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appointment for biopsy results moved forward?!


Re: appointment for biopsy results moved forward?!

Oh Zara, sorry to hear your news, but it certainly wasn't going to go away, so at least it will now be dealt with. 

Diagnosis is always a shock, so it is quite normal to feel the way you do. 

In dealing with these difficult early days, google is best avoided at this stage, so use this site or Macmillan for info, there is also the helpline at the top of this page if you need to talk things through.

There is loads of support here, so if you want to, do go along to the 'newly diagnosed' thread, where there will be others where you are now & those of us further down the line. 


ann x

Re: appointment for biopsy results moved forward?!

Hi Ann, unfortunately I was right and it was cancer. Got results yesterday and still feel numb from the shock.
Scan on fri and node results next week. Surgery in 3 weeks. X

Re: appointment for biopsy results moved forward?!

Dont worry Zarazee, its not unsual for the clinic to fit you in if an appointment slot comes up, so dont read anything into it. There is a lot of pressure in the nhs at the mo in meeting KPIs, so its highly unlikely its related to your case.
Also, although its anxiety provoking, its good they are getting to the bottom of it.
let us know how you get on.
ann x

Re: appointment for biopsy results moved forward?!



I would not read too much into it, as you say it is possible that they have had a cancellation and have offered you that.  It is, as we all know on here, ever so easy to overthink things especially aches and pains that werent there previously.



appointment for biopsy results moved forward?!

Anyone had this happen?

went to breast clinic after finding a lump. had mammogram which was clear, an ultrasound which showed an irregular area which dr said he thought was a burst cyst/ thickening. Anyway they offered me a biopsy but said i didn't have to have it. I did have it as I thought i mat as well as seen as i was there. 

    2 weeks later I returned for the results which turned out to be 'abnormal cells'. They needed another bigger biopsy to be taken. The results would take 5 working days and then i could collect results.

 I wasn't hugely worried until they sent me another letter yesterday saying that my appointment for 11th May had been cancelled and they wanted to see me 2 days earlier on tuesday. they told me initially that 'results day' was thursday so now I m wondering if the tuesday clinic is the 'bad news' clinic. or ,of course, I could be over thinking this and they could just have a spare appointment to fill. 

So has anyone else had this ? and also Anyone had the 'abnormal cells' as well?

 Would appreciate your honesty.