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does that mean it has gone ?


Re: does that mean it has gone ?

I'm in a similar position to you, and I'm totally reassured that the cancer has GONE. I get this reassurance from my oncologist and from my MacMillan nurse in Lancaster - they are superb and give me all the information I want, as many times as I want it (brain gets fuzzy with all this doesn't it)in person or on the phone. The monitoring appts are to make sure all is as it should be. In the meantime KEEP ASKING - do you have a Mac nurse allocated to you? is there a counselling service available? in your area. I really feel like I'm part of the team responsible for my treatment, and that my wishes/need for information are just as important as the medical aspects.

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does that mean it has gone ?


have had lumpectomy , chemo, and lymph node clearance and I am currently undergoing RT,and being prescribed tamoxifen .

After last of second clearance I was told the results were clear ,whereas the first test showed signs of cancer ( in 3 out of 5 nodes).

So, after all of that am I clear and just being monitored to see if IT returns? Am I thinking too deeply here?

Sometimes the doctors dont give you enough re-assurance.who knows anyhow.