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cant relax feel sick


Re: cant relax feel sick

Hi Nicky


I have recently been through a very similar experience. Also I suffer with OCD, in that I'm a compulsive checker. My psychiatrist has upped my prozac, during this time as my OCD has increased due to the anxiety. I can well understand how you feel. Bloody OCD is a nightmare as it is, with the compulsions and behaviours. Mines been all over the place and I feel like I've been going round in circles. Also my doctor prescribed me sleeping tablets and diazapam, to help me through.


I had a biopsy several weeks ago and they thinks my calcifications are benign, however I've got to get them checked out again in July.


Remember, like everyone says on here. The waiting is the worst part and the majority of lumps etc are nothing to worry about. But its good to get them checked out. If your OCD is getting worse go back to your GP and get your meds adjusted or get a referral to the mental health team. With this going on the last thing you need is the horrible OCD gremlin, driving you potty lol.


Big hugs




Re: cant relax feel sick

Hi Nicky


No, it doesn't mean your doctor thinks you have breast cancer - it is standard practice for all unexplained breast lumps to be referred within two weeks. And the vast majority of these turn out to be nothing to worry about.




Re: cant relax feel sick

Dear nicky36


Welcome to the forum.  You have come to the right place as other members on here will understand how you are feeling and I'm sure will soon be along to offer you some support.


I have attached a link to our booklet about your breast clinic appointment.  It explains about the guidelines GP's follow when making a referral and it also includes some information about what to expect at the appointment.  I hope this helps.




You could also contact our Helpline to talk things over.  They will be able to offer you practical information and emotional support.  They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000


Take care


Very best wishes



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cant relax feel sick

I am 36 and suffer with ocd I found a lump on my breast and went to docs monday she had a feel and said she was not overly concerned but has refered me to breast clinic to be seen within two weeks does that mean she really is concerned please help am so scared