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back gain and just as scared


Re: back gain and just as scared

Hi Wizardaire

Please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over whilst you await replies, lines are open during the week 9-5 and Sat 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Best wishes


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back gain and just as scared

Hi all the last time i wrote on this forum was back in 2010 and the members here helped me so much to get thru all the panic i was in, well i'm back in 2010 i had a biopsy on a small lump in my breast that he said came bk as normal but i believe he was no where near the lump (but was in such a mess that couldnt really say much) he said it was a cyst altho no fluid came out but anyway it made me feel better so went home and tried to just forget about it. have check regulary ever since,then about 9 months ago i started to get shooting pains under my armpit so went back to docs and asked to be refered back to breast clinic but he refused saying he didnt feel it was appropiate so that was that.
now a few months bk found that this lump is on the move it has about doubled in size in last 4 months and i have what feel like at least 5 small cysts ranging from tiny to about a peanut size around it.the lump is about 2cm now and feels hard, i went to doctors and he has refered me back to breast clinic, he said it may be fibrocystic breast disease but every thing i read about that says that it changes with your menstral cycle, mine does not the pain is on and off but does not change or get worse before or during my cycle and the same as the lump does not change before /during or after is it possible to have this condion and it not change with your cycle?
he said that because it was painful sometimes it was unlikely to be bc but again i read that this is not true.

i know no1 can say what i have and that i need to be seen by clinic but am just trying to figure out if this really could be a possibility or weather he just said to make me feel better until i get to the clinic.
I thank every1 ahead of time for any answers as i have been reading these forums since 2010 and think you are all wondeful strong women.