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anyone starting chemo in August?


anyone starting chemo in August?

Taken advice to start a new topic for any one else starting chemo next month. We have a few names proposed on another thread but how does Amazing Augusts sound? Please pitch in I have read other months threads and it does seem to help having people going through exactly the same thoughts fears and questions as you or close to them at least! Chemo is scaring me silly and seeing the onc yesterday scared me even more!
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Hi RainbowRosie, good to hear from you! I am doing well after my reconstruction, I had a stacked diep which is takin fat and skin from your stomach and creating a new breast as I had a mastectomy last July. I have to say so far I am really pleased with the result although it is still early days and it will change, I also had the other one uplifted at the same time. I was really lucky as my BMI was fine, but it must be horrible to be told you have to lose weight, I am not sure why they are so strict about it. When I see Rollercoaster I will tell her you asked after her although not sure if it will be before Christmas.

Hello Susie,


So good to hear from you Smiley Happy. I'm glad to hear that Rollercoaster is moving along in the right direction and that the issues she had with her mum and dad are sorted. She seemed a very nice person with a big heart. 

How are you feeling after your reconstruction? Did you have a full reconstruction or partial?  I'm really interested in this procedure as I'm waiting for mine. I had my mastectomy in May, had chemo and radiotherapy six months later and told that I can't have mine as my bmi was too high. Told by the nurse that I needed to lose 5 stone in weight, felt my world had fell apart. 

I'd be grateful Susie, if you could keep me posted on your progress, and how you find it. Anyway my lovely, take good care of yourself and give my best wishes to Rollercoaster. 



Rainbowrosie xx


Hi Rainbow Rosie, just popped in to see if anyone was still posting! It is great to hear that you are progressing, I think we are all struggling with aches and pains and worrying it is something sinister! Just wanted to let you know, I see Rollercoaster occasionally at an alternative therapy group we attend, she is doing fine, looks really well and seems to have sorted the problems out with her mum and dad, I have just had reconstruction, but may see her in a few weeks and will tell her you were asking about her.

Hi Gill,

I too am going to try and enjoy my Christmas this year Smiley Happy. Have started to do some shopping, but get so anxious when I'm on my own. I'm getting a few niggles but my gp is trying to sort me out Smiley Happy. To be honest I'm not very good at Facebook either and I keep meaning to ask my daughter to set it up, but when she's home from uni other stuff gets in the way.

Anyway, my lovely it's good to hear from another member of the gang,take care of yourself and enjoy your Christmas shopping! 


Big hugs


Janine x


Hello Gilly Rainbowrosie and Lois

So good to hear from you all am going to try to enjoy christmas this year as last year just passed me by. Going into Preston this a.m. to do a bit of christmas shopping, like everyone just so scared when i get any twinges or pains and god if i get a cough i get so paranoid but just keep on trucking Dont know how to access facebook so miss out on lots of people but think of them all regularly love Gill 


Thanks for your reply Gill. I be it was alot more fun than the first time. I'm glad that everyone had a wonderful weekend and who knows, next time I will come Smiley Happy. So here we go, onto the Christmas rush, take care.


Janine x


Gill, good to hear from you too and to hear that you are doing ok xx


Good to hear from you RainbowRosie. We had a wonderful weekend away, full of fun and laughter. You will have to try and come to our next one xx


Good to hear from you lols Smiley Very Happy, say hello to everyone for me at the weekend. That will be some reunion, especially when you think of the situation were all in last year. Sorry to hear that you're having pain in your shoulder but please, once the weekend is over, get it looked at. What do they say, nurses and doctors make the worst patients! 

I had an ultrasound 3 weeks ago because I was experiencing pain around my mastectomy scar and upwards. Was so scared about it. I saw the oncologist and she told me everything was clear and that the lymphoedema I have doesn't help the pain. Also, the radiation scar and mastectomy site is still healing, so it'll take time. It was a relief and reassuring that the cancer hadn't returned Smiley Happy

Anyway, lols, have a super weekend, I hope Coventry are ready for you all!


Love Janine xxx


Hi girls, just checking in soooooo good to hear from you. What a year and we have all survived. I'm now on the Facebook group but don't really get it, so really try when I need to . I speak to meg a lot aka cocoa. We are all away this weekend in Coventry for 2 nd meet up. I'm struggling with shoulder pain, minds running overtime thinking it's something sinister il address it after weekend. Been back in work 6 months tired but managing .
Hang on in there ladies , your stars , stay well xxxxxx ju

Hi Gill,


Oh, I'm so pleased you replied Smiley Very Happy It's good to hear that you're finally finding your way through all the trials and tribulations that was a long journey for all. I was signed off by the oncologist last week until next year and feel really scary about losing my security blanket. 

Anyway, I actually spoke to Chezza in June and she was taking part in one of those race for life thingys. She told me that alot of the girls from our forum were on Facebook and gave me a way of joining. However, I'm not very good at those things and suffice to say that I haven't done anything about it yet Smiley Frustrated. As for Rollercoaster,I don't know whether she is part of the Facebook group or is getting on with life without the group. I hope she is alright as she had alot on her plate and I admired her for the way she got on with her treatment and dealing with all her family issues at the same time. Whatever she's doing I wish her well,as with the rest of our girls. 


Don't be a stranger, take care of yourself


Love Janine xxx


hi rainbowrosie

do you ever here from chezza or rollercoaster x


hello Rainbowrosie

I do remember you.You will remember me, I think, as I was terrified of everything really struggled with all treatments and need constant reassurance. I am back at work now after many setbacks and complications after chemo but like you I feel tired and have joint pain due to hormone therapy but I can manage that. But we are here and  am positive things will get even better over time. I will look into if we have anything like Hope in my area sounds really benificial. lovely to hear from you love Gill x


Hello Gill,


I don't know whether you remember me but it's lovely to have someone on the forum Smiley Happy I hope you are getting along alright my lovely. To be honest I'm still struggling with the whole thing, however, I've just finished my herceptin injections, so all main treatment is done. Seeing the oncologist this week about a large build of fluid at the mastectomy site. Still suffering with extreme tiredness and really want to move on. To add insult to injury, I've been told that I can't have a reconstruction as my bmi is too high and to come back when I've lost 5 stone! 

Anyway, on the bright side I have been fortunate to attend two writing therapy courses, which were really good. Also, a course called Hope and is part of Macmillan. It ran for 6 weeks and it brings you together with a small group of people who are or have been in a similar situation. I found it a godsend. They help you with dealing with emotions, stress, relaxation, relationships and much more. I would recommend this to anyone if it can be accessed in their area. I have met some wonderful people and a bit sad when it came to an end. However, saying that, as we're all local, I'm arranging for us to all get together soon. 

So, there you have it, my past 12 months in a nutshell! Hope it hasn't put anyone off replying. 


Best wishes Rosie xx



Hi I miss all you Maises hope you are all doing well and getting on with life

much love Gill


Hi Maisie's, I raised a glass to Christymay too and mr bones it's so sad, I kept in touch with Christymay via text and I miss her texts. Rest in peace Hun xx

I cant seem to access my private messages. Might be cos am on phone rather than pc. Will try pc now

Hi Chezza,


I'll join you in the toast to our amazing maisie tonight. I, too, have been looking through the posts and it just reminds you of this wonderful person. Remember when my mother in law died (bowel cancer) her beloved dog died the day before, I truly believe our pets know and often leave us too. At least she'll have her friend with her, by her side. 


I have sent you a pm as I didn't think it was appropriate to do so on this particular thread.


Take care my lovely


Rosie x


Thanks rosie and french fancy just in shock
She hadnt been answering texts for couple months and i just aasumed it was cos she wanted to move on and forget this chapter. We dont know for sure what happened. Sadly her beloved dog mr bones has died too round about same time i gather. I managed to find her daughter on fb so sent our condolences. Just cant believe it was reading through her posts last night and got upset. I will be raising a glass to her tonight my dear friend xxx

Hi Chezza,


Can't comprehend this sad news. My thoughts are with her family and friends, I feel it was an honour to be one of the amazing maisies and that Christy May was one of us. God bless and be at peace Christy May. 


With love x


Dear chezzap,


I am sorry to hear that christy has passed away.  I'd like to offer my condolences to her friends and family on behalf of the moderators.


Very best wishes



BCC Moderator




So sorry to hear this news. My sincere condolences to all her family and friends. I'm one of the Sept Stars and know how hard it is to say goodbye to special ladies that were there to support each other at such a difficult time in our lives. Xx

Managed to find out darling.christy left us on 23 May and was funeral yesterday
Rest easy now my friend xx

I dont know if anyone still reads this thread. Got some bad news. We have lost one of our precious august maisies christy may.
Devestated she was just turned forty
Rest in peace christy you helped me through chemo and i am heart broken xxx

Hi and goodbye to all my Maisie friends. It looks like we've come to the end of the road for our thread, I would just like to say thanks for all the support which has been invaluable over the last year, enjoy your good life everybody and hugs to you all. Now where's my brain .................... xxx

Hiya all maisies, I'm back! We had a good weekend, went with my brother and family to Dublin to visit my nephew and his wife. Was brill but oh so tired when we got back, then our house alarm played up all night, rang 5 times spontaneously, nearly ripped it off the wall in the end! Then to cap it all off OH had to have a colonoscopy today, life in the fast lane here! He was told several years ago that he had ulcerative colitis and he's been ok with it until my bc kicked off and the stress kicked in so he went to the gp who organised this exam for him but the good news is there's no colitis, in fact there's nothing wrong at all so maybe it was worth all the unpleasant drinks and cameras to find out.

Glad you had a good time in Malta Fran, agree insurance is a nightmare but we found it with Staysure, 2 of us with annual policy for Europe under £200. It's still a lot but some quotes were around £500-600! I need the peace of mind as I'm still on treatment, herceptin, till next February.

Sounds like there's been lots going on, chicken pox children, loss of pets, writing groups, holidays - hope you're all managing to cope with all the fallout from your troubles, when your emotions are still battered it takes some coping with all the "normal" stuff as well.

How is everybody's hair coming on now? Is it coming back everywhere now? I still have none in the pits area, shame, Lol , but the rest is going great guns, beginning to look just like a short haircut now.

Chezz, sorry to hear about your lymphoedema, sounds like the sting in the proverbial tail, what a pain, hope it improves quickly and hope the spots are soon a thing of the past for the boys, at least it's something else out of the way. Ours had it one summer as we were about to go to France on holiday and we were stopped from going on its account, we went a month later as it turned out but still a pain at the time.

Rosie, you're struggling with the lymphoedema as well, it's not fair is it when all you want to do is move on. I get pain in my forearm sometimes on the other side to surgery, I'm assuming its where it's been so used and abused by the cannulas, either way it's a reminder of where we've been. Makes you wonder if we'll ever be normal again. I've heard of pagets disease before but never knew what it was, so sorry to hear you have to think about all that as well.

Susie, it was good to see you on Tuesday, hope you enjoyed your therapy and mindfulness session. Well done for abandoning the wig, it gets easier day by day. It's about 6 weeks since I wore mine now and I have to say I feel much better about it now and I'm sure the sun and fresh air help your hair grow more.

Big bro is coming down tomorrow to take dad to see mum, he gets very emotional about seeing her, feels guilty now because the place she's in isn't as nice as where he is. Its sad but we did try hard to get them to move to a place they could stay together years ago and he would have none of it, insisted they would stay where they were to the end but he couldn't see how things were going to turn out. I have to say it was hard to put the remains of their house in a skip but nobody wants it all so there was little choice in the end although I can't bring myself to tell him thats where it all went. He does seem quite settled in his flat now, he still moans the carers don't do things right for him but I think he would wherever he was so I'm not worried about that.

Well girls I've droned on long enough now, I'm going to go and clear up the kitchen after dinner and then chill out again.. Take care all, thinking of you all and sending hugs xxxx

Hi my lovely Maisie friends, back from Malta, had a good restful time but don't feel too jealous because weather wasn't great. Swam every day and it was fine, such a relief. I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be for teaching on Monday!

Had my hair, all 1cm of it, dyed and it didn't take! Ggrrrrr! Might be too many chemicals still in my system, or new hair not so receptive, or sensitive dye not strong enough, but I really don't want to be grey yet.

Roller, hope all is well with you, you deserve a break from all you've been through. Glad Dad is settled now. He sounds such a dear man, still caring so much about your mum

Chezz, sorry you've had to cope with Sergio's chicken pox on top of everything. Has your other little boy got it too? Chico's death is so sad, I know exactly how you feel.

Rainbowrosie, sounds as if therapy was tough but good. Yes, we must think of ourselves as the lucky ones, though it's hard sometimes. I couldn't get any insurance firm to insure me for any illness realting to breast cancer, but had no problem getting general insurance. You're fairly safe staying in the EU because you've got your EHIC

Lols, the Japan cruise sounds amazing and really exciting.  When do you go?

Lots of love to you all and anyone else I''ve missed.

Fran xxx


Hi Chezza,

Sorry to hear about the lymphoedema, carrying little boys doesn't help the condition, but what can you do. My arm and shoulder is killing me at the moment due to the lymphoedema and I'm not seeing the specialist nurse until 11th April arggh! Do you do your massage?

The writing therapy is organised by Macmillan here, it's run in one of our local hospices, so maybe you could find out from your local Macmillan centre.

Pagets disease is a cancer disease of the nipple, with underlying cancer (invasive carcinoma and or DCIS) of the breast. At the time I was diagnosed I had both invasive carcinoma and DCIS, following my mastectomy they found the cancer within the nipple. I didn't know it was called this or I had this until a routine visit to my GP a few weeks back. It's quite scary that no-one told me at the hospital at the time, just want to know more information from the oncologist tomorrow.

Look after that arm hun.

Hope all other Maisies are doing okaySmiley Happy

Rosie x



Hi Ladies.


Rosie that writing therapy sounds really good.  sometimes easier top write feelings down than say them.  Wonder if they do it near me?  Good news on the money front thats great.  What exactly is Pagets??? 


Sergio back at nursery now hurray!!!!  My hand was really suffering with lymphodema with carrying huim all week.


Fran hopw you had lovely holiday and are all geared up for next week.


Ju Im still jealous of a size 14 I could prob just about squeeze one leg in them!!!


Morning all,

Wow Lols, how fantastic, a trip to Tokyo! Now that is something to look forward to. I know how you're feeling regarding your mammogram, i'll have mine then too. However, I visit the oncologist on Thursday and I have a few questions to ask. One being, why wasn't I told that I had pagets disease, which is a rare form of breast cancer! One piece of good news though, was that my esa benefit is going to be reinstated and backdated. I've been chasing this for four months and was finally told the news on Friday.

Writing therapy is run by Macmillan but taken by a psychotherapist. I was in a small group of five people, who are going through cancer or have had cancer. Catherine, our therapist, gave various activities to do, from writing words to describe ourselves to writing sentences off the top of our heads and extending on one in particular. My sentence was about the effect of my mastectomy and going swimming for the first time. We then read back our chosen sentences, we all found it quite emotional, I actually broke down when Catherine asked me if I felt ugly, and I knew I did. But at the end of day I felt that I had faced a demon and was told it's a type of bereavement and it takes time. I was told it was still early days and to be kind to myself, which was applicable to the rest of our group too.

So, England won the Triple Crown, what about that then! Poor old Wales, they worked hard but couldn't pull it off. Never mind eh. Enjoy the weather and your walks!

Fran, when you're all unpacked and sorted, could you tell me how you got on with travel insurance, did you take any? I'm off to Cyprus in June and have started to look around.

Chezza, hope you have the nice weather where you are and you managed to have a lovely weekend. I also hope that your heart isn't too heavy. Big hugs to you.

Roller and Susie, hope you're doing okay, thinking of you both.

That's me Maisies, off to get dressed, I'm so lazy!

Rosie x


Afternoon Maisie's, hope everyone's ok and enjoying this lovely weather.
Chezz I didnt get size 12 jeans they looked ridiculous so regrettably bought size 14!!!!!!!!! Plus booked a holiday to Tokyo and cruise round japan, just thought sod it so off with OH in July that's all the savings gone but I'm determined to get rid off last years feelings!!!! Since I've booked it though I've worried about results of mammogram that's due in May but tough it's done now!!!!!! Japan here I come!!!! Hopefully by then I will squeeze into a 12!!!! Just back from a 2 day break to Somerset , Xmas present from my sons, soooo nice and went hatless for all of it, nobody even blinked in the hotel, I'm like you roller if someone stared I stared back and they soon looked away.
Chezz so sad with pets xxx my dog is my life so I know how you feel.
Rosie glad therapy so working for you I've not really heard much about that one x
Roller ejection fraction is to do with the amount of blood pumped when ventricle contracts.
Fran not sureif you've left for Malta but if not enjoy and if your there enjoy x
Right off now as it's a rugby weekend xx nervous come on Wales!!! That's tomorrow. Ireland are playing today so OH out shouting for them!!!!
Hope everyone's getting back to some kind if normal, love to all xx ju


Thank goodness for you Chezza, as it's a case of 'is anybody there?'.

Sorry to hear your little one has chickenpox, it can be quite a nuisance for them and I hope it's not giving him too much distress. My mum lost her westie yesterday and she's absolutely bereft, she lost her other one a couple of months back, so I do feel for you my love. Pets are like our children, we feed them, care for them and share their pain, emotions and experiences. They are so much part of us, that we are so lost without them. Go ahead and sob, do whatever it takes to help you get through it. HeartSmiley HappyHeart

I'm okay, plodding along, still have very little energy but doing what I can. Went for writing therapy Tuesday which is organised by Macmillan, I found it really useful and met some nice people. Mind you it put my situation into perspective as two of the ladies have terminal cancer and I never met such inspirational women. 

Fran, by the time you read this you would have returned from Malta and I hope you had the most wonderful time. 

Lols, Susie, Roller and Nicola, are you all alright, it'll be lovely to hear from you Smiley Happy

Have a great weekend, the weather is meant to be good! 

Love & hugs to you all

Rosie x


hi ladies sorry have been awol.  Wish could say its cos have been doing lots of exciting things b ut alas no.  Sergio been off nursery for a week with chicken pox so have had hands full to say the least.  Also unfortunately I had to have my cat Chico put to sleep the other night.  We did it at home and it was very peaceful but it still ripped me apart.  He was 15 and had a wonderful life and was much loved.  Just cant stop crying though. I understand now why some people say they cant have pets again as they cant go through that pain again.


Hope everyone here is well.


Ju size 12 you lucky thing!!!  Are you back at work yet???

Fran hope you have liovely holiday and work will be good for you.

Wendy how is the move going??

Rosie are you ok my lovely???



Good morning all, indeed it is quiet on here these days! As you say, hopefully it's because we're all moving on, getting our "normal" lives back.

Lols, my hair was just the same in the beginning, all white and nearly invisible but as time has gone on its got thicker and darker. It's probably about an inch long all over now, so no more bald patches but it does seem to be taking ages - fed up with cold ears apart from the looks, although the best way to deal with them is to look them full in the face, they get all embarrassed and look away. To be fair though, most people seem to work it out quite quickly and ignore it apart from one lady who asked me if I was making a fashion statement! Hope you enjoyed your retail therapy with your mum, I don't have the energy for much of that yet and definitely not with my mum. Hope work goes ok when you get there and you don't get too exhausted. Take care xxx

Rosie, glad you enjoyed your break in Suffolk, r & r is always good. Such a pain you're still having trouble with your skin though, carry on creaming - sounds like a good name for a film! Take care xxx

Fran, I'm not jealous - much! Malta next week would be heaven, we went last year when ignorance was bliss and cancer was something that other people had. So much has happened in a year it makes your head spin but we're all getting through it, the worst is done now it's just the tail end. I get no 2 herceptin on Monday. By the way has anyone got any idea what an ejection fraction is and what is a good/bad result on it? Just got a letter with it on but no idea what its on about. Dad seems a bit more positive right now, we got his meds sorted out so he's on a dosette box now, another relief as it becomes someone else's job. He's struggling with the fact that he feels he's spent all the money from the bungalow sale to get himself a nice place while mum is in a nasty place where everybody else is really bad and she's not (in his estimation).

Chezzap, glad you've finished your rads now, as the girls all say carry on creaming, its a pain but its necessary for a while.

Sorry if I've missed anybody, it's not intentional so hope are all doing ok and having a life. Mine will be better when we finish sorting out the bungalow and the sale is complete, then we can all move on I hope. Take care all, love and hugs all round xxxx


Hello Maisies,

Really hope you're all ok and not overdoing things. That's probabably why we're not on the forum so much now, we're getting our lives back/ trying to get healthy if possible/ going back to work and we're too knackered!

OH and I going to Malta next week- our late Christmas pressie to ourselves, then back to work on 17th. The hotel has a pool and gym etc so I'll also be doing my first swim in months. Not sure about the gym!

Rosie, sorry you're having to cope with lymphoedema, no wonder it get you down. I'm really glad you had a lovely time in Suffolk, it must have done you good.

Chezz - well done for finishing rads - that's fantastic!!!

Lols,really hope you enjoyed Somerset and feel revived

Roller, glad you're getting there with your Dad - as you say let's hope he really is beginning to settle in now. Hope you're not over-tiring yourself.

Susie, take care.

I'll be in touch when get back from hol.

Love to all and look after yourselves.

Love Fran xx


Hi maisies,

So, got back from Suffolk yesterday and it was wonderful to get away and chill. We took a few short walks around some quaint villages, but energy levels got the better of me at times. The spa in the hotel was lovely, I had my first swim for over a year, it was tough going but I really enjoyed it. I didn't get to do it again as my skin from the radiation went pink and very itchy, so didn't want to risk it. Found myself enjoying the cooked breakfasts too well, absolutely loved the sausage. Back to reality and I find myself wanting to get away from here. Going out soon to have some lunch somwhere to try and keep the chilled out feeling. 

Hope you have a superb time in Somerset Lols, it's good to spend some quality time with your partner, away from day to day worries. Knowing you, you'll get a few long walks in! I have been guilty of looking at past threads and you're right it can be really scary. I still find myself doing it though, because it's a trusted site, but I know that my experiences are different to some,  so that helps. Good luck with the size 12 jeans, I forget when I was last a size 12!

Chezza, well done my lovely, rads have finally finished! Whoo, Whoo x Don't forget to carry on creaming Smiley Happy.

Hopefully all maises are okay and looking after themselves. 

Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Rosie xxx


Morning Maisie's, wow our thread is quiet hope it's cos we are all getting our lives back and all se's fading.
Got a bit bored yesterday and read through some old threads regarding lymph nodes , scared myself stupid , does this dx ever go? Lesson learned though !!!!
How's work going for those back in? I had a friend call yesterday who works on my ward , nearly everyone's off sick so I'm not lookin forward to going back and all the stress of working on the ward!!!! Got to be done though as the bills keep mounting up.
Hairs about 1 cm all over but white at the moment so when you look in a mirror I still look like I haven't got any. I've bought a veg dye, honey blonde but I don't think it will work on this white!!!
Rosie I hope your days away were good and you and OH got some r and r.
I'm away from wed to fri in Somerset , Christmas present from my sons so hopefully some r and r for me and mart. Very much needed sure its same for all of us.
Roller hope your getting some you time now and that your dad has settled in.
Chezz rads all done yeaaaaaaah just herceptin now!!!
Well done with swimming susie I'm to scared to go cos of lack of hair but can't wait to restart swimming.
Fran and Nicola how are you both now?
Meg don't go to mad in the gym, lol !!!!!
Right off to do some retail therapy with my mum, going to see if I can squash into size 12 jeans yet!!! Doubt it though!!!!
Have a good one Maisie's xxx ju

Hi everybody, I'm still here!

Thanks for all your good wishes re my dad, I think it was all hard for him and he's been very negative and moany about everything since he moved but last night was saying how good it is in there, how they keep checking he's ok all the time so maybe we've turned the corner. He said to my brother that he'd seen reports on the news about how some elderly get abused in homes but it's not like that in here so we gather thats what was worrying him most. We managed to get it all a quick paint before he moved in so it all looks good and now I'm staying away from him for a few days so he gets used to asking the carers to do things for him otherwise he tells them he doesn't want anything and as soon as they leave he asks me to do everything for him, not the idea atall! I definitely need some R & R after the move, it was exhausting! We just have to sort out the bungalow now, joy!

I had an appointment with onc today, he was 15 mins late then gave me about 5 mins asking if I had any pains anywhere and sounding my chest. Told me they will see me every three months while I'm on herceptin, great! Apart from that I'm ok, think the H slows down the hair growth though, not happy about that but not a lot I can do like the rest if it all, grin and "bare" it - ha ha

It seems most of us are moving on slowly, going back to work and taking breaks and going swimming etc, good for you, embrace your freedom and do whatever you can without joining the old horses, if you know what I mean.

Fran, good to hear from you and well done for conquering the technology and the cold! OH has had it aswell, hope I've avoided that one, don't need anything else to deal with.

Lols, sounds like you enjoyed the rugby, my niece went to Cardiff to watch it on Friday night, I'm not jealous, much! I wouldn't have had the stamina though. Weight, now there's an issue. My gp did a blood test after I finished chemo and said my thyroxine dose is a bit on the low side but we'll leave it for now, but it's affecting my weight so hope we won't leave it too long as then the diabetic nurse will be moaning at me, can't win can we! Trying to lose it isn't easy, we can only do our best though. As people keep telling me, give yourself time!

Rosie, sure you could do without the lymphoedema and exercises, it seems never ending doesn't it. Hope you enjoy your few days away and get to relax a bit, we all need it.

Chezzap, I didn't know pontins were still about, we used to take our kids to camber sands in one of their places, the kids always enjoyed it. Hope you had a good week even if you are shattered, its good to do normal things. Relaxing sounds good, I'll book some! Furniture pickup at dad's old place tomorrow then a skip for the rest, shhhhhh

Susie, soooo looking forward to therapy tomorrow, chill out time, bring it on! Will be good to catch up with you - see you there. Well done on the swimming too, I swim like a brick and dive like a shovel so cozzies aren't an issue for me!

Well, I'm going to move my derrière and make a pretense at tidying up a bit, a little bit before relaxing a big bit. Take care all, thinking of you all and sending hugs xxx


Good morning all, 

Thanks Susie for your kind words about swimming, it's reassuring to know that it'll be okay to try. Mind you I didn't think about changing rooms, hopefully it will be fine Smiley Happy. I hope you are taking your own advice and looking after yourself too, cramming everything in during the day means feet up at night, surely Smiley Wink. It's great to hear from you x

Chezza, helloooo, forgot it was half term last week. As I've not been at work I forget the dates, being a teaching assistant you would think I'd remember! Hope you enjoyed your time with the kids and what with rads too, you managed to get some restHeart. I assume the skin is hanging in there as you haven't mentioned it and great news it'll all be over by Wednesday! Don't be a stranger Smiley Happy

Going off to Suffolk now, 

Rosie x


Hi Girls, also apologies for not being on forum for a while, think I am trying to do too much in the day and then shattered by evening! Chezza, glad you had a good break for half term and fantastic news that rads all finished this week! Hooe you are not too sore! Rosie, I have started swimming, costume with prosthesis are really good, I feel pretty confident in mine and no one would know! The only issue is making sure there is a private changing cubicle which is normally fine and my lack of hair, which I find people do look, but this won't be an issue once hair grows! Lols, hope the energy us coming back slowly, remember it takes time and just take it slowly! Fran, hope you get on going back to work. It won't be easy, so rest when you can. Nicola, hope your thirst is beginning to sort itself out, but great news that tests clear! Hope everyone has a good week and we all improve a little with both aches and pains and tiredness. Wendy, will see you at therapy on Tuesday. All take care xx


Sorry been awol.  Been half term so ahd rafael all week plus rads.  Went to Southport with the boys for the weekend to Pontins so am shattered now!


Hope everyone is doing well.

Rosie enjoy your few days away and hope the swimming isnt too traumatic.  Am with you on that one!

Lols how you doing my dear?  Hope you are getting more energy as each days comes.

Fran know you are due back to school soon so just remember to take it easy.

Wendy bet you are exhausted after the move with your dad again take things easy and have some time for yourself

Nicola - good news re tests being clear and hope you quench that thirst!!  Have you gone back to work yet?


I am due to finish rads on Weds yippee


Hello, hope everyone's okay.

There doesn't seem to have been much activity this week on the forum. Hopefully this means everyone is busy getting on with day to day life and not because of side effects. I went to the lymphoedema specialist on Thursday and I do have lymphoedema on the under side of my upper arm and on the side of my trunk by the mastectomy scar. This means that I have to continue with my exercises I did after surgery, manual lymphatic massage and compression garments. Just another thing to deal with and it gets to me. It's a condition that doesn't go, but can be managed so it doesn't get worse. 

Well,  tomorrow my husband and I have been treated to 3 nights away in hotel and spa in Suffolk. It's the first time we've been anywhere in 2 years and I'm glad that it gives my husband a chance to relax. He's looking so tired bless him, he won't have to do a thing. I'm looking forward to having a swim, although I haven't worn a costume since my mastectomy and I'm feeling very apprehensive. I've bought a new swimsuit that takes my prothesis but I'm still not sure, I'll just see how I feel when I'm there. But I'm certainly not going to let that spoil anything. 

Anyway, Fran, it was good to hear from you. Well done for persevering, with your post,  it would have given me the hump!

Lols, another win for the Welsh! Glad thar your skin seems to be settling, mine started to bleed the middle of last week and was sore, but thankfully is much better. 

Rollercoaster, glad you've managed to settle your dad and that he finds his new home more comfortable. 

Chezza, are your rads finished now? Hope your skin is holding up! 

Nicola, hope you're feeling better now. 

If I've missed anyone, apologies. Hope you all have a good week and look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Rosie x Smiley Happy


Morning Maisie's, how are we all?
Fran agree about the whole safety net disappearing it takes some getting used to, I've a check up in rads of skin and apart from that as far as I know my next appt with onc is in dec 2015 I've even had the letter confirming it!!! Scary that's why I've signed up for moving forward course as it keeps me in the loop so to speak!
Trying to diet but its a lot harder to loose weight than this time last year, is it tamoxifen or me? I dunno but I'm so not happy with how I look , zero confidence and it was only yesterday that for the first time I went hatless in house so OH actually saw me !!! Il have to get a grip I know.
Roller glad your dads in new flat and hope its all going smoothly sounds like you need some R and R now.
Rugby tonight girls, come on Wales ( hope that dosent jinx them)!!!!
Where's chezz? You ok Hun?
Meg don't work to hard soon be the weekend.
Hope all Maisie's have a good weekend, how are the Facebook girls? All ok I hope? Right I can see some blue sky so off to walk dog, take care all xxx ju

Dear Maisies, thank you for your lovely supportive and reassuring texts. Hope the technology is working for me now. I think I'm coming out of the worst of the cold now, still sniffing but much better in myself. It must be the support of you lovely ladies!

Roller, I'm glad your Dad is in his lovely flat at last. It will take a little while for him to settle. but now you know he's safe and don't have to worry about him all the time. I hope you haven't overtired yourself and that you can soon start to rebuild your strength. You've been through one hell of a time.

Niicola, its a relief the tests have come back all clear but the raging thirst sounds awful, and it sounds as if you've just been passed from pillar to post which is just not on.I would go back to GP and explain problem with onc and ask him to sort it.I can't believe your onc wouldn't speak to you - I have another appt with mine in August and am not discharged yet. Are you sure it's not just your onc's secretary being awkward? I know how you feel about the treatment being finished - that whole safety net disappears and it's really scary.

Ju, thinking of you -- sometimes it seems like oene step forward and two steps back.and the whole body imaage thing gets you down. Sometimes I feel I look 70 not 60 - and it wasn't great being diagnosed just before my 60th birthday!

Rosie, I had a wide excision removal of tumour so I have some boob left, but as I'm really tiny in that department they might just as well have taken the whole thing off. I really understand how you feel about getting clothes. Try not to worry - we'll all get through this together.

Much love to all, Fran xx


Hello Jo (Moderator) Still having the same problems with copy and paste - as it always seemed to work before I wonder why. I'll wait before I type the whole message direct onto reply box, because that didn't work at first last time). Many thanks

ps Maisies if this gets through thank you for your lovely thoughts and I'll try again soon with longer personal; messages xx


Hi all maisies, Can't do a long post but wanted to let you all know I'm still here. We moved dad today into his new flat. We're all exhausted and am in bed as we speak so will post more later when I've recovered. All seems to be ok at the moment as far as dad's concerned and its good to know he's well supported now. Take care all, hugs zzzzzzzzzz Xxxxx

Good evening Maisies


Hope everyone is doing ok, lols and Rosie hope the skins not too bad, sounded like a close call with hospital lols dont blame you for not wanting to go in, cant believe how well your doing with your walking but dont over do it, cos you know we only suffer after.

Chezza keep using the cream and it will be over soon.

Fran sorry your feeling down and know it does take longer for us to recover when we pick up colds etc, we expect to feel better straight after the treatments but sad fact is it is going to take us a long time to get back to our normal selves (if you can remember what that was) and for our energy levels to come back.


As per my thirst, got all the results of blood tests back and chest xrays and all clear, but still really really thirsty gets worse as the day goes on, by bed time i am bone dry, trying really hard to monitor amount of fluids and careful of amounts but can do 5/6 pints easy in a day been careful, looks like im stuck with it in the hope that it just disapears the same as it came, nobody seems to want to help, gp says speak to onc,they say been discharged from onc go back to breast nurse who says go to gp, who was very thorough did tests but found nothing, feels like banging head against wall sometimes, it seems like chemos done so off you go, get on with it, sorry for moaning but just seems like theres no answer to this one, and if it is tamox its a long time to be like this.

Hope everyone is ok take care and have a good week.




Morning Maisie's, did do a long post last night but it disappeared and I was to tired to redo! Lazy I know!!
Fran I think it takes much longer to get over illnesses after chemo as the body is trying to mend itself and then having to deal with new germs so take it easy and I hope you feel much better soon. With you on feeling dowdy in everything I try on, I can't look glam or even ok without any hair it really pees me off plus the effects of surgery I look ridiculous I feel and I don't recognise me!!
How's your skin Rosie? Mines no worse but still sore, goodness knows what's going on after the swab results but on staying away from GPS as don't want to end up in hospital!!
Went on a very long sunny beach walk yesterday and felt great but today I feel terrible so tired so I don't think we are anywhere back to normal yet and we shouldn't expect too much of ourselves.
I'm a bit stressed about going back to work too but I'm hoping occ health will be there all the way!
Chezz keep,slapping the cream on wont be long and rads will be finished for you. How's your hair now? I'm getting some sensitive hair dye this week in preparation of decent hair growth!!
Roller how are you hope things are settling parent wise.
Susie, Nicola all ok? Meg sent pm hope your ok and puppies .
Back to crappy weather in Swansea so depressing anyway have a good one girls, keep posting luv ju x

Hello Fran,

I did start to wonder if you were okay, but I couldn't remember when you were back at work and that maybe you were just worn out at the end of the day. Obviously, now I know, that you have been quite poorly and too think the immune system must be under strength. I hope you're taking good care of yourself and know how much the weather can affect your mood, so I hope that there's some form of sunshine soon. 

Try not to get too stressed about work, I will be very scared when it comes to my turnSmiley Frustrated. I don't know whether you had a mastectomy, but my biggest worry with clothes is finding something suitable and I feel comfortable in. Also, being a size 24, it's extremely difficult to find clothes that look nice but don't emphasise size and lack of boob.

Fran, I just want to say that you are never alone and that you have come so far and that every new start is an achievement! Believe in yourself and stay as strong as you can. 

Big hugs

Rosie x