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back & confused. . please need input

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Re: back & confused. . please need input


This is why im so confused over all as none makes sense. As was so unsettled I rang breast care unit but reception wouldnt take message for a nurse who seen before to call me. When tried to explain got you need go gp get re referral to us.. so no help.

The swelling has gone down but still feel the lumps but one has reduced alot but still there. Had no pain or sickness at the moment either.

Got the nurse again on monday so will know more then

I will say had smear on 19th that came back clear but the cells are odd shaped with slight infection which could be down to my coil been defected so that could account for all sickness so may have to have a new one.

Im hoping nurse has heard about the results of the second opinion when go.

Susie x

Re: back & confused. . please need input

Hi Justsusie, wondered how you had got on. I think what you describe going through is quite unique. Not necessarily the breast swelling and pain etc, but the lump removal and 2nd opinion thing, not finding out about results and being discharged. I suppose what I'm trying to say is it sounds a bit odd, and that from your description it doesn't appear you had much support from the breast care team. I'm sorry to those involved if I'm wrong and if this is not the case. It may explain the lack of replies to your request for anyone with similar. Anyway, I wanted to say hi and hope you have managed to get some answers.

Re: back & confused. . please need input

Hi justsusie
I am sorry to read you have this ongoing worry, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your concerns on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturday
Take care
Lucy BCC

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back & confused. . please need input

Hi all

Back in march I found a lump in my right breast, due to my ptsd I had to have sedatives to attend any appointment. They needed to do a biopsy but was done under a GA using gas.. but they removed the entire lump.

They came back saying was an inflamed lymph node, they sent it off to Sheffield for 2nd opinion but never heard anything.

Over the last month half my breast has gone rock hard, I start run high temp, go dizzy and violently sick. This has happened 3 times.

Now my breast is around a cup n half larger, around the nipple has changed shape.. toss up egg shapped or rugby ball shape. When place palm on beast gently squeeze their is a cery large lump, hard behind the nipple too. The scar site seems to have only scar tisse. I get shooting pains.. seem like sharpe chest pains but in my breast.

I went see nurse at local doctors she gave me strong antibiotics said come back in week. See if any changes, something feels very wrong so goin to ring breast clinic in morning but was discharged in june so not sure if need rereferral but so worried

Please does anyone have anything similar or any advice.

Upset confused x