Good to see you too Susie, hope you get on ok tomorrow, will be thinking of you. Will post more when up to it, love and hugs to all, xxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Found this in another thread. It has 520 signatures, but think we can do better than that!

Free dental checkups and sight tests for cancer patients

Responsible department: Department of Health
All cancer patients should receive free dental check-ups and free sight tests for five years, i.e. during all treatment, as per the prescription exemption certificate received. Especially as chemotherapy is known to cause dental problems, and tamoxifen is known to cause sight problems.

Copy and paste the link below into your address bar:

Pass it on!!!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hello to you girls still on Chemo.  Just visiting your thread. 


Hang on in there you are doing great Girls.


In answer to Gizmos-mum.  I was able to work right through Chemo.  My chemo day was Thursday so i had the day off (i dont work Friday) then i used to work from home on the Monday so was lucky i got 5 days off after each session but also i had my Chemo before any surgery so i think that made a big difference to my energy levels. I did accept any offers of tea out / help with any chores to make life easier and took it very easy in the evenings.  Like some of you girls i had all the se's / headaches and was unable to sleep.  i had a vociferous appetite throughout (i could have eaten a horse between two slices of bread). 


Just a couple of things i found helpful -----  Black Cherry Cordial (Holland & Barrett) made with boiled water to help induce sleep also used to play a Relax and Sleep app on my fone (downloadable for free) really helpful. i also used to use a natural Migrastick product on my temples which took the edge of the perpetual headache (again Holland & Barrett) but i think there are a number of similar products out there.


Take Care of yourselves Girls.   Gilly x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

just wondering How many of you are still working full/part time through chemo?

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Sam, hope the sickness soon goes, yes, I am a Northants girl, live in Desborough near Kettering, are you?
Genevre, a break away sounds a great idea, I hope to go away for a few days after all treatment finished with.
Chezzap, glad your Portacath seems better, I have one and am hoping I don't have the same problems as you. So far, touch wood, mine has been really good and so much easier, as trying to get blood was a nightmare!
Rollercoaster, good to see you today, hopefully we may sit down for a proper chat soon. Hope you carry on feeling ok and your injections go well!
Hope all Maisie's have a good few days and all Take Care.
Speak soon.

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Well chemo number 2 under my belt. Felt more nauseous this time and was actually sick last night. was up at 5.30 bonus after last time which was 3.30. Had to take extra anti sickness tablet before lunch, then went for  a walk to get some fresh air. now camped on the sofa.

Well done to Ju and Roller on there dunkings and chezza on her first herceptin.

Geneve I hope you feel better for your pamper session tomorrow.

Susie are you a Northants girl too?

Angie- good idea about Brighton but staying on your own and not with family, hopefully the best of both worlds then.

Thanks for all the good wishes girls. xxx




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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

geneve hope you have a wonderful week, im thinking of a night away once chemo is over maybe go to brighton and see steves grandchildren, but book into a b and b so we have some time together. im working really hard at making this work atm and i think now i've stopped talking bout marriage steve is too, hopefully things will work out, thanks to all for your help.

paklitaxol makes me very tired and after 8 weeks im finding it hard to not only get up but to actually sleep, sounds daft i know but im tired then lay down and cant sleep, awake for hours. my counsellor told me this morning that it builds up over the weeks. i too felt sick when i had my first herceptin, and had an awful headache, lasted for days.

hope everyone is ok i know that some are suffering really badly fraid my head if fried this morning and can't remember all your names, always thinking of you all xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning all maisies!!!


Fran hope you feeling better and hope you hjave a really nice time at the cottage sounds like bliss


Sorry didnt get to post yesterday was a very long day as it was first herceptin and paclitaxel.


I had a bit of a reaction to the herceptin just felt bit nauseous and flushed so they stopped it and gave me some iv anti sickness then started it again.  They ahve to mionitor yu for six hours after though so didnt get out of there til gone six o clock.  So far so good but this is the  weekly stuff so smaller dose.  My neuts were only 2.9 so thats a bit worrying as they are usually about 5 and Ive goptta be dunked agian on Monday so hope they pick up a bit by then.  Good news is they managed to get blood from portacath first go so am hoping that means the blood clots are going.


Sam how did you get on????

Lols and Roller how you feeling today?


Good luck to anyone up today


Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 4, Day 8

Hello Maisies, writing again from sleepless bed.  Haven’t been on for a few days, feeling so awful though bit better now.  I’ve been reading all your posts and feel really out of touch- several of you are newly dunked and everyone seems tired but I’m thinking of you all whatever stage you’re at and hoping you’re struggling through.  Sorry I can’t mention you all by name, but can’t cope a with long message right now

Feel absolutely exhausted, sleep so badly at night – OH in spare room! – then fall asleep when everyone’s up in morning, have to drag myself out at midday.

Going to Pamper session tomorrow and hoping  for miracles, especially in the eyelash department ( got about 5 on each lid to work with!) Going away on Wed for a week to a farm cottage in Somerset. Hope for lots of rest and county air, fires in evening etc .even if weather is ghastly!  Doubt there’ll be internet but will keep in touch by text

Much love to all, together we’ll get there! xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Glad you are back ok, L Los and Rollercoaster hope you both have a good night. Hope Chezza and Sam are ok too hope you are both quiet because you are tired and not suffering too much. Good luck to anyone at the bar tomorrow and have a good evening and night Maisie's take care one and all xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 4 Day 1

Hiya Maisie's, no 4 done, neuts 5.4 today! Feel ok ish just tired, still hoping to make it to therapy tomorrow so far. Glad to see Lols is back ok if a long day, hope Chezzap and Sam get back ok too. Love and hugs to all xxx
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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

sounds like my chemo unit write one time on the pc and tell you another, glad your feeling ok, pjs sounds a good idea to me too and i've done nothing all day, get some rest xxxxx angie

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Afternoon TAC 4 day 1.
Just back , was told 9.45 and same written in book but on computer 2.30pm doooont think so so started about 11.30 . Got steroid induced crapness at mo.
Hope everyone ok and others at bar report in when home.
Putting pjs on and chillin so tired xx jux

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 4 today!

Hi to all maisies, thanks for all your good wishes and encouragement. More nervous about seeing onc than getting treatment, thats bad! Bonus is big bro is back from hols and coming down today, missed him. Had a good weekend though, eating for England as won't feel like it this week. Hope all other dunkees and appts do ok today and this week, will post asap but not due to dunk till about 3pm, love and hugs to all xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning all Maisie's, thanks susie for good luck wishes.
Half s hours sleep,last night 6 am till 6. 30 these steroids are terrible!! Got damn headache .
Meg il text you from the big chair when I'm there. Just posting to say good luck chezz, roller and Sam . Everyone have a good day weather vile here so losing a day in chemo unit doesn't seem so bad.
Right off for shower and paracetamol headache in progress got to,leave before 9. Catch up,later with all,of you xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning Maisie's,
Good luck to Chezzap, Lois, Rollercoaster and Sam today, hope it all goes well and just remember it is another one out of the way, my 4 th dunking is on Thursday, and then only two to go! Rollercoaster, hope to see you at ICT tomorrow, I am not booked in until 10.30 so we may miss one another again! My appointment with the Onc is not until late afternoon, so will not see you today, I have made a list of questions, so he is going to love me!
Up early today as I plan to keep busy until Thursday. Off to Milton Keynes for a bit of retail therapy and then out for lunch, but I will be thinking of you all!
Good luck and take care!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi all Maisies

Hope evryone all ok

Extra special wishes to Roller, Lols and Sam who are keeping me company at the bar tomorrow.  Wendy Ive got 12 weeks left of it as Im having weekly from tomorrow boo hoo so a chemo xmas and new year for me.


Christy hope you managed some well needed sleep!

Ang yes the wigs itch I just wear a hat all the time.  Plus point of having chemo in winter you dont stand out with a hat on!


had a good weekend.  Rafael got star of the week at school so was given Bertie bloody Bear to take home for weekend so of course have had to take photos of said bear in various locations.  Been to Sealife today with it and saw Jason from Corrie.  PWOARRR!!!


Hoping everyone who has dunking next week cope well and are nearing the end of it now.  If you dont have chemo take advantage of a hopefully decent week!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Afternoon Maisie's,
Hi meg I'm back from loooong walk trying to make most of today before chemo number 4 tomorrow. Hope your getting your relaxing day il catch up with you later xx
Hope all Maisie's coping, Annie hope you feeling more like you xx
Good luck, chezz, rollercoaster and samj all up at bar tomorrow keeping some virtual company with me .
I've all the steroids taken so not expecting a good night!!! Last time had an hours sleep!!
Sorry of I've missed anyone out for cocktails tomorrow I miss the list pennycrow used to do before forum changed.
Post when you returned girls just a quick check in.
All take care. Xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

morning Maisie's, I have been saddened to read how much you are all struggling at the moment! I am sorry I can't appreciate what you are all going through personally! but just want to say you are so near to the end now and will be able to look back on this in a few weeks time with the treatments finished. You are all truly remarkable women for persevering. I hope you all manage to have a peaceful day. Chezza it have PM you regarding the Martina Cole books and Lols hope you are ok today. All the very best to those of you at the bar again this week. Take care one and all xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

thanks rollercoaster and lois. i know its the right thing to do to keep going ...and in 10 weeks it will be done....and i'll  do it. It's the control freak in me.. hate not being able to control how i feel etc . Too much wo is me at the moment. Lol

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

TAC 3 day 20 I think!!!
Wt66 and rollercoaster think we have all had same thoughts with this chemo at some point, I have to keep reminding myself I'm doing this for me but for my children and family too, it's soooo hard at times. Mondays looming and I'm absolutely dreading it I can feel OH is too, I suppose it takes its toll on partners to, not just chemo but the whole bc diagnosis and living with it.
Had a lovely beach walk today and glass of wine tonight seeing as for next 2 weeks I will hate the thought of wine.
Wt66 I'm on t every time with 2 other chemo s it's called TAC I know t is very hard for some people and I feel pretty wiped out for approx first 11 days starts on day 3 normally but for me I don't think ive suffered any more than girls on fec/t. So good luck you might be ok Hun xx
Right off to have a coffee no more wine dreaded steroids start tomorrow that's the major downfall of TAC regime the steroids.
Sweet dreams all Maisie's, take care xx ju

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 3 Day 20

Wt66, just wanted to say I know exactly how you felt the day you said about giving up chemo. I said exactly the same on day 8 of this cycle, it just all seemed undoable that day, like I just couldn't cope with any more days of feeling rubbish. My OH got very upset and worried but my daughter just said ok, we'll all tell the onc next time that you're stopping then, thats it it's all over, dont worry about it anymore.. We laid on the bed and watched DVDs and I knew I would keep going despite everything I felt right then. She is wise beyond her years, she said just what I needed to hear right then and now I know I will get through it, we all will coz we want to be well at the end. Hope you feel better now and enjoy your curry tonight with OH. Love and hugs xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC3 Day 10.. feeling good. Lips seem to have recovered so making OH take me for curry later. Had row with OH this week cos I said I was thinking of jacking in chemo - can't stand SE's and dreading the extra ones with Tax. Probably just me having a petulant moment but sometimes it is tempting. Having been off work since July my employer is instaling some IT equipment at my home so I can do a couple of hours a day when I am feeling ok... freakily I can't wait to start.

Hope you all have as good weekends as is possible. Keep smiling

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 3, DAY 6,

Another sleepless night, think I'm def gona have to take a sleeping tablet tonight cuz I'm shattered, think it must be the jabs cuz steroids are done & dusted thank the lord!

still struggling with eating, gona try a little rice & veg, better than nothing, was hoping for a bit of energy to be able to do something with my daughter who's home from uni, but it never happened! Never mind, maybe tomorrow!
Hope everybody is not too bad, thinking of you all & sending big hugs xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hiya all maisies, weather here is drab and grey, yuk. Having a morning in then going out to lunch and shop with my lovely daughter, thought I might get some strappy tops with a bust shelf ready for rads time, thinking I can stay covered up for as long as possible then slip the straps off and on again at the right time. Seems like a good idea, what do you all think? Having a good few days so trying to get some things done, managed the self assessment tax yesterday for hmrc , all done hooray.

How is everyone else doing today? Some seem to be having a hard time with different things, thinking about you Pendragon, so sorry you're having to deal with all the marital stuff at the same time as chemo, it's the last thing you need right now. You know you have all our support whatever you decide, only you know what is right for you but I'm thinking about you and hope you are not feeling too bad. Are you diabetic? Not sure why your blood sugar would be that low otherwise, as hard as it is we must keep eating, little and often is easier, whatever you can face is ok. Just hope things start to improve for you soon. I think most of us are used to caring rather than being cared for, its a hard adjustment having it all turned on its head.

Christymay, are you sleeping better yet without the steroids? The white cells jabs can keep you awake as well if you're on them. My 3 weeks seem to fall into 2 halves, the first half starts ok ish then goes pants and then improves slowly until I start feeling better about day 10/11 then not bad till the next dunking.

Lols, you always make me laugh with your sense of humour. Can imagine you battle dr surgery, go girl! Sometimes the receptionists are very hard to deal with, thankfully ours seem ok but I don't hold back at letting them know I'm not impressed if they get it wrong, politely but firmly!

Chezzap, hope you're having a good weekend before Monday, so quick this time, just think if all goes ahead on time, in 6 weeks we get our last dunking! Wow!

Venice25, hope you're feeling a bit better now, it's better being at home in your own surroundings anyway and you get some rest! You never get that in hospital and the food falls into 1 of 2 categories, if you know what I mean.

Susie, so glad you're enjoying your grandson, I love the smell of tiny babies, it's quite comforting. May see you on monday depends what time your onc appt is, I shall be there to seem him at 2:15. If not see you Tuesday hopefully.

As re the hair, mine fell out pretty much within the hour as well, its hard but just this last few days I've got more comfortable with it, still don't like it but don't feel quite so bad about it. In actual fact it's growing quite well again, thought it might fall out again this week but not so far which is a bit confusing but I'm not complaining. Wiggy or ferret as we affectionately call it is never far away and I cannot bring myself to go out without it on but indoors is getting easier as long as we are on our own, no visitors in. It's not the best but beats bald is all you can say about them. At the end of the day all this is a means to an end, we all want to be well again and thats what we're aiming for, whatever we go through on the way will only be temporary and quite short really. We can do this girls, just take one day at a time and keep positive. Thinking of all of you and sending love and virtual hugs to all maisies, we all need them xxxxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Pendragon, it is really horrible losing your hair and going out for the first time with your wig. Mine itches and feels hot at times, but I have to say what is great is people that don't know you, don't realise it's a wig and nobody stares at you or realises you are ill. As soon as I get home, I take it off, which is lovely, but I wouldn't be without it,
Lois, what a nightmare you had at the docs! Madness or what, but sometimes you have to lose it and make yourself heard!
Annie, how are you coping with tax?
Anyway, hope all Maisie's have a good weekend, I am making the most of the next few good days before Thursday,, having lots of cuddles from baby grandson and going out for a meal or two ( I loose weight the week of chemo and then put it all back on the next two weeks!)
Seeing Onc on Monday, so see what he has to say!
All take care and stay positive!
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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

thanks chezzap no youre not speaking out of turn, he wont go to councelling but just told me he doesnt want me to leave cos he loves me and hopes i love him, he came to one of my counselling sessions but waited outside he wasnt pleased wen marie went and called him in, he said she was causing problems and asking too many indepth personal questions, so i dont think he'd agree to any more.

to cap it all my hair thats hug on for weeks has decided to make my day even better by appearing to have disappeared in the last hour, i don't joke one minute there the next gone, i hate it i really do, i dont know how youve all coped, got wigs and bandanas at the ready but hate them all, im large and think i look awful. to top that off my OHs mother in law in coming tomorrow with his sil think i'll hide. how did you all cope going out for the first time with a head covering on?? please help !!

hope everyone is ok and im not making anyone feel worse than they are without my probs, im a good listener and would rather help someone else than be like this xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Ang I may be speaking out of turn here and obviously I dont know you or OH but all I will say is if there is anything this thing has taught us is that life really is too short.  I know its a cliche but its frighteningly true.  You have to be happy whether thats with OH or not only you can decide ultimately.  Please dont waste time in a relationship that doesnt work for either of you.  Hopefully maybe a bit of realtionship counselling where you both go together might help as he might be able to say things that are on his mind.  Whatever decision you both come to hope its the right one for you both and you know whatever happens we will all be here for you.


Venice sorry to hear you have had such a rotten time.  Think Breezy was in with that too it sounds awful.


Just been to Tesco and bought 5 winter hats.  Love them.  One is black and its got a little sparkly owl broach on it its so sweet!  I must have now approx 10 winter hats all from tesco!


Good luck to anyone up this week.  Roller and Ju have a great weekend before bloody Monday beckons!


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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

tax 8 day 2


rang gp they were calling me in for a flu jab great seeing as last year they refused even though i have asthma and a heart prob, told her bout chemo she sed well? so i explained i cdnt come and sit with bout 50 people waiting to have jab and would need to see oncolgist first she said ok thank you bye 

still no sleep went up but couldnt settle so down gain, mushrooms on toast more to drink watching old war film, got to wake him up soon, feel like a drink today but not sure wether its allowed? anyone know dont drink usually but feel like being nawty!!

hope everyoe up today is ok and others with se's not too bad, its a horrible road we travel but a necessary one, i'm using to being the carer in my job and this is driving me mad the sooner i'm able to go bk to work the better, though it'll be all new people with new needs, i'll miss my old round and i know lots of them miss me xxx

well hope yoou all have a good weekend get lots of rest and hugs xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 3, DAY 5,

Morning Maisie's, didn't get any sleep last night so whacked today, hoping it will be better tonight now the steroids are finished!
just the dreaded jabs for nxt few days then mayb a bit normality will return? Who flipping knows, it def does seem to get harder each chemo?

hope you are all coping ok, sending big hugs to all my supportive Maisie's, thank you it would be so much harder going through this without you being there xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

TAC 3 day 19,
Morning Maisie's,
Angie sorry to hear your still having issues with OH hooe you find some peace with all that its the last thing you need when your going through this and worrying over your health. Gp might just want to check your ok as you were upset, because I'm sure chemo unit would sort out any abnormal blood results regarding chemo via oncologist. I know it's easy to say not to worry but seeing gp might be a blessing if you can talk to him or her.
Hi gilly, long time no see hope your ok x
Genevre I was up most of night would have chatted to you but forum was down for maintaince.
Venice hope your improving rapidly take it easy for next few days Hun.
Susie must be lovely to have a baby to cuddle through all this bit jealous there Hun.
Christymay hope your feeling a bit better today.
Meg, have good day in work , don't work too hard Hun.
Chezz hope your still feeling as good as yesterday and rollercoaster too, still dreading Monday!!!!!!!! Think Sams up Monday too.
Right rant on way, arrived at drs today for bloods, went to receptionist desk and asked if possible whilst in surgery could a see a dr( eyes still really sore and weepy).
She said she couldn't make an appt over the desk but I could phone in, I asked who would I speak to if I went outside and phoned she said her!!!! I completely lost it, prob shocked the other 3 or 4 patients in room, then explained why I wanted to see dr which I don't agree anyone should do as all confidentiality lost. She still said I'd have to phone. Told her forget it stormed to seat, then called in for bloods told them and dr saw me straight away, eye infection confirmed, drops prescribed, dr lovely!! You just couldn't make it up, apparently she's always like this!!! Il be ready next time, can't believe I lost my cool though not like me, blaming it on the chemo !!!!
Off to do housework whilst I've got the adrenaline flowing, all have a good day , luv to all xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Angie, so sorry things are at that point between you and your OH. I wondered why you hadnt put it on the page. Angie you can always send me a personal message on here if you want to talk, moan or sound off. I am a good listener. Please dont feel alone through all this. Big hugs to you hunni xxx

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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

tax 8 day 2

been up most of the night not sure of thats steroids or worrying bout drs today, can seem to get my head round the fact im not a bat!!!

tidied bedroom up at 5, sorted out lots of old jewellrt for my friends daughter sio she'll be happy, also found something i've been looking for so a plus there too.

oH and i had row on phone last night, i really cant do this anymore, maybe a bit pf good news occasionally would help instead of waiting round for test and scan results.

heads to fizzy to mention you lovely ladies by name sorry but you know i'm thing of you all.

Fran will text you later huni get drs out of way first, also got to ring re long term sick money as my sick pay will run out soon too, xx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Good evening Maisie (actuallyit's nearly midnight, can't sleep  of course) hope at least some of you are feeling ok and the rest are bearing up.  It definitely seems to be getting worse this time, I had treatment on Tues and have been feeling terrible, although the nausea is just about coming under control. I’ve been really shaky as well, hate feeling this bad but will get through it, we all will girls.

Lols, if you wear a wig cap you can use hairpins to hold it at the sides. I only wear mine when I have to, so uncomfortable. Also, sorry if I’m stating the obvious, but it can tightened by the Velcro thing at the back, but you probably know that! Sorry about eyes etc, it’s all a pain. I’m away last week in Oct, will make sure I take half the medicine cabinet with me

Glad  about the good news Chezza, and hope the high spirits last!!

Fab news about  the baby and good luck with tax next week Susie

Thinking of you Annie with tax and all ses

Pendragon, get in touch whenever you need

Venice and Christy  hope you feel better soon

Good luck Monday ladies and big hugs to all xxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

hello ladies

been in hospital 3 days with neut sepsis was so ill home now .has anyone else sufferred this thanks for  the thoughts rollercoaster.  Will catch up with everyone tomorrow going to bed hope everyone is faring ok love Gill x

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Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

had bad day at chemo im no 8 day 1, bloods were ok but blood sugar was low 2.1 had to eat chocccie biscuits, and temp was high and blood sats were low, god thought id have to miss chemio, ayway went ahead with lots of delays, got home and got an answerrphone mess from my docs  please ring tomorrow  noreason why no who rung now im worried somethings wrong.

sorry to go on but its big decision time for me and my OH this week whether to stay together or split up, tis is follwoing my counselling, so as you can imagine my head is wll over the place, had a meltdown in choemo too so wondering if they vve contacted me gp as they said im very depressed. sorry girls ill go now feeel better for writing it down cant put it on the maisiies page on fb as other half read themxxxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Hi chezz yeah looking forward to tonight soap fest!!! Hope Cameron gets his comeuppance! Can't spell that having a brain freeze. Glad your having a good day keep up the good spirits its nice to hear. Glad we all get some good daysx
Christymay. Hope se's improve soon !! Can honestly say know how you feel.
Roller canter up with me and chezz Monday , yikes!!!
Well persisting with the damn wig bit better today but soooo not like having hair, don't care what wig lady said!!!
Nose and eyes still pouring looks like idyll of cold but I'm not. Bloods in morning .
Hope all Maisie's having good day. Annie have pm d you hope your ok Hun.
Take care all xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Morning maisies

How is everyone today?

Hoping everyone enjoying the day and doing something nice.

Just been for a Macmillan morning at church and had a great time.  Made some new friends and am high on caffeine now!  feel in really good spirits today I think its the caffeine but hey Im not complaining gonna take advantage whilst I can.

Got flu jab this pm boo hoo that will bring me down to earth with a bump no doubt.


Ju how good was Emmerdale and Corrie last night!!!!!  I was in tv heaven.  Roy and Hayley were so sweet paddling in the sea in Blackpool.  hey if the cancer doesnt finish her off the water there will!!!!!  Sorry ladies gotta have a sense of humour through all this.


Wishing everyone a good day xxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 3, DAY 4
Morning Maisie's, last day of the steroids thank the lord, really hate them! But changed the times myself so I now take the last 1s at 2 & no later so I'm not up all night!

Managed to drag my sorry ass outta bed & downstairs, fed & let mr bones in garden & fed my birdies but that's it I'm done for now!

The sun is shining here in Worcestershire so that's a bonus. Going to try & go to healing tonight, we will see!

Hope you are all coping ok, thinking of everybody, sorry I can't name you individual my brain def doesn't work properly these days.
Big hugs to you all xxxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

FEC 3 Day 18

Morning maisies, how are we all doing today? I can't believe how quickly this 3 weeks is going by, number 4 dunking on Monday all being well, that will be 2 thirds of the way done, only 2 left! Mum and dad saga still rumbling on slowly, we will get them sorted in the end I'm sure.

Feels like I've been a bit absent fro the forum the last few days, I've been reading all your posts but the brain was on another planet I think. I've been thinking about you all but not capable of listing everyone and keeping up with where everyone is on their journey.

Susie, lovely to hear you have a new grandson to dote on, he will give you a new focus. Have to say your wig does look really good, it will never feel the same as your own hair but it does suit you and beats the alternative.

Lols, glad you said about the sore eyes, mine have gone really itchy this last week or so, they drive me nuts and then when I scratch/rub them they get sore. Any solution to that is welcome.

Chezzap, so glad you got some good news at last. Every bit of good news gives you a high for a while, enjoy it.

Christymay, hope your taste buds return soon, its horrible trying to fancy food when it all tastes so bad. I tend to eat like crazy the third week coz I know I won't eat much the first week after dunking. Sure we're all getting into bad habits that will take ages to sort out after this is over but who cares, it's all priorities now.

Genevre, how are you doing now? Still doing ok after your dunking? Hope so, not sure when you're away exactly but hope its good for you. Will miss you if you can't post but hope you can relax and enjoy it

Sam, glad your dunking went well and your ses are minimal, hope thats still the case and you're out and about being 'normal' . Are you at the unit on 21st? I am but not until 2:15 to see the onc then up for dunking after that. Planning to go and take the steroids before I see onc so they're not too late in the day.

Wt66, hope you're still ok and can post so we know you're ok. Know what you mean about the lips, I keep smothering mine in lip balm, hand cream and anything else I can think of to ease them. Its a pain though along with all the rest of the dry skin.

Venice 25, are you ok? Not sure if you're posting in FB or not but hope you're not suffering too much with ses.

Annie, hope you're feeling a bit better now and the bone ache is not giving you too much trouble.

Well, if I've missed anyone I'm sorry, it's not on purpose and it doesn't mean you're forgotten, just means my brain is fried! Hope all cN have a gooda day as possible. I'm determined to have a few good days before my next dunking, so will go now leaving you all with love and hugs, take care all, xxxx

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

TAC 3 day 18
Morning Maisie's,
Susie thanks for that had a quick look like a couple but would love to try them first, unfortunately none of those shops around here, might just chance it and order one. The one I've got kept moving yesterday and its soooooo hot after awhile .
Got sore eyes today when I put drops in they come out of my nose, I've got to laugh or I'd cry.
Out to walk dog as weather bright and breezy got 4 th TAC Monday so trying to make most of good days. The thought of the next chemo makes me feel sick what gets me through is the rest of Maisie's are going through it to and the supports amazing.
Had a sneaky glass of red wine last night and could taste it !!! Can't taste food though!!
Hope everyone's coping with se's . I'm back on the dreaded steroids Sunday can't wait for all this to be over. Don't forget butlins girls!!!! Can't wait for that , parrrrrrrrrty !!!
Meg don't work to hard today il catch up later hope your cold improving.
Shower and walk now , have good day Maisie's , hang on in there xx ju x

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

I got my wig from a company called Trendco, they have got an online site but also have shops about the country. I went to Birmingham for mine as I could try on a few and they were really helpful. I don't mind wearing my wig out, but I get too hit and itchy in the house, so remove it as soon as I get in.
Hope Annie is ok, my T is next week, so hope it does not affect my bones too much!
Hope all other Maisie's are doing ok. Lovely afternoon here, so had a lovely walk with the dog and my new baby grandson!

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Will do. Good news chezz go girl xx ju

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

Cheers Ju

can you pass on best wishes to Annie from me

Just got back and the surgeon examined me etc and said everything was ok so gotta go back in three months

thank God some good news for a change

Re: anyone starting chemo in August?

TAC 3 day 17
Good luck chezz with check up.
I heard from Annie other day she's having a hard time on t. Poor thing I think the bone ache is bad for her.
Weather ok here now crap this morn .
Christymay may I know what you mean about trying to taste things it's driving me mental. Not losing any weight though cos trying to many things. Jeans tight this morning so being good today.
Decided to try and wear my wig all day I'm sur it keeps riding up . Not the best look. Only wore it twice before thought I'd get use to it in house don't like it though so I'm looking at others on line. Any suggestions for reliable sites girls?
Hope everyone's se's manageable I'm good at mo apart from sore eyes and no taste so absolutely dreading Monday!!! Oh will have to drag me in!! Xx ju x