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cold cap


Re: cold cap

Hi everyone
Thanks for comments

Janice i am sorry that you are having to start chemo. I hope you arent too frightened. I had my first chemo last wed and used cold cap,
like blinkovers mum i wanted to take it off initially, I was lucky after 10mins it wasnt as bad.

Janice i felt rough first few days but have picked up now,Last couple of days i have gone for walk andi think this helps i found it quite difficult to start off with but took hubby with me initially .If you want we can chat on march chemo or you can private message me good luck

Blinkover hope your mum is doing well its tough for you I have 3 children and my daughter is 21 and i know how much this has upset her. I expect your mum feels better for just knowing she has a lovely daughter it does me even though she is away at uni

megsmum we have both had the experience of watching others go through treatment. I think this sometmes makes us more afraid
what we are going through is a horrible process and we are allowed to be afraid

love to you all


Re: cold cap

My mum couldn't stand the temperature she only had it on for ten 5 mins and said she would rather lose her hair!
I've also heard of people taking painkillers before they go to treatment to help With the pain of brain freeze!

Re: cold cap

Hi i used the cold cap for my 1st session a week ago and have decided not to use it again, i have asked my hairdresser to shave my head. WHY ?? i have realised that i am very much a Glass half empty type of person and have got it into my mind the increased risk of brain mets and rightly or wrongly i cannot get past this. I,m sure there are pros & cons for both but in my mind its the right thing to do for me.

Re: cold cap

Im starting chemo next tuesday and have asked for the cold cap treatment, I have spoken to a few people who have tried it and it seems luck of the draw, some dont loose much hair at all and others give up on it as hair thinning etc, I think its worth a try nothing to lose except extra time on treatment, If you decide to use it perhaps we could see how each other is getting on ? when do you start chemo ?

Love Janice x

Re: cold cap

Hello Poppy

I used a cold cap when I had chemo 8 years ago.

It worked for me apart from on top where the cap didn't touch so it thinned up there. Not particularly pleasant to use as I felt cold and I do feel the cold but I made sure I had a hot chocolate to drink whilst it was on but it was worth it.

Would use it again and I made sure that I kept my hair cut short, had a very understanding hairdresser who helped me look okay. Unfortunately she couldn't do anything about the grey hair!


Re: cold cap

Thanks Rev cat hope you doing ok

Love poppy x

Re: cold cap

Hi Poppy, there is a really helpful thread about cold caps here: http://share.breastcancercare.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=34161&p=649187&hilit=cold+cap+i+didn...

I didn't use one, and have no regrets, but I also know that everyone who does try it is glad she did. Hope it works for you, and that your chemo goes really well too.

cold cap


would like to know if cold cap treatment has been succesful

read guidelines for managing hair but need to manage hair somehow

Did anyone visit hairdresser during trearment

any advice would be gratefull

love poppy