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chemo fec


Re: chemo fec

Hi Jba,


I had my 3rd Fec yesterday afternoon and only slept for 2 hours from 9 till 11 pm and then another couple of hours from 4:30 to 6:30 am.  This has happened after each chemo session. I think it's because I have my chemo at a bout 15:30 and a dose of steroids that then keep me awake the first night.


My next appointment is a 12:30 slot so I'm hoping I might get a better nights sleep after that treatment.


best wishes



Re: chemo fec

I think we have all been told to take the steroids before 10 am each day, so that you stand a chance of getting some sleep. x

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Re: chemo fec

Hi catseye.


Thanks for that reply. Yes I am on those steroids and they have advised me to take the 2nd lot about 2 to 3pm each day . I did sleep better last night by doing this . I think I need to get through my first  3 weeks cycle so I can see when my good and bad days are etc.  Any info you can give me would be helpful on how you are doing and feeling.




Re: chemo fec

Hi jba,

Are you taking steroids, eg dexamethasone, for sickness? If so, it may be these that are stopping you from sleeping.

I had my FEC in the mornings and was advised to take the steroids straight after lunch, (not later than 2pm), otherwise I was very likely to be awake all night.

If you think this might be the reason, it is probably worth giving your chemo unit a quick ring to check at what time they would advised taking taking the meds.


Hope you are not feeling too bad otherwise, take care,



Re: chemo fec

Dear jba,


Welcome to the forum.  I am sure you will find a lot of support on here from fellow members.  You might find it helps to look at the thread formed by people who began chemo in January.  Here is the link:




If you would like to join, just post on the thread and I'm sure fellow members will soon be along to welcome you.


You could also contact our Helpline for information and support.  The opening hours are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000


Very best wishes



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chemo fec



Just started by first dose of chemo yesterday  FEC. I have been awake all night and never slept. Is this quite normal . I still do not feel tired and have only had 4 hrs sleep since arriving home at 5pm yesterday.