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bone .mets pain


Re: bone .mets pain

Evening Ramade

Thank you for the information regarding where I can get help if I start to suffer with alot of bone pain.

I am not on E/E as at the last scan results it has now spread to my liver and I am going to start cap in a few days time. I did get a good run of 3 and half years though sup pose I should be thankful for that.

Going to chemo unit on Tuesday to sort out new treatment. Have to say not looking forward to being stuck there most of the day.

Upto now I have not had any radiotherapy for bone mets but I am sure in the future that will change.

When do you find out what your next treat ment will be?

Wish I had someone in person to speak to.

Nights seem to be drawing in fast now. Hate the winter so depressing.


Re: bone .mets pain

I went to a 'Living with secondary breast cancer' session run by BCC where the topic was pain control. It was given by nurses from the Royal Cornwall Hospital where all the women who attended the meeting were patients. It was quite helpful. I went because although I don't have a problem right now, I anticipate it in the future. However it took me two hours to drive there. There is nothing similar that i have found where I live in Devon though there are five hospitals within about an hour of Exeter. Information and support from whatever source seem quite randomly available depending on where you live. Ramade's suggestion of your local hospice seems a good one. Bon xx

Re: bone .mets pain

Linda there are pain nurses at some hospitals but not at others.the best place would proba ly be your local hospice, I find they're great.

by the way are you still on e/e?  It didn't work at all for me and I'd struggled through the side effects for 5 months.so now I have a big spread of bone mets and next week have radiation all week, then a change of meds but I don't know what yet.

do not struggle with pain, I was and have now been assured that it can always ge kept under control.

love and hugs to you

ramade xx

Re: bone .mets pain

Hello Linda
I don't even have a bcn and like you would have no idea where to go for one !! I find gp not that informed with mets pain ....

Re: bone .mets pain

Morning Ramade

Pleased you are sorted regarding nerve pain.

For future reference for myself where abouts to go to to find a pain nurse not been told about one at the hospital I go to.

I am sure once you have radiotherapy it will sort it out without needing to take pain killers.

Take care.

Re: bone .mets pain

So glad you have found some good pain relief ..it's really horrible when the nerves start dancing !! I've had one in my hip area the last week or so ...hoping denosumab will calm it ...
Hoping rads will help you ..I had them 2 years ago on hip and thinking maybe the pain relief from them is wearing off ...not sure if rads can be repeated ..must ask next time.
Hugs xxx

Re: bone .mets pain

Hi Carolyn, thanks for replying. I had meant to put this on our usual bone mets site but sent it from my phone so didn't send it properly. Have since seen a wonderful pain nurse who has 

Given me pre gabalin because as the cancer is all up the spine there are lots of nerves there and this treats nerve pain. Worth knowing I think. I'm pain free now!!!!


Hope you are still doing well on letrozole it helped me for a few years and, don't worry about thefatigue because it goes away 3 days after you stop.

Lots of love and hugsxxxx

Re: bone .mets pain

Hello Ramade
Just dipping in to say hello ..sorry u haven't had any replies. .bit quiet at the moment here.
I havent really got any answers ...I use a heat pad and basic stuff like paracetamol. .are you having denosumab jabs as they should help a bit with pain.
Anyway hugs xxx

bone .mets pain

Hi all, I am waiting for radiotherapy I have mets in spine from neck down and other places.having a lot of pain,given tramadol but made me sick and difficulty weeing. Any suggestions for a good pain relief.thanks.
Ramade xxxx