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cant stop worrying


Re: cant stop worrying

hi musamicbeat

Of course you're worried, and waiting is the worst time of all. But DO NOT GOOGLE just keep to this site and the Macmillan site. Elsewhere might not have correct or up to date information. I'm afraid I can't help you regarding inverted nipples, but do hope that you will soon have the information you so desperately need for your peace of mind. Hoping for good news for you soon.

pg xxx
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cant stop worrying

hi all
i know everyone says not to worry but im finding it hard not to. It started a week ago, ive been off ill for a while but not sure to what my doctor asked questions and one was about breats and i have noticed a few months ago one of my nipples became inverted now my other is staring to turn inwards not as much. Since then been reffered to breast clinic and i hate the waiting. Been googling not such a wise idea and lots about cancer i have also noticed a warming sensation sometimes but that might be just inside my head.
Can anyone give me idea about inverted nipples i have lost alot of wieght recently so not sure if that can cause it please help me stop worrying.

Mum of 3